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Captain Kwok's Balance Mod

The complete history file for the Balance Mod since its debut on 16-Oct-2006.

Space Empires VBalance Mod History

Version 1.24 on 02-June-2023

    1.  Added   - Four extra asteroid belt system types
    2.  Added   - Blue Giant system type
    3.  Added   - Two extra standard system types
    4.  Changed - Various updates to every system types assortment of object types
    5.  Fixed   - Some quadrant type system chance percentages did not add up to 1000, resulting in occasional blank systems
    6.  Changed - Adjusted system chance percentages for most quadrant types
    7.  Added   - New storm types (stellar, protostar, micrometeoroid, dust, comet)
    8.  Added   - New stellar ability types for new storm types (debris, stellar storm, white dwarf storm)
    9.  Changed - Adding system wide shield effects for neutron star and white dwarf systems
    10. Added   - Solar system planets and select moons
    11. Added   - New or revised images for some space effects, various systems, and select stellar objects
    12. Fixed   - Small Quantum Torpedoes should be 5 kT with a reload rate of 8000 ms
    13. Changed - Updated small "seeker" weapons to decrease in accuracy at 0.33 per range instead of 0.25 per range (about 15% less accurate at long ranges)
    14. Changed - Adjusted System Point Radius to gain a few more sectors per system
    15. Changed - Improved black hole animation to remove "cloud" gaps
    16. Added   - Descriptive text for facilities that contribute to pollution
    17. Changed - Pollution penalties for homeworlds (in single homeworld game) are reduced by half
    18. Changed - Pollution effects are halved for a game's first 25 turns

Version 1.23 on 07-April-2023

    1.  Added   - 10 new stellar skybox backgrounds
    2.  Fixed   - Under rare circumstances, a calculation for AI players regarding trade income could result in a game hang
    3.  Fixed   - The Applied Research tech area was incorrectly set to a maximum of 10 levels
    4.  Fixed   - AI players were not counting enemy designs with skip all type weapons correctly
    5.  Changed - AI players will utilize more ruins technologies
    6.  Changed - Some AI players will incorporate the use of Pyschic Node or Neural Combat Net components
    7.  Changed - Updated descriptions and amounts for various stellar ability chance types
    8.  Changed - Updated some system types references for stellar ability chance types
    9.  Fixed   - Some sensor interference abilities from space objects had positive values
    10. Added   - Balance Mod map folder
    11. Added   - Included "Milky Way Local" map of the Sol system and a variety of known stars/objects within a 1000 light year radius

Version 1.22 on 20-February-2023

    1.  Fixed   - AI ships were sometimes stranding at the edge of a system
    2.  Fixed   - Organic and Crystalline Racial trait units were not paying maintenance due to stacking error with Unit Maintenance Cost Modifier ability
    3.  Fixed   - Small Crystalline Torpedo and Small Alloy Burner Missile accuracy did not decrease with range
    4.  Fixed   - Moons were sometimes generating in the same sector as their parent planet
    5.  Fixed   - Some clouds were missing in the large black hole animation
    6.  Changed - Tech area Stellar Construction increased to 3 levels
    7.  Changed - Sphere World Generator now requires level 3 in Stellar Construction
    8.  Changed - Reduced ability of Gravitational Quantum Resonator to generate warp points from 10 ly increments to 5 ly (5-25 ly overall)
    9.  Fixed   - Xiati Weapon Platforms were not using the Temporal Tachyon Cannon due to a typo
    10. Fixed   - Occasional bug where a colonizer with a damaged colony module would get stuck in the orbit of its target for colonization
    11. Fixed   - Some AI empires were not following their seek peace empire strategy
    12. Fixed   - AI players were not adding basic sensors to their Satellite (Recon) designs
    13. Added   - Research breakthrough/setbacks add-on now included by default; Can be turned off in ModEventSettings.txt in the Data folder
    14. Added   - Incorporated the lucky trait with respect to research breakthroughs/setbacks
    15. Added   - Pollution events add-on now included by default; Can be turned off in the ModEventSettings.txt in the Data folder
    16. Changed - Environmental Achievements will also reduce pollution in addition to the Climate Control Facility

Version 1.21 on 15-January-2023

    1.  Fixed   - Computer Controls could still be used with some components that are described as incompatible
    2.  Fixed   - Error in technology requirements for Mine Layer component
    3.  Fixed   - Disrupt Construction Queues intelligence project was not displaying correct log image
    4.  Fixed   - AI players where making demands or requests based on shared log entries from other players
    5.  Fixed   - AI players were sometimes incorrectly calculating anger against human players
    6.  Changed - More variation from race-to-race for anger generation from ships/colonies in their space
    7.  Fixed   - Sometimes AI players would scrap ships when they were good candidates for retrofitting
    8.  Changed - Adding more variation in how weak AIs interact with strong players
    9.  Changed - Decreased vehicle speeds in combat
    10. Changed - Various adjustments to vehicle turn and acceleration/deceleration rates
    11. Changed - Reduced combat map radius by 50% [Although finding errors in placement, so may need to revert]
    12. Changed - Adjusted ship models sizes to better fit formation spacing
    13. Changed - Small tweaks to Intelligence Project costs
    14. Added   - Re-introduced alternative skybox backgrounds
    15. Changed - Reduced clearance area for Ring and Sphere worlds
    16. Fixed   - Error in one of the Ring World picture references
    17. Added   - Supplementary message text to add context for some types of AI messages
    18. Changed - Increased damage for Black Hole centers
    19. Added   - Strategy Defend Colony to have defending ships collapse back to planet
    20. Changed - AI players will sometimes anticipate attack targets
    21. Added   - New damage type "Skips Almost All Shields and Armor"
    22. Fixed   - Null-Space Shields were not working correctly againt Null-Space Weapons
    23. Fixed   - Some Organic vehicles had incorrect descriptions for their engine or movement limits
    24. Fixed   - Error in target list for Small Plasma Missile and Small Seeking Parasite which allowed them to target fighters
    25. Fixed   - Small Seeking Parasite didn't have a range penalty
    26. Changed - Improved damage and range for Null-Space Projector
    27. Changed - Improved damage for Temporal Shifter
    28. Changed - Rescaled Star model sizes and colouration
    29. Changed - Rescaled Planet model sizes
    30. Changed - Adjustment to nebulae and storm colours
    31. Changed - Updated storm lightning effects
    32. Changed - Increased resource generation for Solar Generator
    33. Changed - Updated binary and trinary systems
    34. Fixed   - Energy Transmission Lens uses a percentage modifier and not absolute shield points
    35. Changed - Improved the results for some intelligence projects
    36. Added   - ModAITreatySettings.txt to allow players to restrict AI players from using certain treaty elements

Version 1.20 on 03-November-2018

    1.  Changed - Reduced System Size "Small Systems" for improved performance
    2.  Changed - Adjusted various component ranges to better suit "Small Systems"
    3.  Changed - Design type naming scheme to improve organization
    4.  Added   - New design types supported by AI/Ministers
    5.  Added   - Component Control Computer (Master Computer that can't use direct fire/seeking weapons)
    6.  Changed - Drone Computer Core can no longer be used with direct fire/seeking weapons
    7.  Added   - Combat Drone Computer Core that can be used with direct fire/seeking weapons
    8.  Added   - Component Supply Pod for emergency supplies
    9.  Added   - Component Ordnance Pod for emergency ordnance
    10. Added   - Component Ordnance Replicator which generates ordnance each turn for a vehicle
    11. Added   - Component Null-Space Shield Generator [NOT WORKING]
    12. Added   - Components Plasma Shield Generator, Small Plasma Shield Generator (Organic Technology)
    13. Added   - Component Psychic Node (Psychic Technology) to share experience between ships in combat
    14. Added   - Component Temporal Space Yard (Temporal Technology)
    15. Added   - Component Small Stealth Armor
    16. Added   - Component Small Phased Shield Generator
    17. Removed - Component Fighter Life Support
    18. Changed - Religious technology components require crewed vehicles (No Master Computers!)
    19. Changed - Psychic technology components/weapons required crewed vehicles (No Master Computers!)
    20. Added   - Weapons X-Ray Laser, Small X-Ray Laser
    21. Added   - Weapon Smart Bomb (Cargo) to damage only units in planetary cargo
    22. Changed - Electric Discharge, Small Electric Discharge damage type to "Double Damage To Shields"
    23. Changed - Lightning Ray damage type to "Double Damage To Shields"
    24. Added   - Weapons Small Capital Ship Missile, Small Plasma Missile, Small Quantum Torpedo
    25. Added   - Racial weapons Small Seeking Parasite, Small Crystalline Torpedo, Small Alloy Burner Missile
    26. Changed - Rocket Pods now available under Troop Weapons and restricted to Troop vehicles
    27. Changed - Weapon Computer Virus can now target any computerized control center
    28. Changed - Damage amounts, resource costs for various weapons
    29. Changed - Split Stellar Manipulation into individual tech areas
    30. Changed - Modified many tech area level requirements components/weapons
    31. Changed - Focused on creating more interspersed tech area requirements for components/weapons/facilities
    32. Changed - Re-organized Planet Utilization tech area
    33. Changed - Re-organized Resource extraction tech areas
    34. Changed - Re-organized Centralized Computer System tech area
    35. Changed - Re-organized Robotics tech area
    36. Changed - Re-organized racial tech area requirements for racial facilities
    37. Changed - Re-organized racial tech area requirements for racial weapons
    38. Changed - Re-organized ship construction tech areas into Small, Medium, Large
    39. Changed - Generally increased ship sizes
    40. Added   - Tech Area Xenoarchaeology as a stage gate for ruins technology
    41. Added   - Tech Area Focused Energy Weapons as an early game weapon technology (X-Ray Lasers)
    42. Added   - Cultural achievement Conservation to reduce supply usage
    43. Added   - Cultural achievement Environment to improve planetary conditions
    44. Changed - Increased cultural achievement Recreation to 10 levels
    45. Changed - Cultural achievement Sociology now improves Intelligence generation
    46. Changed - Updated selected modifiers in SocietyTypes.txt
    47. Changed - Updated selected modifiers in GovernmentTypes.txt
    48. Changed - Updated Fleet and Task Force Formations
    49. Changed - Formations are now available in different sizes (L,S,XS) to allow better fitting for various fleet/TF ship counts
    50. Changed - Reduced maximum trade percentages
    51. Fixed   - Replicant Center was not providing all its bonuses
    52. Added   - Implemented happiness penalties for ongoing wars based on war tolerance
    53. Changed - Intelligence defense points will no longer be depleted with each defense
    54. Changed - Calculation for intelligence project success
    55. Added   - Intelligence project Disrupt Construction Queue
    56. Added   - AI support for cooperative intelligence
    57. Changed - Improved AI intelligence spending
    58. Changed - Made improvements to intel target selection
    59. Changed - Made improvements to event target selection
    60. Added   - AI support for new Master/Control Computer components
    61. Added   - AI performance analysis routine which is used on monthly and yearly basis to measure progress
    62. Added   - New AI empire/design strategy modifiers based on feedback from performance analysis
    63. Changed - Improved AI fleet design and increased variability in fleet sizes and types between AI empires
    64. Changed - Various adjustments to AI ship and unit distribution
    65. Changed - Improvements to how AI players respond and followup to requests
    66. Changed - Updated AI designs for new ship sizes
    67. Changed - Updated AI research scripts for changes to tech tree
    68. Added   - Turn-to-turn AI ship status check
    69. Added   - Turn-to-turn AI colony status check

