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This is Space Empires news reported in 2005. I've gone through some of the older links to make sure they still point to functional sites and files.

19 December 2005:
Captain Kwok will be away for a few weeks, so don't expect any updates until the New Year. However, if you haven't stopped by recently then there are probably a few new things for you to check out. Until then everyone have fun and enjoy the holidays!

16 December 2005:
Information posted by Strategy First has revealed that a boxed version of Space Empires IV Deluxe won't be available until February 2006. The main reason for the change is so the title doesn't get lost in the holiday shuffle. However, the download version can still be purchased.

03 December 2005:
Fyron has re-built the Adamant Mod website to have much more functionality, including a comprehensive database of mod components, facilities, and technologies. It's quite remarkable. Find it HERE.

23 November 2005:
A few new screenshots from Space Empires V have been posted at the Malfador Machinations website.

Space Empires Deluxe17 November 2005:
The patch for Space Empires Classic/Gold owners to upgrade to Deluxe is finally available! It's a hefty 73 Mb download that adds a new music system and makes a few bugs fixes. You can get the patch from the Strategy First website HERE.

In conjuction with the recent release of Deluxe and the patch to bring everyone up to the same version, keep an eye out for some much needed updates to the website!

08 November 2005:
Aaron Hall of Malfador Machinations said the patch to update Gold and Classic versions of Space Empires to Deluxe will be available later this week. Stay tuned!

01 November 2005:
Space Empires Deluxe is now available for download at Strategy First. It's $29.99 US and currently only available via the download, although the boxed version will probably follow in a week or so. Currently there is no mention about the patch for current Gold/Classic, but hopefully we'll see it soon.

SE Wiki23 October 2005:
A new effort is underway to completely document the Space Empires series in the form of a Space Empires wiki. Lots of help is needed to move old articles to the site, add new ones, and to perform routine maintenance. Of course, the site is under constant construction, but in a few months it should be the goto site for Space Empires information.

22 October 2005:
During a brief visit to the #SpaceEmpires IRC chatroom, Aaron Hall of Malfador Machinations mentioned Space Empires Deluxe will include a few fixes in addition to the new music system, and even better are his plans to put together some more patches for SE:IV to nab the last few remaining bugs. Space Empires Deluxe is expected to be released by Strategy First shortly. Aaron also mentioned once SE:V is complete, he will begin work on Star Fury 2.

08 October 2005:
Space Empires Deluxe should be making its appearance shortly. Aaron Hall of Malfador Machinations was asked about Deluxe in an impromptu chat and confirmed that the patch will indeed bring up all Gold and Classic users to Deluxe.

24 August 2005:
Strategy First has created some new forums for the Space Empires series. There isn't much activity yet, but you can visit the forums HERE.

17 August 2005:
A new patch is available for Star Fury. This will update previous versions to the 1.17 retail release. The patch features some tweaks to Star Fury's engine to improve graphics and sound, as well as a few bug fixes. You can download the patch from the Star Fury Info page.

13 August 2005:
Version 0.22 of the Space Food Empires mod has been released. The patch makes a few changes to the items introduced by the last patch and features some improvements to reduce ship costs. It also adds a new systemnames.txt file with more foody names. You can find the patch HERE.

11 August 2005:
There will be a new patch for Star Fury, although it's not known at this time if it will just update users of 1.15 to 1.17, which is the version that was released in retail and makes a number of bug fixes and display improvements. Let's hope that it will be a patch to a new version with a few new features that were originally expected like cloaking. Cross your fingers and stay tuned!

07 August 2005:
Some updates on the SE:V front. The Wargamer posted a brief synopsis of the game, along with a few new screenshots. Also, 3D Gamers has put up a compilation of screenshots, in addition to a video highlighting some space and ground combat. The compression on the video is not the best, but you can find it here: Video.

01 August 2005:
Version 0.21 of the Space Food Empires mod has been released. The new patch adds a new dimension to the mod with facility pollution and worker unhappiness, while making many fixes and minor changes. You can download it HERE.

29 July 2005:
Gamespot has posted a preview article for Space Empires V HERE. Included with the article was 10 new screenshots you can view HERE.

The Space Empires Depot has also recieved a few needed updates - including one to the SE:V features page! I've also updated my PBW section to reflect my current game enrollment.

16 July 2005:
Version 0.20 of the Space Food Empires mod has been released. The new version has over 90 documented changes and additions and will be the first version to be tested on PBW. You can find out more and download it HERE.

Space Food Empires

25 June 2005:
Another minor update to bring the site up to date including another one of my Community awards being handed out. Visit the community page to find out who got the award for June!
Look for both the next version of Space Food Empires (that'd be version 0.20) and an updated SE:V feature list in the next two weeks. Both items are currently in the works, so check back every once in a while to see if I've followed through on them.

