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Here are some links to other Space Empire websites. Most of them are no longer active but are presented for archival purposes.

Malfador Machinations Cybersquatted!
Developer of the Space Empires series. Website is now being cybersquatted with casino links but the original news page is still intact.
Strategy First
Last publisher of the Space Empires series. Holds the rights to the Space Empires 'franchise'.
Steam - Space Empires V
The Steam community hub for Space Empires V.
Steam - Space Empires IV
The Steam community hub for Space Empires IV Deluxe.
Space Empires Discord Channel
The Discord Channel for Space Empires and FrEee (a Space Empires inspired indie game).
Shrapnel Games
Online games publisher. Original publiser of Space Empires 4 and Star Fury. Space Empires forums are inactive, but contain many historical posts and discussions. Archive Only!
Once the most comprehensive and active site for Space Empires downloads and discussion. Currently in archival mode with some loss of functionality.
Inactive! Space Empires Wiki
A wiki covering the Space Empires series.
Space Empires Reddit
The Space Empires reddit.
Crimson Concept Mod Inactive!
Home of the Crimson Concept mod for SE5.
Universal Shipyards Inactive!
John Beech's Space Empires website with shipsets, ship making tutorials and various downloads.

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