Version 1.19j on 05-January-2015

    1.  Changed - Modified resource values/percentages for planets
    2.  Changed - Modified starting planet values for finite resource games
    3.  Changed - Adjusted the homeworld starting facilities for low tech starts
    4.  Fixed   - AI had stopped adding ships/units to Base Space Yard queues
    5.  Fixed   - Made improvements for AI colony selection in finite resource games
    6.  Fixed   - Made improvements for AI remote resource gathering in finite resource games
    7.  Fixed   - Made improvements for AI resource facility construction in finite resource games
    8.  Fixed   - AIs were still not retrofitting enough
    9.  Changed - Made improvements to the AI's designation of Space Yard hubs
    10. Changed - Improved AI fleet retrofit location selection
    11. Changed - Space Yard or Repair Ships used by the AI will sometimes help repair fleet ships retrofitting
    12. Fixed   - Sometimes AI players were too eager to return retrofit ships to duty before they were repaired
    13. Fixed   - AI players were sometimes having difficulties with low resource starts
    14. Changed - Made some adjustments to AI vehicle demand
    15. Changed - AI with Ancient Race racial trait less likely to share maps
    16. Changed - AI design improvements
    17. Changed - AI will make more use of Long Range Scanners
    18. Fixed   - AI was not using the Intelligence Compound colony type
    19. Changed - AI will periodically update Colony Types based on actual facilities present
    20. Fixed   - AI players were sometimes too conservative in their resource usage
    21. Changed - Improvements to how AI decides intelligence defense spending
    22. Fixed   - Sometimes AI players were not designing Troop Transports
    23. Fixed   - AI ships/fleets/units were not attacking when they should have been
    24. Changed - AI was too often trying to explore/survey systems that were too distant to be useful
    25. Fixed   - AI players were not always getting rid of their disabled/immobilized ships
    26. Fixed   - Sometimes AI Medical Ships were failing to cure plagues due to outdated Medical Bays
    27. Fixed   - AI players were not upgrading their facilities when a colony was full
    28. Fixed   - Occassionally AI players would pick an invalid target for their Warp Point Openers
    29. Changed - Some improvements to AI orders for Storm/Planet/Star Destroyers
    30. Fixed   - AI explorers were not always receiving the right survey orders
    31. Changed - Improvements to how the AI handles demand for Colony Ships
    32. Changed - AI will sometimes consider "friendly" ships and colonies in their space for anger*
    33. Changed - Revised calculations for AI vehicle distributions
    34. Changed - Made improvements to the AI's resource conversion routine
    35. Fixed   - The AI would still upgrade Research Centers after reaching max tech
    36. Changed - Made improvements to the AI's facility management routine
    37. Fixed   - AI players were building too many Point-Defense Satellites
    38. Changed - AI players were using too much trade income for maintenance costs when struggling with intel defense
    39. Changed - AI Psychic players will not use Psychic weapons on drones/satellites
    40. Fixed   - AI players would still add more than one Energy Refractor on a design
    41. Fixed   - Some elements for AI political anger were being added incorrectly
    42. Changed - Minor adjustments to AI treaty element selection
    43. Changed - Adjusted AI vehicle demand values
    44. Changed - Increased variation in AI usage of remotely deployed units
    45. Changed - Improvements to how the AI estimates production capacities of other players

Version 1.19i on 26-November-2012

    1.  Fixed   - Error in tech area requirement for Ionic and Tachyon Mine Warheads
    2.  Added   - Planet shadows
    3.  Fixed   - Expanse system was not being generated correctly
    4.  Changed - Increased ordnance usage for ship-sized weapons
    5.  Changed - Increased ordnance storage on ship-sized weapons and components
    6.  Fixed   - Combat movement from Afterburners did not match the described amount
    7.  Fixed   - Environmental Achievement was not working correctly
    8.  Changed - Reduced effect to +/-5% for Environmental Resistance/Weakness racial traits
    9.  Changed - Modified various Society Types abilities
    10. Changed - Modified various Government Type abilities
    11. Changed - Reduced the number of hexes blocked by most star types
    12. Changed - Reduced physical size of stars
    13. Changed - Updated star glows and planet atmospheric effects
    14. Changed - Minor improvements to pursuits against certain types of unarmed ships
    15. Fixed   - Score was not being calculated correctly
    16. Changed - Adjusted weight of various score components
    17. Fixed   - Error in Nebula event picture reference
    18. Changed - Improved AI's ability to deal with mine fields
    19. Changed - AI will designate Minesweepers for fleet or solitary usage
    20. Changed - AI will more actively use fighters and drones for defense
    21. Added   - AI will add a roman numeral suffix to upgrade design type names
    22. Changed - Made improvements to AI's selection of targets to attack
    23. Changed - Improved AI's retrofitting of fleets
    24. Changed - Adding more variation in AI fleet sizes
    25. Fixed   - AI players had stopped constructing remote bases
    26. Fixed   - Crystalline AIs would sometimes add Energy Refractors to Drones
    27. Fixed   - AI empires were sometimes counting sources of diplomatic anger twice
    28. Fixed   - Sometimes AI empires were selecting the wrong treaty elements when proposing treaty changes
    29. Fixed   - AI would sometimes mothball remote SY bases that couldn't be unmothballed
    30. Fixed   - AI players with no research points available would still attempt to research
    31. Changed - Improved AI's ability to cope when starting off as a fledgling empire from rebellion events
    32. Changed - Reduced the frequency of AI design upgrades
    33. Fixed   - Sometimes rebelling colonies would be re-captured during the same turn
    34. Fixed   - Damage amounts for planetary damage events was incorrect
    35. Fixed   - Storms created by events could cause a hung game during end turn processing
    36. Updated - AI Scripts
    37. Updated - Event/Intel Scripts

Version 1.19h on 23-September-2010

    1.  Fixed   - Error in defense modifier for Troop vehicles
    2.  Changed - Reduced damage amount for Power Leech Beam
    3.  Fixed   - Self-Destruct Device wasn't working correctly
    4.  Changed - Bridge and Master Computer components will allow vehicles to self-destruct, but won't prevent ship capture
    5.  Fixed   - Massive Ionic Dispersers could potentially target bases
    6.  Fixed   - Certain combinations of Fighter Bays/Drone Launchers would not satsify Carrier requirements when they should have
    7.  Fixed   - Ships in fleets could be scrapped/retrofitted when the scrap/retrofit ministers were not activated
    8.  Changed - Reduced AI's likelihood for accepting migration treaty elements
    9.  Changed - AI will consider unexplored warp points for dropping units if there are no other determined locations
    10. Changed - Improved AI's unit scrapping to be balanced across its colonies
    11. Changed - The AI will scrutinize their treaty status with other empires more closely for anger determination
    12. Changed - Attacking and defending AI fleets will vary their tactics more frequently
    13. Fixed   - AI was sometimes constructing Robotoid Factories on planets without Space Yards
    14. Changed - AI will always use its closest colonizer for a selected colony target
    15. Changed - Improved AI's distribution of units on its colonies
    16. Changed - Improvements to balance the AI's vehicle construction scheme
    17. Fixed   - AI empires were too often swapping Intel for Research facilities (and vice versa)
    18. Changed - Add extra anger for the AI for a turn's first combat with another player
    19. Fixed   - Intelligence projects or events that affected happiness were not work correctly
    20. Changed - AI transports and layers will attempt to use leftover movement points after dropping off their cargo
    21. Added   - AI will attempt to add more troops to planets with decreasing happiness levels
    22. Changed - AI empires will utilize unit hubs for distribution of units to launch locations
    23. Added   - General combat performance history will now be kept by AI empires
    24. Added   - AI will use recent combat performance history to modify diplomacy
    25. Fixed   - Sometimes anger from an empire's relations with other known empires was incorrect
    26. Fixed   - Sometimes AI players wouldn't recognize anger events from weaker empires
    27. Changed - Anger for enemy ships/colonies increased based on enemy's priority
    28. Changed - AI empires will are now more likely to maintain non-aggression treaties with lower risk enemies
    29. Changed - AI empires will avoid war or breaking treaties with lower risk
    30. Changed - Added more criteria for determining if an AI empire will go to war (or break its treaty) with another player
    31. Changed - Made improvements to AI fleet's retrofitting
    32. Added   - Diplomacy modifiers for AI empires to react more strongly to human players in weak or strong positions
    33. Fixed   - AI fleets would sometime report no orders when in fact that had orders
    34. Fixed   - Standalone AI Fighter or Drone groups weren't receiving any orders
    35. Added   - Happiness penalty for populations that are disloyal
    36. Changed - Increased intelligent project costs
    37. Updated - AI Scripts
    38. Updated - Event/Intel Scripts

