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SE4 Utilities

Below are some useful utilities for Space Empires IV.

SE4 Utilities Matryx's Space Empires IV Mod Picker UtilityCaptain Kwok Medal

Download .zip Download (263 kb)

Matryx's mod picker utility is a standard for anyone running Space Empires IV and using mods. The launcher automates the task of having to change SE:IV's Path.txt file to load a specific mod. It also can directly load saved games. Lastly the utility comes with documentation detailing its complete functionality.

SE4 Utilities Space Empires IV Window UtilityCaptain Kwok Medal

Download .zip Download (203 kb)

SJ's fantastic utility that forces SE:IV to run in a window. As you know SE:IV runs only 800x600 or 1024x768 resolutions, so when running in full screen mode on modern monitors, there's an ugly black border around the game. Simply run the utility and any instance of Space Empires IV will pop up as a window on the desktop. Check the readme.txt for more details.

Note your web browser may flag this as a suspicious download. I promise nothing is nefarious with this file, but scan anyway!


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