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Captain Kwok's Space Empires Nova

Space Empires Nova is an alternative take on the Space Empires universe featuring a modified technology tree and a number of changes to game play. It's sort of like an extended Balance Mod with fewer restrictions and more choices, but in other ways more streamlined. Overall it's how I would designed the stock game.

Space Empires VCaptain Kwok's Space Empires Nova

Captain Kwok's Space Empires Nova

After working on the Balance Mod for the last couple of years, the mod's limited scope has led to frustration when I wanted to implement features that were beyond the standard game - such as variable-sized facilities or advanced features like planet pollution. Space Empires Nova is simply the Space Empires universe re-imagined with changes to game mechanics and an expanded tech tree with lots of new components and facilities. The goal is to make a mod with dynamic gameplay and more strategy plus a competitive AI able to work with all the mod's features.

Space Empires VSE Nova Previews

I've posted some preliminary information on the mod's components and weapons. Look for more data to be added soon.
SE Nova Components Preview | SE Nova Weapons Preview | SE Nova Facilities Preview

Space Empires VSE Nova Forum

Space Empires Nova Forum
The Official SE Nova forum is hosted over at, feel free to post questions, comments and suggestions there!
SE Nova Forum
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Space Empires VSE Nova Features

Game Setup:
  • Features modified version of Fyron's Quadrant Mod used in the Balance Mod
  • Small systems with fewer but larger sectors to maintain clarity and promote faster turn processing times
  • Streamlined racial, government and society traits
  • Added
    • Considering alternate pathyways to obtain some racial trait technologies Updated!

General Gameplay:
  • Less rampant expansion
    • Emphasis on colony development
    • Population modifiers more significant
    • Population happiness
    • Increased inefficiency for large empires New!
    • Planetary pollution New!
  • Additional cultural achievements
  • Leaky intelligence system
  • Variety of good and bad events

Technology Tree:
  • Expanded tech tree in general with sometimes fewer levels but overall slower pace
  • Tech tree more interwoven
  • Research events: Breakthroughs and Setbacks New!
  • Stellar Manipulation split into individual tech areas

  • Similar ship sizes to Balance Mod
  • Limited engine restrictions
  • Drones are now smaller units but retain warp capability
  • Changed!
  • New unit Weapon Turret for ground combat Updated!
  • Eliminated Organic and Crystalline Hulls Changed!
  • Eliminated variable hull sizes within S/M/L units Changed!

  • New components like Engineering, Bulkheads and Reactors
  • Propulsion
    • Proportional propulsion system
    • Reactors provide supplies and Engines provide movement
  • Variable size Armor
  • New armor and shield types
  • Special components made available by technology traits

  • Expanded weapon groups like Plasma Weapons
  • Wider selection of low technology weapons
  • More options for weapon mounts
  • Greater variety of weapons for units New!
  • More extensive use of damage types

  • Mixed-size facilities
  • New facilities like Component Factories, Repair Depots and Temples
  • Industrial facilities impact colony happiness and conditions

  • Based on Balance Mod AI
  • Expanded AI Empire personalities
  • May feature new Empires

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