Version 1.19g on 28-February-2010

    1.  Fixed   - Some vehicle hull modifiers were incorrect
    2.  Fixed   - Unit maintenance modifiers for racial trait vehicle hulls were not being applied
    3.  Changed - Increased range for Wave-Motion Gun
    4.  Fixed   - Damage amount for Stupifier was too low
    5.  Changed - Damage amount for Allegiance Subverter was too low
    6.  Added   - Descriptive text to note if timed-effect weapons did damage in milliseconds or seconds
    7.  Fixed   - One of the portrait images for warp points was incorrect
    8.  Added   - New images for Point-Defense Blaster and Point-Defense Beam weapons
    9.  Changed - Designated Colony tech areas as unique
    10. Changed - Increased cost for Shield Implosion tech area
    11. Changed - Increased reload time for Shield Imploder
    12. Changed - Made improvements to the AI's use of Shield Regenerators
    13. Changed - Improved AI's design response against enemies using long range seekers
    14. Changed - The damage amount for planets damaged by intel or random events was too small
    15. Changed - AI or Minister designs for the Recon Satellite design type didn't include Basic Sensors
    16. Fixed   - Sometimes AI players would add multiple Stealth Totems
    17. Added   - Improvements to AI ship distribution based on enemy ship speeds and basic weapon usage
    18. Fixed   - AI players in team mode would sometimes accept a treaty from a human player
    19. Fixed   - Cooperative intelligence points were not being transferred in some instances
    20. Changed - Improved AI's design response to empires heavily using shields or armor
    21. Changed - Made some adjustments to how/when AIs mothball or scrap ships
    22. Changed - Small tweaks to design type distributions for AI empires
    23. Changed - AI's will be more aggressive in obtaining cultural achievements to address empire deficiencies
    24. Fixed   - Sometimes ships/bases wouldn't drop their cargo before retrofitting
    25. Changed - Improved AI empires use of Resource Converters
    26. Fixed   - AI players were often building more than one Ultra-Recycler per system or planet
    27. Fixed   - Remotely mined resources were not being considered in AI's resource budgeting
    28. Fixed   - AI would sometimes try designing units with multiple Emissive Armors, which is currently restricted
    29. Updated - AI Scripts
    30. Updated - Event/Intel Scripts

Version 1.19f on 27-November-2009

    1.  Changed - Description for Energy Refractor component since it does not stack
    2.  Added   - New images for warheads
    3.  Removed - Weapon Delivery Type Damage Received Modifier Percent from Crystalline Hulls as it was not functional
    4.  Added   - Shield Generation From Damage ability to Crystalline Hulls
    5.  Fixed   - Error in ground combat accuracy modifier for Point-Defense Beam
    6.  Changed - Small increase to damage amounts for Meson Blaster
    7.  Changed - Re-balanced Boarding Parties and Security Stations
    8.  Changed - Increased Shield Generation From Damage amount for Light and Heavy Crystalline Armor
    9.  Fixed   - Errors in some combat bonus amounts from experience
    10. Changed - Reduced experience point thresholds for some ship and fleet experience levels
    11. Changed - Increased experience received from Fleet Training Facility
    12. Changed - Increased experience received from Psychic Ship Training Facility and Psychic Fleet Training Facility
    13. Fixed   - Some Stellar Manipulations were not working with all types of stars
    14. Changed - Reduced resource cost of Solar Generator facility
    15. Changed - Increased damage amount for Shard Cannon
    16. Changed - Increased value improvement amount for Nature Shrine facility
    17. Changed - Increased minerals cost of Colony Modules
    18. Changed - Revised color of images for remote mining components and supply components
    19. Fixed   - AI players were not correctly accepting treaties from Alliances
    20. Fixed   - The AI was building Space Ports when it had the Natural Merchants trait
    21. Fixed   - Sometimes the AI would scrap all its facilities and population
    22. Fixed   - AI players were not adding Supply/Ordnance components to their Carrier designs
    23. Changed - Crystalline AIs will no longer add multiple Energy Refractor components
    24. Changed - Made improvements to the AI's Colonizer designs to better protect against boarding actions
    25. Added   - AI players now check ships for damaged functional components for their current orders (such as sensors for surveying)
    26. Updated - AI scripts

Version 1.19e on 21-August-2009

    1.  Fixed   - Only Shield Generators damage type was not working correctly
    2.  Changed - Made some improvements to the AI's Defense Base design
    3.  Fixed   - The AI was accepting bad trades
    4.  Changed - Made improvements to the AI's analysis of trades and gifts
    5.  Fixed   - Some AIs starting tech selections were invalid
    6.  Fixed   - The AI wasn't correctly replacing "Any" items in trades and gifts
    7.  Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.19d on 08-August-2009

    1.  Changed - Reduced reproduction rate bonus of Medical Lab facility
    2.  Changed - Reduced starting migration rate
    3.  Fixed   - AI empires were sometimes adding multiple Robotoid Factory or Time Shrine facilities
    4.  Fixed   - The AI was not constructing Ultra-Recycler facilities
    5.  Changed - Weak AI empires were not able to declare war against much stronger empires
    6.  Fixed   - Error in AI's demand for Missile Satellite design type
    7.  Fixed   - Potential for Organic AI empires to not equip their ships with enough armor
    8.  Fixed   - Sometimes AI players were scrapping ships when it was not required
    9.  Changed - AI empires will react more angrily to negative events committed by human players than by other AI players
    10. Fixed   - Sometimes AI empires were scrapping facilities when it really wasn't necessary
    11. Fixed   - Sometimes a ship would have the wrong internal design type and would not be properly used by a minister acting for a human player
    12. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.19c on 29-July-2009

    1.  Changed - Restricted Emissive Armor to 1 per Satellite (Temporary Restriction)
    2.  Fixed   - Sometimes the Construction - Facilities minister would skip facility construction in favor of units/ships when those ministers weren't activated
    3.  Changed - AI players will update their resource status each time they make a decision involving resources
    4.  Fixed   - The AI wasn't always identifying when it was in a disconnected state
    5.  Fixed   - AI players were sometimes added Intel facilities in place of research facilities when intel is disabled
    6.  Changed - Further improvements to the AI's facility management functions
    7.  Fixed   - The AI wasn't checking for sector limits when launching units from planets
    8.  Changed - Made improvements to the AI's scrapping and mothballing functions
    9.  Fixed   - AI players were breaking their treaties in unison versus the mega evil player
    10. Changed - The AI wasn't taking into account Shield Depleter usage in its enemy design analysis
    11. Changed - Tweaked some of the AI's design type demand modifiers
    12. Changed - Added new rules for the Ship (All) - Naming minister:
                  - If the ship name contains *, the ship will not be renamed at all
                  - If the ship name contains ^, the ship will retain any text before the ^ (ie Endor V ^ Yard I 0001 -> Endor V ^ Yard II 0001)
                  - Note: Names should follow SE:V format "Ship Name ####"
    13. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.19b on 03-July-2009

    1.  Changed - Drones can now be recovered, self-destructed, and added to fleets
    2.  Changed - Restricted Emissive Armor to 1 per Weapon Platform or Drone (Temporary Restriction)
    3.  Changed - Reduced Freighter and Colony Ship combat speeds
    4.  Fixed   - The AI would scrap and replace a facility with Monolith Facilities when it wasn't intended
    5.  Changed - Made improvements to the AI's colony facility management
    6.  Changed - Updated AI design creation to follow new emissive armor limits for Weapon Platforms and Drones
    7.  Changed - Improved the criteria for AI empires to remove items from their queues due to low resources
    8.  Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.19a on 26-June-2009

    1.  Changed - Updated description for Self-Destruct Device
    2.  Added   - Set percent chance for Self-Destruct to trigger when a ship is captured
    3.  Changed - Reduced repair rate for Space Yard component
    4.  Fixed   - Removed "diminishing returns" abilities from Research Center
    5.  Changed - Reduced Fighter Bay/Drone Launcher component requirement for carriers from 30% to 20% of hull space
    6.  Changed - Boosted the maintenance reduction effect of the Crystalline Restructuring Plant
    7.  Changed - Increased the shield modifier amount of the Energy Transmission Lens facility
    8.  Changed - Allowed all sensor components to be used on Weapon Platforms
    9.  Changed - Shield Regenerators can be placed on Weapon Platforms
    10. Changed - Revised damage modifiers for damage from ramming
    11. Changed - Adjusted costs and damage amounts for all warheads
    12. Changed - Revised the animations and increased differentiation in warp point appearance
    13. Changed - Decreased distance between ships for all formations
    14. Fixed   - AI wasn't using the right strategy for Kamikaze Attack Ships
    15. Changed - Reduced AI's use of armor on some non-combat designs
    16. Changed - Made improvements to AI's Scout Ship/Explorer Ship design type
    17. Changed - Made improvements to the AI's ship distribution amongst their task forces
    18. Changed - Boosted AI friendliness to non-MEE (Mega Evil Empire) players when the MEE status is triggered
    19. Changed - The AI will be more efficient with colony ship target selection
    20. Changed - AI players will make more of an effort to bring defensive units on Colony Ships for planets in dangerous areas
    21. Fixed   - The AI won't try to convert the atmosphere of Gas Giants to None
    22. Changed - Number of improvements to the AI's building and distribution of units amongst its colonies
    23. Changed - AI will no longer recover launched mines above its colonies
    24. Fixed   - Xi'Chung were sometimes using the wrong weapon on their Defense Ship designs
    25. Fixed   - The AI would sometimes attack with a ship that had no ordnance when it needed ordnance for its weapons
    26. Fixed   - The AI sometimes offered the wrong tariff element
    27. Fixed   - Sometimes the AI entered a low resource state when it wasn't necessary
    28. Changed - Improved the AI's criteria for identifying low resource conditions and when it should build storage facilities
    29. Changed - Made imporvements to allow the AI to expand their maintenance expenditures when trade income is available
    30. Changed - The Construction - Facilities minister when used by human players will adhere more strictly to colony type designations
    31. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.19 on 14-April-2009

