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This is Space Empires news reported in 2013. Not too much in this year either!

Balance Mod19 March 2013:

I've created a preview tech chart for the upcoming Balance Mod v1.20. There's a few significant changes in the new version including the break up of stellar manipulation into several new tech areas and the expansion of small seeker weapons. All the new or changed items are marked in red/blue text for easy identification. The .pdf version of the chart is HERE. You can also discuss/comment on the chart in our forum.

Balance Mod16 March 2013:

Just a small update for the website - it's been 10 years since it was first created! Simplified the overall design to focus on my projects only. You can find all sorts of useful Space Empires resources at already. Work has resumed on Balance Mod v1.20 so that long awaited update should be available in the near future. You can participate in the discussion of Balance Mod v1.20 HERE. There's some polls there as well for feedback on some proposed changes.

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