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This is Space Empires news reported in 2003 by the Space Empires Depot. I've tried to go through each item and update links that might have been broken or pointed to defunct sites. Doesn't it just take you back reading it?

22 November 2003:
PBW is back online! If you've forgot the address because it's been so long, find it here: PBW.

04 November 2003:
The first game for Space Empires: Galaxies Roleplay is officially underway. Check out the Space Empires Galaxies website for more info on the game: SE: Galaxies Website.

11 November 2003:
Updated the Star Fury Resources with Suicide Junkie's modding programs and P&N twisted campaigns. Check it out here: Star Fury Resources.

10 November 2003:
I'm continuing to work away on the updated Space Food Empires site that includes new information about each race, technology, and some ship specs. You might want to check out the outdated site to see what changes have been made when the new site is up: Space Food Empires.

05 November 2003:
You can find the transcript from Malfador Machinations chat session at #SE4 courtesy of Imperator Fyron here: Chat Transcript.

04 November 2003:
This Tuesday 04 November at 5pm EST (2pm PST), Fyron is hosting an IRC chat with Malfador Machinations. If you are unsure of how to use IRC or get to the chat use Fyron's #se4 IRC guide here: #se4 website.

29 October 2003:
You can now submit your news items at the Depot. Follow the Submit News Item in the main page.

24 October 2003:
Malfador has confirmed that a final patch for Space Empires IV is on its way. Make your suggestions here:

22 October 2003:
PBW will be down again soon as the server is moved to Geo's new location and DSL service restored - though for how long is uncertain at this time.

Fyron's has returned (although as an older version of the site). He's also hosting a transcript of Aaron's recent IRC chat.

21 October 2003:
The first patch is available for Star Fury. It fixes a number of bugs and adds a few minor enhancements. You can get it here: Patch #1.

16 October 2003:
PBW is down for a short while as Geoschmo moves. It should only be for a few days at most. In related news, Fyron's site also remains down for the time being.

03 October 2003:
Space Empires: Star Fury is being shipped out today! Those who pre-ordered should be receiving their copies very soon.

22 September 2003:
The Space Empires: Star Fury Demo has been released. It's a 60Mb download and you can get it here: Star Fury Demo.

13 September 2003:
The first Space Empires: Galaxies game has been created on PBW under the title SE: Galaxies - Aldan. I'll be accepting players until Oct 1st, so don't procrastinate and sign up before you the game fills up!

05 September 2003:
Space Empires: Star Fury has been sent for duplication, or in other words, has gone gold. It should be sent out for those that pre-ordered the game by the end of the month!

21 August 2003:
The PBW site is back online after being knocked out for three weeks. Now only If I could remember what I was up to in my games.

20 August 2003:
I'm the guest speaker again for tonight's #se4 IRC chat on the Gamesnet server. The topic will be designing ships for Star Fury. If you are unsure of how to use IRC or get to the chat use Fyron's #se4 IRC guide here: #se4 website.

16 August 2003:
My new mod project, Space Food Empires, now has its own webpage. The content is on the thin side at the moment, but will keep you busy for a few minutes at least. Look for more updates by the end of the month: Space Food Empires.

08 August 2003:
Be sure to drop by the Mods section for a little cat out of the bag sneak peek.

08 August 2003:
Fyron's new website: is up and running. A gateway site to the Space Empires community, there are lots of downloads, fan fiction, forums, and big plans for the future.

06 August 2003:
The PBW service continues to be offline. The good news is that it's not a hardware issue, just a Telephone company problem that will hopefully be resolved in the near future.

31 July 2003:
There is an attempt underway to create a balance mod in which to officially replace the current stock data files... feel free to drop by the thread and make your opinions known: Balance Mod Thread. I've also added a response to the recently compiled Gamey Tactic list here: Kwok's Response.

29 July 2003:
Atrocities' new Star Trek mod is out of beta - while I haven't tried the mod out yet, it's looking good from the data files. Find out more and grab it HERE.

17 July 2003:
I've uploaded the first part of the Captain Kwok's Skool of Planet Design Tutorial. The second and third portions will be added when I get the chance. Tutorial no longer available.

16 July 2003:
I'm the guest speaker for tonight's #se4 IRC chat on Gamesnet. If you are unsure of how to use IRC or get to the chat use Fyron's #se4 IRC guide HERE.

15 July 2003:
Space Empires: Star Fury will be delayed until the early fall. The game is shaping up quite well, but some additional time is needed to add extra features and make the game even better!

12 July 2003:
My new website is up and running. It'll be dedicated to the Space Empires series and feature my creations and links to other helpful sites dedicated to the series. It's a little blank now, but more content will be added over the next couple of weeks, so check back often.

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