    1.  Changed - Increased damage amount for Alloy Burner Missile
    2.  Changed - Increased regeneration rate for Shield Regenerators
    3.  Changed - Decreased movement (damage) amount for Tractor Beam and Repulser Beam
    4.  Changed - Increased firing rate for Tractor Beam and Repulser Beam
    5.  Fixed   - Error in cost for Psychic Technology tech area
    6.  Fixed   - Energy Refractors were not working when used on armor slots, must now be placed on outer hull slots
    7.  Fixed   - Sometimes when an AI surrendered it caused a turn to hang
    8.  Fixed   - Corrected and revised racial trait and starting technology selections for AI
    9.  Added   - Some AI functionality to escort ships
    10. Changed - Adjusted the conditions for the AI to remain in its Explore & Expand state
    11. Changed - Made improvements to the AI's ability to use the Ancient Race trait
    12. Changed - The AI's Warp Point Openers would sometimes be vulnerable to attack after opening a new warp point
    13. Fixed   - Possible turn hang when an AI made a gift request
    14. Fixed   - The AI tended to clump warp point defenses in less useful locations
    15. Fixed   - Sometimes the AI would drop units in the wrong warp point location
    16. Fixed   - The AI was sometimes not adding a Shield Generator to a design when it should have been
    17. Changed - AI players will respond more actively to add resource storage for surplus resources
    18. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.18 on 3-February-2009

    1.  Fixed   - Some fighters were still not moving in ground combat
    2.  Changed - Point-Defense weapons now use supplies
    3.  Changed - Reduced the range of Small Rocket Pods in ground combat
    4.  Changed - Small Rocket Pods can now target fighters
    5.  Changed - Restricted Small Emissive Armor to one per vehicle (temporary restriction)
    6.  Changed - Improved the AI's placement of Life Support and Crew Quarters on ships
    7.  Changed - Made it more difficult to spam the AI with surrender requests to force their surrender
    8.  Changed - Sometimes a weak AI might surrender to another empire to spite an empire requesting their surrender
    9.  Changed - Improved the AI's use of Base Space Yards for unit construction
    10. Fixed   - The AI would attempt to retrofit ship hulls that they did not have the racial trait for
    11. Fixed   - Sometimes when an AI surrendered to another empire the game turn would not process
    12. Changed - Made a few improvements to AI vehicle designs
    13. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.17 on 13-January-2008:

    1.  Fixed   - Some Fighters were not moving in ground combat
    2.  Changed - Cooperative Intel split into Attack and Defense versions
    3.  Fixed   - Sometimes cargo bombs would detonate on ships without cargo
    4.  Fixed   - Disrupt comm messages intel project would sometimes report false successes
    5.  Fixed   - Value Improvement Plants were not stacking correctly
    6.  Changed - You must have enough life support for a ship's crew in a design
    7.  Changed - Reduced population modifiers for populations less than 50M
    8.  Changed - Increased structure per level for some components
    9.  Changed - Small Rocket Pods can now target troops
    10. Fixed   - Could not start or continue a simultaneous game in SE5 v1.77
    11. Fixed   - EEE were incorrectly designing low tech fighters
    12. Fixed   - Xiati were not adding weapons to their Drones or Weapon Platforms
    13. Fixed   - The Xi'Chung weren't using all their available ship sizes
    14. Fixed   - Sometimes the AI wasn't using its intended fleet strategies
    15. Fixed   - The AI would sometimes add a Shield Regenerator without a design having a Shield Generator
    16. Fixed   - Crystalline races were often neglecting to add Shield Generators for their smaller ships
    17. Changed - AI will check for when it last sent a treaty or change treaty request to avoid sending a request before a response is made
    18. Changed - Improved relevance of AI warning and request messages
    19. Changed - AI races will utilize more hull sizes in their designs
    20. Added   - Individualized race anger responses for log events and diplomacy
    21. Changed - AI will now cross-retrofit combat ships to alternate design types if no design is available with its current design type
    22. Fixed   - Sometimes the AI wasn't able to scrap a facility it wanted to scrap
    23. Fixed   - The AI was countering treaties when it was sometimes not desired
    24. Changed - Made some improvements to the AI's understanding of trade/gift value
    25. Changed - AI Mine/Satellite Layers will sometimes stack pickup and launch orders to maximize movement points
    26. Changed - Improved the AI's fleet selection process for ships set to fleet usage
    27. Changed - AI will make course corrections for its ships sent to join fleets
    28. Updated - AI Scripts
    29. Updated - AI Events/Intel Scripts

Version 1.16 on 06-October-2008:

    1.  Changed - Remove Intelligence Centers as a starting facility
    2.  Fixed   - Error in tech area requirement for Fusion Ground Thrusters, Small Incinerator Beam and Small Phased-Polaron Beam
    3.  Changed - Light Cruisers set to 60 movement points per sector from 61
    4.  Fixed   - Error in requirement evaluation for System Robotoid Factory
    5.  Fixed   - The AI would sometimes counter a treaty with the same elements as the original
    6.  Fixed   - The minister for Warp Point Openers was not considering the maximum distance a ship could open a warp point to
    7.  Fixed   - The minister for Planet Destroyers was not considering the target planet's size
    8.  Fixed   - Some neutral players were inactive
    9.  Fixed   - The AI was sometimes surrendering when it shouldn't have
    10. Fixed   - Some strategies placed Fighters too high in the target priority list
    11. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.15 on 29-September-2008:

    1.  Changed - Slight revision to Small Shield Generator tech area requirements
    2.  Changed - Increased Heavy Armor to 20kT
    3.  Changed - Split Organic and Crystalline Armor into light and heavy versions
    4.  Changed - Reduced Organic Armor and Crystalline Armor to 16 tech levels
    5.  Changed - Decreased Small Organic Armor and Small Crystalline Armor to 1kT
    6.  Changed - Reduced Small Organic Armor and Small Crystalline Armor to 6 tech levels
    7.  Changed - Reduced Energy Refractor to 5 tech levels
    8.  Changed - Energy Refractor can only be placed in armor slots
    9.  Changed - Adjusted tech level requirements for Ordnance Vat and Small Ordnance Vat components
    10. Changed - Adjusted tech level requirements for Genetic Recoding Lab facility
    11. Changed - Increased Wormhole Beam effect amount
    12. Removed - Anti-Ship Neutrino, Anti-Ship Ionic, and Anti-Ship Tachyon Warheads
    13. Removed - Emergency Reordnance Pod, Emergency Resupply Pod, and Emergency Propulsion components
    14. Changed - Supply/Ordnance storage cannot be placed on Weapon Platforms
    15. Changed - All sensor types can be placed on Weapon Platforms
    16. Changed - Only Shield Generators damage type skips armor and shields
    17. Changed - Adjusted damage amount of Shield Disrupter
    18. Changed - Small decrease to the damage amount for Anti-Proton Beams
    19. Changed - Increased the ranges for most seeker weapons
    20. Changed - Increased the rate that population loyalty is gained and lost
    21. Changed - Adjusted happiness modifiers to make it a bit more difficult to maintain jubliant populations
    22. Changed - Increased size of Space Yard component to 400kT
    23. Changed - Increased cost for Space Yard components
    24. Changed - Modified engine requirements for Carrier, Light Cruiser and Dreadnought vehicle types
    25. Changed - Increased the size of Dreadnought hulls
    26. Changed - Small decrease to the size of Satellites
    27. Changed - Small increase to the size of Medium and Large Drones
    28. Changed - Reduced the defense bonuses to Drone hulls
    29. Changed - Small decrease to the cost of troop components
    30. Changed - Increased the bonus/penalty amounts for the Organics and Radioactives racial traits to +/-25%
    31. Changed - Increased the bonus/penalty amounts for boarding parties in the Brave and Cowardly racial traits
    32. Changed - Increased the cost of the Ancient Race Trait to 1500 points
    33. Added   - The Advanced Storage Techniques racial trait will now provide 20% more facility space
    34. Changed - Increased the cost of Advanced Storage Techniques racial trait to 2000 points
    35. Changed - Players will now start with level 1 in their racial tech areas
    36. Changed - Organic and Crystalline races with only have access to their racial trait hulls
    37. Changed - Revised damage and range amounts for all racial trait weapons
    38. Changed - Intelligence Centers are available at the beginning of the game
    39. Fixed   - Error in displayed ranges for warhead components
    40. Fixed   - Error in boarding defense amount from Security Stations
    41. Changed - Robotoid Factory facilities now provide a bonus to construction rates and not production rates
    42. Changed - Reduced Robotics tech area to 6 levels and increased tech area cost
    43. Changed - Ultra-Recycler facilities now apply their scrap modifier to the whole system
    44. Changed - Increased tech area cost for Centralized Computer systems
    45. Changed - Retrofit cost for new components is 150% and retrofit cost removal for old components is -30%
    46. Fixed   - A number of errors in maximum tech levels or component formulas
    47. Changed - Increased the tech cost for Armor, Shields, and most ship hull tech areas
    48. Changed - Small increase to ship experience bonuses to attack and defense
    49. Changed - Reduced score calculation by a factor of 10
    50. Changed - Clarified the bonuses from racial traits, government types, and society types
    51. Changed - Clarified the bonuses from the cultural tech areas
    52. Changed - Clarified the description for items that cured plagues
    53. Changed - Re-scaled all ship model sizes
    54. Changed - Modified turning and acceleration rates for all vehicles
    55. Changed - Mines no longer participate in combat
    56. Added   - New images for Heavy Armor, Light Crystalline and Light Organic Armor
    57. Changed - Revised fleet and task force formations and strategies
    58. Added   - AI will consider a player's government and society type as a factor in relations
    59. Changed - Improvements to the responsiveness of the AI's anger system
    60. Changed - The AI will examine treaty elements for their relevance
    61. Changed - The AI will be more aggressive in addressing a low resource condition
    62. Fixed   - There were still instances where a player's design type wouldn't match the internal AI design type
    63. Changed - Made improvements to the way the AI adds weapons to its ship designs
    64. Added   - AI will consider ordnance levels as part of its resupply criteria
    65. Added   - The AI will evaluate each of its ship's orders to see if they are still valid
    66. Added   - AI will use stellar manipulation technologies
    67. Added   - New minister, Ships (All) - Naming, to update ship names after retrofitting
    68. Added   - New minister, Colonies - Resource Conversion to convert resources
    69. Fixed   - The AI was sometimes choosing negative racial traits when it wasn't intended
    70. Fixed   - The AI was spending starting tech points on tech area levels that are provided by default
    71. Fixed   - Sometimes the AI wasn't adding weapon tech areas like Point-Defense to its research queue
    72. Fixed   - The Population Transport Minister won't drop non-breathers on a undomed colony
    73. Added   - The AI can now make use of resource converters
    74. Changed - Improved the AI's retrofit and scrapping decisions
    75. Changed - The AI is a lot more effective at adding multiple items to its construction queues
    76. Changed - Improved the distribution of units on the AI's colonies
    77. Fixed   - Sometimes an AI queue would get stuck building Intelligence Centers whether they were available or not
    78. Fixed   - The AI would try and drop units in a sector that already had the maximum number allowed
    79. Fixed   - The AI wasn't always responding urgently to colonies with zero population
    80. Fixed   - Sometimes AI players would send messages to individual empires in an Alliance
    81. Fixed   - The AI would sometimes build multiple production boosting facilities
    82. Fixed   - The AI wasn't building Monolith Facilities when it should have
    83. Changed - The AI will hijack Cargo Transports (or Colony Ships with no orders) for use as Population Transport if they colonies with no population
    84. Fixed   - The AI was sometimes not getting a player's score and therefore was not able to make proper diplomatic decisions
    85. Changed - Made several improvements to help the AI maintain a suitable balance of resources
    86. Fixed   - Sometimes the AI would add more facility upgrades to a queue than it had facilities of that type
    87. Changed - Added some improvements to the AI's use of remote resource components
    88. Fixed   - AI players will no longer attempt to build ships/units when they have reached max units/ships
    89. Changed - Ships in fleets will be retrofitted more often by the AI when the fleet is at a Space Yard
    90. Fixed   - Sometimes the AI had difficulty in undoming a colony with three or more races present
    91. Fixed   - AI would sometimes research a tech area that was already maxed out
    92. Fixed   - Scout/Explorer ships were not always sent by the AI to the nearest unexplored warp point
    93. Changed - AI players will now consider maximum ship and unit limits
    94. Changed - Repair ships will sometimes be sent to rescue disabled ships rather than just sent to fleets
    95. Fixed   - Sometimes the AI would send multiple fleets to the same target when it wasn't necessary
    96. Changed - Retrofit minister will now consider ships with cargo for retrofits
    97. Fixed   - AI fleets would sometimes be ordered to resupply too early
    98. Changed - An intelligence sabotage project may occassionaly be blocked by a Fate Shrine or the Lucky racial trait
    99. Updated - AI Scripts and Event/Intel scripts

