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The Space Empires Depot is my website dedicated to the Space Empires series of games developed by Malfador Machinations. The first version of the site was posted on geocities back in 2003, but it has been at its current domain,, since 2005. While the website focuses mainly on my Space Empires projects, in more recent times I've started adding general resources for the Space Empires games that no longer have a home on the internet.

Read about the Space Empires series of games on Wikipedia.

I've been lucky enough to have enjoyed the series for more than 20 years. Although the games are no longer actively supported and no Space Empires release looms on the horizon, if you are a fan of 4x turn-based strategy games set in space and are interested in a game that is more sandbox-y, customizable and free-form than other releases, then this could be the series for you.

You can still purchase the series on Steam or GOG. The entire series is often available for less than $10!

A few screenshots:
Space Empires 4 Screenshot Space Empires 5 Screenshot


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