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The Balance Mod aims to provide a set of balanced data files for Space Empires V in keeping with the stock game along with competent and competitive AI opponents.

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Work on the Balance Mod began in August 2006 with the goal of creating new standard data files for Space Empires V that were balanced and in keeping with the Space Empires series. A number of SE:V beta testers helped with the initial direction of the mod, providing helpful feedback and even a few files. Since then, the work has continued for more than a year as lots of suggestions and comments from the Space Empires community have kept me busy tweaking and improving the mod. Hopefully the Balance Mod addresses most of the issues in the standard game and adds to the Space Empires experience.

Check out the feature list below for a brief summary of the main changes that were made. I'm always working on the mod and keeping it up to date with each SE:V patch and not to mention the fact that there is always something to improve - especially with the AI!

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Captain Kwok IconBalance Mod Downloads

To install, extract to your GameTypes folder. Say 'Yes' to overwrite files if you are updating a previous copy. Check out the Balance Mod Help Page if you are having trouble.

Balance Mod v1.25 Gamma [Complete] Updated 10-Mar-2024!
.zip Download (55,313 KB) | .rar Download (47,323 KB)

If you're getting an error on new game creation about strategies apply this quick patch and extract to your GameTypes folder:
Quick Patch

Can be used with SE5 v1.74+
Savegame compatible with BM v125+ series games!
Please note the v1.25 series is not compatible with v1.20+ saved games, empire files, maps or setup files!


Balance Mod v1.25 Beta [Complete] Added 24-Dec-2023!
.zip Download (48,517 KB) | .rar Download (41,347 kb)

Balance Mod v1.25 Alpha [Complete] Updated 19-Dec-2023!
.zip Download (48,448 KB) | .rar Download (41,321 KB)


Balance Mod v1.24 [Complete] Last version of the v120+ series
.zip Download (24,244 KB) | .rar Download (22,197 KB)

Can be used with SE5 v1.74+
Savegame compatible with all BM v120+ series games!
Please note the v1.20 series is not compatible with v1.15+ saved games, empire files, maps or setup files!


Older obsolete versions can be found here:
Balance Mod Download Archive

Captain Kwok IconBalance Mod Information

Balance Mod History
The complete public history log for the Balance Mod. It's updated with each new release.

Balance Mod Help
Need some help installing the mod or adding a custom race? Check the help page.

Balance Mod FAQs
Interested to learn more about the content or mechanics of the mod? Read the FAQs.

Balance Mod Minister FAQs
What do the ministers in the Balance Mod do? Read the Minister FAQs.

Captain Kwok IconBalance Mod Extras/Add-Ons

Balance Mod Extras
A variety of special event scripts or mini mods for the Balance Mod such as the Random Research or Pollution Events. Both extras have since been incorporated into the default mod.

Captain Kwok IconBalance Mod Communities

Balance Mod Discord Server
Join the Balance Mod Discord server for mod specific discussion!

Steam SE5 Community Forum
Currently most active SE5 forum often featuring Balance Mod discussion and updates.

SE5 Balance Mod Forums Link Inactive!
Long ago the 'Official' Balance Mod forums were hosted on Currently the website is currently down and unlikely to return.

Captain Kwok IconBalance Mod Scripts

Balance Mod v1.24 Source Scripts (427 kb) Added 02-Jun-2023!
Updated source scripts for v1.24


Balance Mod v1.19j Source Scripts (403 kb)
For interested modders who'd like to see how the AI is designed. Last version of the v115+ series.

Captain Kwok IconBalance Mod Resources

Balance Mod v125+ Gamma Tech Chart (378 KB) Added 09-Mar-2024!
Detailed tech chart valid for the Balance Mod v125+ series.


Balance Mod v1.23/v1.24 Tech Chart (363 kb) Updated 07-Apr-2023!
Detailed tech chart with index valid for Balance Mod v1.23/v1.24.

Balance Mod New Formations (445 kb) Added 03-Nov-2018!
Detailed tech chart with index valid for the current BM v120+ and v125+ series.


Balance Mod v1.19 Tech Chart (130 kb)
Detailed tech chart with index valid for the BM v1.19 series.

Captain Kwok IconBalance Mod Features

Game Setup:
  • Balanced Racial Trait costs, Government and Society Types
  • Includes new stellar object types and systems that are generally more realistic and interesting
  • Mod specific settings file to control AI diplomatic behaviour
  • Mod specific settings file for research and pollution events

General Gameplay:
  • Fewer sectors per system to speed up turn processing times in larger games
  • Detailed ability and modifier descriptions
  • Smaller Empire Flags for the system map
  • Resource, research and intelligence generation and costs reduced by a factor of 10 to improve UI display
  • Increased consumption of organics by population
  • Revised leaky intel system to eliminate all-or-nothing intel attacks
  • More sophisticated happiness system takes into account government type, planet conditions and diplomatic states
  • Planetary pollution provides more diverse planetary conditions and colony designs
  • More varied events

Tech Tree:
  • Distinct 'ages' of technological progression
  • Fewer overall tech levels, but similar research length due to more substantial research costs
  • Added racial trait Interdimensional Knowledge
  • Enhanced organization of tech areas
  • Many items now under more appropriate tech areas
  • Improved balance in research costs for comparible items

  • Ship sizes increase in more useful amounts per level
  • SE:III style propulsion means bigger ships need more engines
  • Ships dedicate roughly the same percentage of space to engines/components/weapons - helps improve Small/Large ship balance
  • Additional maintenance or attack/defense modifiers for many ship hulls
  • Differentiated racial trait hulls for Organic and Crystalline empires
  • Many additional design types for the player and AI
  • Auto complete function can design many more ship types to save time

Components and Facilities:
  • Lots of changes to costs and effect amounts of components and facilities
  • Wider variety of components and facilities available
  • Slight change in costs to encourage more diverse resource economies
  • Proportionate increases in ability amounts amongst related items, such as weapon damage and armor
  • Many components are now considered as cargo, expanding the use of freighters/transports
  • Separated launching and cargo attributes for deploying units to add more strategic depth
  • Less tedious ship design with logically organized components
  • Shields and Armor are more equivalent in their effects, which allows for flexibility in play styles

  • Improved weapon balance allows more flexibility in weapon choices
  • Weapon mounts provide a less drastic increase in firepower for the change in weapon size
  • More effective point-defense
  • New and revamped sounds including dedicated small weapons sounds

  • Assess own performance and adjust empire tactics and strategies
  • Adaptive and more effective AI ship designs with appropriate component choices
  • Analyse enemy ship designs to improve their own design effectiveness
  • Extra AI design types
  • Adaptive AI colony type selection
  • Revised AI research pathways
  • Some AI prioritization in research and responsive research point spending
  • Increased variety in types and sizes of ships and fleets
  • More developed AI diplomacy
  • AI more aggressive in defending its territory
  • AI manages units more effectively
  • AI uses stellar manipulation technology
  • AI uses advanced facilities and components

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