Version 1.14b on 11-June-2008:

    1.  Fixed   - Error in the AI's starting tech selection
    2.  Changed - Improvements to the AI's retrofit and scrapping routine
    3.  Changed - Improve the AI's definition of low and high resource states
    4.  Added   - The AI will evaluate each of its ship's orders to see if they are still valid
    5.  Changed - The AI will check if a colonization destination is valid based on its treaty status
    6.  Changed - AI will check ordnance levels as part of its resupply routine
    7.  Added   - AI will use its resource converters
    8.  Fixed   - Errors in the AI's scrap routine for replacing facilities with needed ones
    9.  Fixed   - There will still instances where a player's design type wouldn't match the internal AI design type
    10. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.14a on 26-March-2008:

    1.  Fixed   - Damage types Only Engines, Only Weapons, and Only Shield Generators were not set to skip armor properly
    2.  Changed - Increased shield points for Small Shield Generator
    3.  Changed - Damage amount for Shield Disrupter
    4.  Changed - Damage amounts for most warhead weapons and reduced their cost
    5.  Fixed   - Error in the amount of crew Boarding Parties could overcome
    6.  Fixed   - Some engine details were described incorrectly for Carriers
    7.  Changed - Reduced the number of engines on Carrier hulls to 15
    8.  Changed - Updated the maximum allowed unit settings in VehicleUnitTypes.txt
    9.  Changed - Reduced seeker supply usage
    10. Changed - Increased seeker defense bonus from Defense Systems tech area
    11. Changed - Increased range and effect amounts for Tractor, Repulser, and Wormhole Beams
    12. Changed - Increased cost for Anti-Proton Beams
    13. Changed - Removed to hit penalty form High-Energy Magnifier
    14. Changed - Energy Refractor can only be placed in armor slots
    15. Fixed   - AI was unable to add Energy Refractor to their ship designs
    16. Fixed   - Some AIs were not adding weapons to Fighter Bomber design types
    17. Fixed   - Sometimes a player's design type did not have the correct internal design type and ministers wouldn't work properly
    18. Changed - Updated event and intel scripts for planet conditions event/intel project
    19. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.14 released on 20-February-2008:

    1.  Fixed   - Error in description for Starbase's life support and crew quarter requirements
    2.  Changed - Minor change to tech level requirements for Small Organic Armor and Small Crystalline Armor
    3.  Changed - Increased structure for Small Organic Armor and Small Crystalline Armors
    4.  Changed - Small increase to supply depletion amount of Power Lampreys and Power Leech Beams
    5.  Fixed   - Error in damage amount for Heavy Ship Mount
    6.  Added   - Extra design types with size suffixes to match new AI design types
    7.  Changed - Increased the structure amounts for some seeker weapons
    8.  Changed - Small tweaks to cost and storage amounts of Ordnance Vat and Small Ordnance Vat
    9.  Fixed   - Error in cost increase for Large Ship Mount
    10. Changed - Individualized each AI's distribution of ship sizes in their empires
    11. Changed - Revised AI purchase system for wanted design types
    12. Changed - The AI's weapon choices are now individualized to specific vehicle types
    13. Fixed   - Error in Default Aggressive AI that caused them to build multiple Spaceports in a system
    14. Added   - The AI will perform a rudimentary analysis on known enemy designs
    15. Added   - AIs will make small adjustments based on what components their enemies might be using
    16. Fixed   - AI fleets were sometimes stacking attack orders in locations too far apart to manage effectively
    17. Changed - Re-activated Minister - Cargo Transports to ferry Weapon Platforms to defense systems with Cargo Transports
    18. Added   - The AI will sometimes scrap non-resource facilities to build resource facilities if urgently needed
    19. Fixed   - Error that sometimes prevented the AI from building Weapon Platforms when they cost more than the queue's usage rate
    20. Changed - Lots of little tweaks and improvements to the AI's designs
    21. Fixed   - Ships in fleets were not being added to the desired task force
    22. Changed - Small improvements to the AI's distribution of minor colony types
    23. Changed - Made some enhancements to how the AI determines its maximum maintenance amount
    24. Fixed   - AI was not always despersing Life Support and Crew Quarters between inner and outer slots
    25. Fixed   - Sometimes the AI would send treaty requests with no elements
    26. Added   - Updated AI Scripts

Version 1.13 released on 29-January-2008:

    1.  Changed - Tweaked the number of movement points required to move 1 hex for Small and Medium Freighters
    2.  Added   - Organic fighters and troops now have a small hull bonus for Organic Armor regeneration
    3.  Fixed   - Time Distrotion Burst was 30kT instead of 20kT
    4.  Changed - Increased combat launch rates for fighters, drones, and satellites
    5.  Changed - Clarified the log text associated with some intelligence projects
    6.  Changed - Increased unit maintenance to 10%
    7.  Fixed   - It was still possible to add multiple Space Yards to the queue
    8.  Fixed   - Organic and Crystalline Mines did not have 50% maintenance reduction
    9.  Changed - Matched space combat and ground combat damage for point-defense weapons
    10. Changed - Removed Random Personality Group values from Settings.txt
    11. Fixed   - Error in nearby enemy target selection for fleets
    12. Changed - Small improvements to AI wanted design types
    13. Changed - AI will build and scrap planet improvement facilities when appropriate
    14. Changed - Improved the AI's criteria for scrapping obsolete units
    15. Added   - Planets will sometimes recover launched units to remove obsolete ones
    16. Changed - Customized unit group sizes for each empire
    17. Changed - Improvements to the AI's Population Transport minister
    18. Added   - Additional descriptive text to some AI requests
    19. Fixed   - Sometimes the AI thought it was in a disconnected state when it wasn't
    20. Added   - AI will sometimes follow up its demands for enemies to remove their ships or colonies
    21. Added   - Extra checks for the AI to determine if there is an enemy presence on the other side of warp points
    22. Changed - Improved the filtering on the AI's colonizable planet's list
    23. Added   - Updated AI Scripts
    24. Added   - Updated Event and Intelligence scripts

Version 1.12 released on 20-December-2007:

