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This section contains links to some of my personal mods for the Space Empires series.

Space Empires VSpace Empires V

Captain Kwok's Balance Mod

Captain Kwok's Balance Mod:
My "stock" version of SE:V that targets balance, gameplay and AI issues that remain unresolved in the standard SE:V data files. Find out more and download the Balance Mod HERE.

Captain Kwok's Space Empires Nova Mod

Captain Kwok's Space Empires Nova:
A new mod in development that represents a new-ish take on the Space Empires universe. There's nothing to download right now, but you can learn more about the planned features HERE.

Space Empires IVSpace Empires IV

Space Food Empires:
...In a strange universe unlike our own, everyday food has evolved into complex sentient lifeforms and have developed their own civilizations and cultures that now hover on the brink of the final frontier, space...

Captain Kwok says 'Let's see some ships already!'The Space Food Empires Mod for SE:IV has been discontinued. The Space Food Empires forum and website are still up if you'd like to see what's it about. Besides the amusing descriptions, there's also an early beta version available.

Check out the Space Food Empires website:

Space Food Empires

Captain Kwok's Galaxy Mod:

Kwok's Galaxy Mod Kwok's Galaxy Mod is a component of my Space Food Empires mod. I thought it might be a good idea to release it as a standalone mod as it contained some interesting items that I did not want to go to waste. It includes all sorts of items like Neutron stars, Dwarf stars, Black Holes and Supergiants with actual physical footprints. You can find it HERE.


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