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- Balance Mod v1.24! Download Here
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- Balance Mod v1.25 (~September 2023)
- Nova Mod v1 Alpha (?)

Recent News

Balance Mod02 June 2023:

An update has been posted for the mod. Version 1.24 focuses mostly on changes/additions to quadrant creation, tweaking a number of the system types, adding some new ones, making adjustments to quadrant type ratios and adding a few new types of stellar objects. There's some pollution adjustments and some small tweaks to small weapons. You can download v1.24 HERE. The changelog for the release can be viewed HERE.

PBW314 April 2023:

A new Play-by-Web website has been created for Space Empires IV and V. PBW3 can be found here HERE. Thanks to Bearclaw and other Space Empires community members that have helped to get a PBW site back up and running.

Balance Mod07 April 2023:

I've posted an update for the Balance Mod. Version 1.23 makes a few small changes to AI research, adds extra background images and makes some changes to stellar ability types. It also includes its own Maps folder and a map called Milky Way Local, which is a semi-realistic depiction of known bright stars and other objects in about a 1,000 lightyear radius around our solar system. Download the update HERE.

Balance Mod20 February 2023:

There's a new update for the mod. Version 1.22 makes a few fixes and tweaks plus adds Research Breakthroughs/Setbacks and Facility Pollution into the mod by default. Both can be turned off in a new data file called ModEventSettings.txt. Continuing games started in v1.21 is no problem, but you might see dramatic changes over the first few turns in planet conditions. You can download v1.22 HERE. The changelog for the release can be viewed HERE.

Balance Mod15 January 2023:

Balance Mod version 1.21 in its final form is finally posted! Better late than never. There's quite a few fixes in this version, along with a lot of graphical updates to systems and the usual assortment of AI fixes. While technically save game compatible with v1.20, some of the solar system updates might result in incorrect pictures displayed or visual errors in rendering of some systems. I'd recommend starting new games. You can grab v1.21 HERE. The changelog for the release can be viewed HERE.

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