    1.  Fixed   - Error in target listings for Small Anti-Proton Beam and Small Anti-Matter Torpedo
    2.  Changed - Skip Armor now has 100% penetration versus armor
    3.  Fixed   - Some seeking weapons had incorrect descriptions
    4.  Changed - Seeker defense bonus now based on defense systems tech area
    5.  Changed - Seeker damage resistance now based on armor tech area (or racial trait tech area for racial trait seekers)
    6.  Changed - Adjusted the scale of ships in combat (Thanks MrWho)
    7.  Changed - Increased the number of levels of the Mine Sweeper component
    8.  Changed - Increased the supply and ordnance capacity of planets
    9.  Changed - Increased the supply and ordnance production for Resupply Depots
    10. Fixed   - Sometimes Cue Cappa fighters had no weapons
    11. Fixed   - The AI was sometimes not adding combat sensors or ECM on fighters and troops
    12. Fixed   - Error in sort routine for choosing attack locations and nearby enemies
    13. Fixed   - Error in AI Medical Ship design
    14. Fixed   - Sometimes the AI's resource ships were attempting to remotely mine in an occupied sector
    15. Changed - Some AI players were building too many remote resource ships
    16. Fixed   - Sometimes Ministers would not use or retrofit a player's design type correctly
    17. Added   - The AI will designate systems to avoid for non-combat ships
    18. Fixed   - The AI was not spreading its supply ships between fleets effectively
    19. Changed - AI will designate some fleets for attack, others for defense
    20. Fixed   - The AI in team mode would sometimes break its treaties with others AIs
    21. Added   - Support for AI Alliance diplomacy
    22. Added   - The AI will assign a priority value against their opponents
    23. Changed - AI fleets can now attack multiple targets in a turn
    24. Changed - AI Colony Ships will attempt to load a Weapon Platform if colonizing a planet in a defensive or nearby enemy location
    25. Changed - AI will launch mines more frequently and in greater numbers in their defensive locations
    26. Fixed   - Ships that rebel due to events or intelligence will join a known race or the race responsible for the intel attack
    27. Changed - Only vehicles that have movement will have their orders changed through events or intel attacks
    28. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.11 released on 28-October-2007:

    1.  Fixed   - Error in Miltia amounts
    2.  Fixed   - Error in restrictions for "Only One Per" components
    3.  Fixed   - The Units-Fighter minister was not being used
    4.  Fixed   - Medium and Large Freighters were not advancing their hull sizes properly
    5.  Changed - Returned maximum trade amounts to default values
    6.  Changed - Trade will increased at a rate of 0.5% per turn
    7.  Fixed   - Error in tech area requirements for Mine Layer component
    8.  Fixed   - Sometimes ship weapons with low damage would not damage a planet
    9.  Changed - Increased the combat movement bonus for Afterburners
    10. Changed - Removed fighters and troops from target types for Small Rocket Pods and Small Anti-Matter Torpedoes
    11. Fixed   - Some Stellar Ability Types were not being applied
    12. Changed - Boarding attacker strength adjusted to 4:1 versus normal crew members
    13. Changed - Reduced effect of research points on score
    14. Changed - Tweaked population happiness effects and levels for anger states
    15. Fixed   - The Defensive minister style was not working correctly
    16. Fixed   - Sometimes the AI would design Small Drones without weapons
    17. Changed - A weaker AI will seek peace
    18. Added   - The AI will consider other player's relations with their allies/enemies for anger
    19. Changed - The AI won't try and build so many units when they are poor in resources
    20. Fixed   - Error that increased the Refining Colony value threshold when low on radioactives
    21. Changed - Increased AI's overall demand for ships
    22. Fixed   - Error prevented AI from making changes to their treaties with other players
    23. Fixed   - The AI was sometimes breaking treaties when one didn't exist
    24. Changed - The minister for population transports is now functioning much better
    25. Changed - Improved the AI's distribution of remote unit defenses
    26. Fixed   - The AI was not colonizing when the game starting at maximum tech
    27. Fixed   - The AI was surrending more often then they should
    28. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.10 released on 14-October-2007:

    1.  Fixed   - Error in ShipExperience.txt was preventing experience bonuses from being applied
    2.  Fixed   - Error in fleet experience points required for elite status
    3.  Changed - Increased starting maintenance for ships to 25%
    4.  Changed - Reduced Shield Regenerators to 6 levels
    5.  Changed - Decreased ability amount for Shield Regenerators
    6.  Note    - Shield Regenerators are stackable
    7.  Changed - Split Armor into 5kT and 10kT Light and Heavy versions
    8.  Added   - Pictures for Heavy Armor
    9.  Changed - Increased Emissive Armor to 16 levels
    10. Changed - Decreased Small Emissive Armor to 3 levels
    11. Changed - Life Support and Crew Quarters reduced to 5kT and increased to 6 levels
    12. Changed - Increased Vehicle Systems to 6 levels
    13. Changed - Seeker weapons can now be placed on Outer or Inner hull slots
    14. Added   - Pictures for 5kT Supply Storage and 5kT Ordnance Storage components
    15. Changed - Reduced Intel defense modifier in settings.txt
    16. Changed - Increased Supply and Ordnance storage for planets
    17. Changed - Reduced the ordnance supplied by Emergency Reordnance Pods
    18. Changed - Drone Launchers now count towards Carrier requirements
    19. Changed - Small Rocket Pods can now be placed on troops
    20. Added   - Randomized the amounts for a stellar object's abilities
    21. Changed - Removed Green Stars
    22. Changed - Reduced size of fighters and decreased their required engine amounts
    23. Changed - Increased maximum size of Medium Freighter hulls to 800kT
    24. Changed - Increased maximum size of Large Freighter hulls to 1200kT
    25. Changed - Increased costs for Computer Core components
    26. Changed - Increased size of Drone Computer Core to 20kT
    27. Added   - Small Ripper Beam
    28. Added   - Pictures for Small Ripper Beam
    29. Changed - Reduced Small Incinerator Beam to 3 levels
    30. Changed - Reduced Time Distortion Burst to 20kT and Small Time Distortion Burst to 2kT
    31. Changed - Space Yard component reduced to 300kT size
    32. Changed - Increased storage amounts for resource storage facilities
    33. Changed - Reduced Storage tech area to 11 levels and increased its cost
    34. Changed - Reduced Medical Treatment tech area to 5 levels and increased its cost
    35. Changed - Reduced Medical Lab facility to 5 levels
    36. Changed - Lots of minor changes to facility costs and structure amounts
    37. Changed - Genetic Recoding Labs now has a ground combat modifier ability for the system
    38. Changed - Reduced Temporal Vacation Service facility to 5 levels
    39. Changed - Reduced Urban Pacification Center facility to 5 levels
    40. Changed - Reduced Psychic Scanner to 11 levels
    41. Changed - Reduced Fate Shrine to 5 levels
    42. Changed - Reduced Nature Shrine to 5 levels
    43. Changed - Reduced Time Shrine to 5 levels
    44. Changed - Re-organized Religious Technology facility availability
    45. Changed - Interspersed Climate Control Facility and Value Improvement Plant levels in Planet Utilization tech area
    46. Changed - "Skip Armor" damage type now has 95% penetration versus armor
    47. Changed - "Only" damage types now have 100% penetration versus armor
    48. Changed - Most damage types do only 50% of their normal damage amount to facilities
    49. Changed - Reduced Bombardment Weapons to 11 levels
    50. Changed - Increased damage amount for Planetary Napalm
    51. Changed - Reduced the positive effect of troops on population happiness
    52. Changed - Reduced the happiness effect from the Naturally Happy and Naturally Depressed traits
    53. Fixed   - A number of errors in defense penalties for ships and space stations
    54. Fixed   - Error in tech requirements for Organic and Crystalline Carriers
    55. Changed - Increased the map area for ground combat
    56. Added   - Added additional buildings for ground combat
    57. Added   - AI Minister for Survey Ships
    58. Added   - AI Minister for Patrol Ships
    59. Added   - AI Minister for Cloaking
    60. Added   - New AI design types
    61. Fixed   - Combat designs for some races would be created without weapons
    62. Fixed   - AIs were not longer immediately hostile to human players in AI team mode
    63. Fixed   - AI ships and fleets were not resupplying as often as required*
    64. Fixed   - Error in Medical Ship orders
    65. Fixed   - Ships were not always sent to join the most appropriate fleet
    66. Fixed   - Error in AI selection of systems to attack
    67. Fixed   - The AI was never giving up, never surrending*
    68. Added   - AI will use Space Yard Ships to construct remote defense bases
    69. Added   - AI will break their treaties with the Mega Evil player
    70. Changed - AI will now use Carriers for Drone Carrier design type
    71. Changed - AI will use cloaking devices
    72. Changed - AI's facility selection is now more responsive to its needs
    73. Changed - Improved the AI's vehicle purchasing routine
    74. Changed - Improved the AI's handling of resources
    75. Fixed   - AI wasn't using Fighter or Drone Groups for attacks
    76. Added   - AI will drop troops on rioting colonies
    77. Added   - AI will send their fleets for training
    78. Fixed   - Error in AI scrapping routine for ships
    79. Fixed   - AI Minister for Population Transports was not working correctly
    80. Changed - Improved AI's use of scout ships for exploration and surveying
    81. Changed - AI will now use Patrol Ships for patrol missions only
    82. Changed - AI players will focus on sabotage operations only
    83. Fixed   - Error in Intelligence script that allowed projects to succeed more than they should*
    84. Fixed   - Error in destroy resources intel project that allowed negative values
    85. Changed - Increased emphasis on defense point contribution to leaky intel success rate calculation
    86. Fixed   - Sometimes the AI would get stuck trying to research a tech area level that did not exist
    87. Changed - Made improvements to the AI's research pathing
    88. Changed - Improved the AI's starting tech selection
    89. Changed - Revised each AI Empire's weapon and design type usage
    90. Added   - General improvements to AI diplomacy
    91. Changed - A weaker AI at war will consider making peace
    92. Added   - AI design improvements
    93. Added   - Improvements to AI setup scripts
    94. Added   - Fixes for stellar events
    95. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.09 released on 27-July-2007:

    1.  Fixed   - Error in ability amount for small ECM
    2.  Changed - Increased cost of Colony Module components
    3.  Changed - Increased shield points for Small Shield Generator
    4.  Changed - Increased structure for Small Emissive Armor
    5.  Changed - Fixed error in Militia amounts in settings.txt
    6.  Changed - Fixed error with some unique ruin technologies never being available
    7.  Changed - AI will no longer devevelop intel operations when intelligence is not allowed by the 
                  game setup
    8.  Fixed   - Error in Change Crew Experience intel project
    9.  Changed - The intel project for a planet to rebel will no longer spawn a new empire, but join the 
                  source Empire
    10. Changed - In order for a planet to rebel due to intelligence, the population must be very unhappy
    11. Changed - The amount of disruption to another Empire's research or intel due to an intel project is
                  more variable
    12. Changed - Adjusted the costs to conduct some intel projects
    13. Fixed   - Error with Drushocka weapon selection
    14. Fixed   - Some races did not have a Small Secondary Weapon designation
    15. Fixed   - Sometimes AI Fighter Bomber design had no weapons
    16. Fixed   - Error in Sithrak fighter weapon selection
    17. Fixed   - AIs in team mode sometimes broke treaties they had with each other
    18. Changed - AI will research more efficiently by spending only the points require to reach the next level
    19. Added   - New locations for AI to hold their fleets while they wait for ships to join
    20. Changed - Slightly increased AI use of Weapon Platforms
    21. Changed - Tweaked AI's anger values towards other empires with respect to war, treaty, or known
                  status types
    22. Changed - Modified the AI's anger calculation to be more dynamic
    23. Fixed   - Sometimes specific Empire AI values for political settings were being overridden by 
                  default values
    24. Fixed   - Error that resulted in the AI building too many Resuppy Depots on some colonies
    25. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.08 released on 09-June-2007

    1.  Changed - All weapons now have intervals for damage amounts
    2.  Changed - Made lots of overall damage/range/cost changes to weapons
    3.  Changed - Gamma Pulse Torpedoes damage type to Skips All Shields
    4.  Fixed   - Seeker description for Power Lamprey was not being displayed
    5.  Fixed   - Error in Plague Bomb description
    6.  Changed - Increased cost of Crystalline and Organic racial traits to 2000 points
    7.  Changed - Increased tech area cost for racial trait technologies
    8.  Changed - Decreased Neural Combat Net to 10kT
    9.  Changed - Increased cloak level of Stealth Totems
    10. Changed - Reduced Holy War Totem to 5 levels and reduced size to 10kT
    11. Changed - Reduced size of Vengeance Totem to 20kT
    12. Changed - Increased tech area cost for Religious Technology
    13. Chaged  - Decreased cost of Psychic Scanner and added regular scanning ability to it
    14. Changed - Updated Homeworld starting facilities for a max tech start
    15. Fixed   - Alloy Burner Missile was not using ordnance
    16. Changed - Reduced experience points required to achieve experience levels and receive attack and 
                  defense bonuses
    17. Added   - New images for Small Supply Storage, Small Ordnance Storage, and Small Ordnance Vat
    18. Changed - Slight inrease to ruins tech area costs
    19. Changed - Reduced experience rates for Psychic Fleet Training and Psychic Ship Training facilities
    20. Changed - AI fleets when waiting for ships to join will occupy enemy  if they have enough ships to 
                  be active
    21. Changed - AI will favor facility construction when maintainence costs are high
    22. Changed - AI Carriers will leave fleets to re-load Fighters if they have none
    23. Changed - Narrowed AI's choice of warp points to drop mines and satellites
    24. Fixed   - AI would not always build a Spaceport right away if required
    25. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.07 released on 31-May-2007

    1.  Fixed   - Error in requirements for Small Telekinetic Projector
    2.  Added   - More default design types
    3.  Changed - Reduced the costs for most intel projects
    4.  Added   - New design types
    5.  Changed - Small amount of organics returned for scrapping population
    6.  Changed - Increased starting shield strength for Shield Generators
    7.  Fixed   - If AI players had Natural Merchants trait, they would self-destruct their empire
    8.  Error   - Crystalline Torpedoes could be placed on the Inner Hull
    9.  Changed - All races start with level 1 in Smaller Weapons
    10. Changed - Increased range and damage for Tachyon Projection Cannon
    11. Changed - Increased range for Weapon Disrupter
    12. Changed - Decreased damage for Ionic Dispersers
    13. Changed - Empires now start with level 1 in Small Weapons
    14. Changed - Reduced size and damage for Kamikaze Warhead
    15. Fixed   - Mines could not be fired at in tactical combat
    16. Changed - Drones no longer seek to ram automatically
    17. Fixed   - Planetary Napalm did not store any ordnance
    18. Changed - Increased starting damage resistance for Quantum Torpedoes
    19. Changed - Increased speed and modified damage for Gamma Pulse Torpedoes
    20. Changed - Small tweaks to population happiness modifiers
    22. Added   - Implemented Aggressive, Defensive, and Moderate scripts for default AI
    23. Changed - Improved AI ship design and utilization of components
    24. Changed - Improved AI fleet use, composition and supply
    25. Changed - Updated weapon selections for each default race
    26. Added   - New AI design types
    27. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.06 released on 27-April-2007

    1.  Fixed   - Error in cost for Supply Storage components
    2.  Fixed   - Error in amount for Advanced Storage Techniques racial trait
    3.  Changed - Reduced Hardy Industrialists trait to 20% bonus
    4.  Changed - Increased effect amounts for most Cultural Achievements
    5.  Changed - Small Graviton Beam can now be used with Troops
    6.  Changed - Reduced the effect of troops on happiness
    7.  Fixed   - Error in requirements for Organic Heavy Carrier
    8.  Changed - Reduced Remote Mining component tech level requirements slightly
    9.  Fixed   - Error in tech level requirements for Alloy Burner Missile
    10. Changed - Slight adjustment to tech level requirements for Weapon Phase Accelerator
    11. Added   - New AI Minister to manage populations (ruthlessly)
    12. Added   - New AI Minister to optimize colony production
    13. Added   - AI will now remotely mine
    14. Changed - AI Minister for Vehicle Construction split into ship and unit Ministers
    15. Changed - Tweaked effect amounts and costs for Intel Projects
    16. Changed - Improved default strategy choices for AI design types
    17. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.05 released on 25-March-2007

    1.  Changed - Increased cost for Chemistry tech area
    2.  Changed - Increased cost for Physics tech area
    3.  Changed - Increased cost for Industry tech area
    4.  Changed - Slight increase to Depleted Uranium Cannon damage amount
    5.  Changed - Added ordnance usage to Planetary Napalm
    6.  Fixed   - Error in Planet Combat Defense Modifier
    7.  Fixed   - Some levels of Biological Weapons did not give any results
    8.  Changed - Reduced number of tech levels for Biological Weapons
    8.  Changed - Increased cost for Plasma Missiles tech area
    9.  Fixed   - Fighter combat speeds were not adjusted for new engine system
    10. Fixed   - Error in damage amount for Massive Weapon Platform Mount
    11. Changed - Increased cost for Military Science tech area
    12. Changed - Torpedo Weapons now requires Military Science level 3
    13. Changed - Ship Capture now requires Military Science level 2
    14. Changed - Reduced cost of Supply and Ordnance Storage components
    15. Fixed   - Error in Combat To Hit penalty for Space Stations
    16. Changed - Increased maximum speed for all Carrier ships
    17. Changed - Decreased and ground damage and range for Point-Defense Weapons
    18. Fixed   - Error in range for Point-Defense Blaster
    19. Fixed   - Massive Ship mount should require a ship of 1250kT or larger
    20. Changed - Point-Defense and some small weapons can now target Mines in combat
    21. Updated - Incorporated FQM Beta 8 components in the Balance Mod
    22. Updated - Improved AI construction queue purchasing
    23. Updated - Enhanced AI diplomacy with less static treaties and responses
    24. Added   - Introduced fear modifier in AI diplomacy
    25. Fixed   - A few errors in anger levels used to determine diplomatic responses
    26. Updated - AI will prioritize tech area research during times of war
    27. Added   - Construction Yard colony type for the AI
    28. Fixed   - AI was not adding Ordnance Storage for Carriers
    29. Fixed   - AI was not scrapping ships
    30. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.04 released on 28-February-2007

    1.  Fixed   - Error in number of tech levels for Crystalline Dreadnought
    2.  Fixed   - Inconsistency in cost for Crystalline Small Fighter
    3.  Fixed   - Bases with Quantum Reactors were not adding Supply Storage components
    4.  Fixed   - Organic vehicle hulls were not receiving their regeneration bonus amounts
    5.  Fixed   - Error in Baseship defense penalty
    6.  Fixed   - Miscellaneous seeker weapon errors
    7.  Changed - Increased damage amount for Anti-Matter Torpedo
    8.  Changed - Decreased planet defense modifier
    9.  Changed - Increased damage factor for weapons and facilities to be functional
    10. Changed - Reduced ECM defense bonus amount to 4% per level
    11. Changed - Reduced size of mounts: Large is 1x, Heavy is 1.5x, and Massive is 2x size
    12. Changed - Increased damage bonuses for mounts
    13. Changed - Added range bonuses to ship mounts
    14. Changed - Added accuracy bonus for Large Satellite Mount
    15. Changed - Costs for ship mounts are now fixed amounts rather than increasing per level
    16. Changed - Ionic Pulse Missiles can now be placed on Satellites and Weapon Platforms
    17. Fixed   - Error in number of tech levels for Religious Studies
    18. Changed - Slightly reduced number of tech levels for Resupply tech area
    19. Changed - Small change to tech requirements for Quantum Reactor
    20. Changed - Increased the research cost for Applied Research
    21. Changed - Adjusted damage type and damage amounts for Alloy Burner Missiles. They now 
                  do 2x damage to armor.
    22. Changed - Increased the number of tech levels for Alloy Burner Missiles.
    23. Changed - Increased tech area cost for Applied Research
    24. Fixed   - Error in starting range for Capital Ship Missile
    25. Fixed   - Error in starting range for Plasma Missile
    26. Changed - Tweaked score calculation
    27. Changed - Emissive Armor will reduce damage by a fixed percentage per armor (PENDING)
    28. Fixed   - The Gravitational Quantum Resonator's range was too high
    29. Changed - Incorporated Fyron's Quadrant Mod with a few small changes
    30. Changed - AI will now use a mixed variety of ship sizes
    31. Changed - AI will also scrap obsolete Satellites in addition to Weapon Platforms
    32. Added   - Patrol and Scout Ship AI design types
    33. Added   - AI will now scrap obsolete ships
    34. Changed - AI will consider racial trait technologies in choosing Colony Types
    35. Added   - Updated AI Scripts