23 May 2005:
Finally an update to the Space Empires Depot after a month of so of neglect. Various pages have been updated and I've gone ahead and awarded two Captain Kwok's Community Awards for both April and May. Check out the community page to find out who they went to!
Look for an updated Space Empires V features list coming in the next few weeks!

19 May 2005:
Strategy First has announced in their May 2005 Newsletter that both Star Fury and Space Empires IV Gold (to be re-released as Space Empires IV Deluxe) will soon be re-released for the retail market.

09 April 2005:
The Race to SE:V random draw was held today at the #SpaceEmpires IRC Channel. Winners were selected using, with a variety of prizes to be won that included free copies of Space Empires V, Beta Test Slots, and some gift certificates.

A complete list of winners can be found HERE.

05 April 2005:
The random draw for the PBW Race to Space Empires V tournament will be held on Saturday April 9th at 4pm EST (9pm GMT) at the Space Empires IRC Channel. To learn how to connect to the the site, please visit the official SE IRC homepage.

Congratulations to Flatline, Douglas, Joachim, and RexTorres - winners of the first 4 games.

04 April 2005:
In an effort to increase awareness about the Space Empires series of games and its community, the Space Empires Network has been formed to help promote fan sites dedicated to the series. Click on the banner below to travel to the Network home page:

Click to visit the Space Empires Network homepage!

01 April 2005:
Today has been a big day for the Space Empires community. Malfador Machinations finally updated their website, which you can view here. Also at the site are the first screenshots from the upcoming Space Empires V.

Lastly, the beta testers were chosen as well with myself being fortunate enough to be selected. I'll be sure to work hard to make the game the best it can be. I'll also see what I can add to the Space Empires V information list with MM's permission of course!

27 March 2005:
Version 0.11 of Captain Kwok's Space Food Empires mod has been posted. You can find it at the official site in the downloads section HERE.

For the Space Empires Depot, a number of caretaking updates have occurred throughout the site.

21 March 2005:
Version 0.10 of the Space Food Empires mod has been posted. You can find it at the website in the downloads section HERE. Check back often to as updates will come often at this stage of the mod.

14 March 2005:
Aaron Hall of Malfador Machinations has announced the opening of beta test applications! Copy this form, fill it out, and send it in an e-mail to

You can find out more by visiting Malfador Machination's SE:V page HERE.

10 March 2005:
Captain Kwok's first Community Service Award has been awarded. Visit the the new Community section to find out who the award winner is!

Also, is back online after a short hiatus. We wish Fyron the best of luck with his new host!

09 March 2005:
Combat Wombat has announced the arrival of his new website, formerly hosted by, the Space Empires Center. Complete with downloads for his Invasion Mod and Space Empires projects. Here's a link: Space Empires Center.

08 March 2005:
In an interesting and unexpected development, Aaron Hall of Malfador Machinations has decided go with Strategy First to publish Space Empires V, rather than Shrapnel Games. Strategy First has published other 4x games like Galactic Civilizations and also supplies retail stores with their titles. Find out more: Strategy First.

It's difficult to say what this may mean for the direction of Space Empires V. We all hope that the game will retain all the characteristics of its predecessors which has made the series so enduring to all of us. We also wish the best to Shrapnel Games, who's support and dedication to the Space Empires community has been second to none for the last 4 years. Shrapnel Games will continue to sell their remaining copies of SE:IV and Star Fury and will even open a SE:V forum for all us fussy gamers!

05 March 2005:
The People's Mod for Star Fury has just released version 0.2! You can find out more about this project and download the most recent version at the official website here: People's Mod Website.

In an unrelated story, Imperator Fyron's website remains down. The reason is unknown, although some might think that Captain Kwok of the Space Empires Depot has sabotaged the site in a long running one-sided imagined rivalry. This is probably false.

01 March 2005:
The Depot has received a modest content update to celebrate the move. Every page has been updated in some manner, and there are plenty of new items to check out. Be sure to visit often!

28 February 2005:
Captain Kwok's Space Empires Depot has been the first site uploaded to my new domain here at Make sure you update your bookmarks and links! Look for the Space Food Empires website to make the hop over shortly. It's exciting because I now have more space and bandwidth so I can add some downloads and more content. Look out because your title as #1 in all of space empires is nearing the end!

12 February 2005:
Lots of new stuff for the first update of the New Year. Among recent Space Empires news is that beta testing for SE:V will begin April 1st! Also be sure to browse through the Space Empires Depot as there has been lots of updates.

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