Version 1.03 released on 01-February-2007

    1.  Fixed   - Error in maximum level for Organic and Crystalline Baseships
    2.  Fixed   - Some ships had the incorrect number of maximum engines  
    3.  Fixed   - Error in ability amount for Mineral Scanner facilities
    4.  Added   - Updated generic slot layouts (Thanks to Fyron)
    5.  Changed - Slight increase in supply usage for seeker weapons
    6.  Changed - Slight reduction in defense structure for Crystalline Torpedoes
    7.  Changed - Small increase in bolt speed for bolt weapons
    8.  Changed - Increased damage amount required to kill population
    9.  Changed - Slightly adjusted base reproduction rate
    10. Fixed   - Error in attenuation for Hyper-Plasma Bolts
    11. Changed - Improved AI's facility selection for its colony types
    12. Changed - AI will no longer add ordnance storage on ships/units that don't use ordnance
    13. Added   - AI will scrap obsolete Weapon Platforms
    14  Changed - AIs will take score into consideration for accepting treaties
    15. Changed - Reduced anger ranges for some of the AI's proposed treaty types
    16. Updated - AI research spending tweaked
    17. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.02 released on 07-January-2007

    1.  Fixed   - Error in allowable vehicle types for Ionic Pulse Missile
    2.  Fixed   - Error in number of abilities for Massive Ship Mount
    3.  Fixed   - Error in tech requirements for all Medium Freighters
    4.  Fixed   - Error in exchange of trade items
    5.  Fixed   - AI designs will no longer have 5kT of space remaining on some designs
    6.  Changed - AI designs will only add enough Life Support or Crew Quarters to fulfill requirements
    7.  Changed - AI will no longer retrofit Colonizers
    8.  Fixed   - Occassional error for AI that sometimes resulted in a long delay during processing
    9.  Changed - Increased planet's population, supply, and ordnance amounts, but decreased cargo storage
    10. Fixed   - Error in ability amount description for Plague Bombs 
    11. Fixed   - Error in Psychic Weapons tech area 
    12. Changed - Telekinetic Projectors increased to 11 tech levels
    13. Changed - Tech requirement levels for Psychic Whiplash
    14. Changed - Tech requirement levels for Stupifier
    15. Changed - Increased damage amounts for Time Distortion Burst and Small Time Distortion Burst
    16. Changed - Slightly reduced Organic regeneration rates
    17. Fixed   - Racial trait Drone hulls did not have the correct maintenance reduction
    18. Fixed   - AI flags and shipsets no longer listed in duplicate
    19. Added   - Additional mini flags (Thanks to Wayne W.)
    20. Changed - AI players should occassionally offer new treaties in place of old ones
    21. Changed - AI players should no longer spam other players with treaties
    22. Changed - AI will no longer retrofit colony ships and will properly retrofit bases
    23. Changed - AI will now issue attack orders against valid targets for attack ships
    24. Added   - Modifiers to tweak AI colony type selection based on available facility space
    25. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.01 released on 19-December-2006

    1.  Fixed   - Error with AI design for Small Crystalline Fighters
    2.  Fixed   - Error in maximum number of engines for Small Organic Freighter  
    3.  Fixed   - Error in supply storage amount for Quantum Engines
    4.  Fixed   - Point-Defense Weapons did not have troops as a valid target type
    5.  Changed - Increased sight range for Basic Sensors
    6.  Changed - Existing Mines automatically increase in cloak ability based partly on level 
        of Mines tech area
    7.  Updated - Settings.txt with new entry from SE:V v1.20
    8.  Changed - AI will now retrofit more ships at once
    9.  Updated - AI Scripts

Version 1.00 released on 10-December-2006

    1.  Fixed   - AI players were not selecting starting technology
    2.  Added   - Small Crystalline Armor
    3.  Added   - Small Organic Armor
    4.  Fixed   - Error in tech requirement for Environmental Studies cultural achievement
    5.  Fixed   - Error in tech requirement for Temporal Space Yard
    6.  Changed - Plague Bombs are now only a single entry
    7.  Fixed   - Range was incorrect for Plague Bomb
    8.  Fixed   - The Massive Base Mount had an incorrect amount for its accuracy bonus
    9.  Changed - Tweaked hull costs for some vehicle types
    10. Changed - Increased damage amount for Alloy Burner Missile
    11. Changed - Quantum Reactors now provide more supplies per level and their cost reduced slightly
    12. Changed - Revised entire engine system
    13. Changed - Increased number of tech levels for larger ships (Cruiser > Baseship)
    14. Changed - Reduced the regeneration rate for Organic Armor
    15. Changed - Increased Ripper Beam to 11 levels
    16. Changed - Increased Plasma Missile to 11 levels
    17. Changed - Slightly increased seeker speeds
    18. Added   - Defense Modifiers to seeker weapons descriptions
    19. Fixed   - Error in Boarding Combat defense modifier
    20. Changed - Reduced the maximum time it takes for Atmospheric Modification Plant to change the atmosphere
    21. Changed - Increased amount of damage required to kill 1M population
    22. Changed - Increased values for starting tech points
    23. Fixed   - AI wasn't adding Basic Sensors to their satellites
    24. Changed - Racial trait sensors (Temporal, Psychic) reduced in cost
    25. Fixed   - A number of typos
    26. Updated - Updated AI research pathing
    27. Updated - AI Scripts

Version 0.99 released on 26-November-2006

    1.  Changed - Adjusted the damage order for Armor and Shield types
    2.  Changed - Increased resource levels for finite games
    3.  Changed - Increased Combat Radius to 2500
    4.  Changed - Crew Boarding Strength to 0.5
    5.  Fixed   - Maximum level for some vehicles was incorrect
    6.  Fixed   - Engines Per Move value for Organic Large Freighter was incorrect
    7.  Changed - Genetic Recoding Lab no longer modifies reproduction rate
    8.  Changed - Increased shield point amounts slightly
    9.  Changed - Phased-Shield Generator is now a bit more expensive
    10. Changed - Slightly increased shield regneration rate for Shield Regenerators
    11. Changed - Decreased Life Support and Crew Quarters to 3 levels
    12. Changed - Decreased Vehicle Systems tech area to 5 levels
    13. Changed - Adjusted tech level requirements for Self-Destruct Device and Auxiliary Control
    14. Changed - Solar Sail now has 2 levels
    15. Added   - New design type Bombardment Ship
    16. Changed - Increase damage and range for Planetary Napalm
    17. Fixed   - AI wasn't always adding max engines on large ships
    18. Changed - AI Fleets will break formation immediately
    19. Fixed   - A few typos with maximum levels
    20. Changed - Sound effects in combat range have a larger range to be heard
    21. Changed - Increased the size of some combat effects
    22. Changed - Increased AI's number of Intel Compounds
    23. Changed - AI will use more fleets
    24. Added   - New Treaty Proposal scheme for AIs
    25. Updated - Continued to refine AI research pathing
    26. Updated - AI Empire Scripts

Version 0.98 released on 20-November-2006

    1.  Fixed   - Error in Weapon Platform requirements prevented their design
    2.  Fixed   - Error in crew requirement amounts for some ship types
    3.  Changed - All "Weapons Platform" references should now be "Weapon Platform"
    4.  Added   - Default Override_InvConfiguration_Slots.txt to mod
    5.  Changed - Shield Regenerator component abilities in response to SE:V v1.17 fix
    6.  Changed - Increased cost of Mechanoids racial trait to 500 points
    7.  Fixed   - AI was not designing Weapon Platforms
    8.  Added   - AI will now use Master Computers for larger designs if available
    9.  Added   - AI fixes for Alliance politics from SE:V v1.17
    10. Updated - AI Empire Scripts

Version 0.97 released on 17-November-2006

    1.  Changed - Tech level requirements for Point-Defense Blaster and Point-Defense Beam
    2.  Fixed   - Corrected error in Engines Per Move amount for Light Cruisers
    3.  Changed - Increased ability amount for Afterburners
    4.  Changed - A few minor tweaks to system types
    5.  Changed - Reduced crew requirements for most ship types
    6.  Fixed   - Vehicle placement type typo in Stealth and Scattering Armor
    7.  Changed - Reduced Phased-Shield Generators to 30kT
    8.  Added   - New design types for Drones
    9.  Added   - New mixed-use colony types for the AI
    10. Changed - More tweaking of AI colony type selection
    11. Changed - Continued optimization of AI research selections
    12. Changed - Continued optimization of AI design types
    13. Updated - AI Empire Scripts

Version 0.96 released on 09-November-2006

    1.  Fixed    - Scattering Armor and Stealth Armor did not add their combat to hit bonuses
    2.  Added    - AI Defense Ships implemented with se
    3.  Fixed    - AI was using more Point-Defense than they needed
    4.  Changed  - Reduced maximum combat time to 180 seconds
    5.  Changed  - Space Combat Map Radius to 1500
    6.  Changed  - Tweaked AI Colony Type selection some more
    7.  Updated  - AI Empire Scripts

Version 0.95 released on 08-November-2006

    1.  Changed  - Decreased the engines per move value for Destroyers and Light Cruisers
    2.  Changed  - Decreased the max number of engines allowed for Destroyers and Light Cruisers
    3.  Changed  - Reduced Organic and Crystalline Armor to 10kT
    4.  Changed  - Reduced Stealth and Scattering Armor to 20kT
    5.  Changed  - Carriers now only require 30% of their hull devoted to fighter bays
    6.  Changed  - Brave and Cowardly traits now provide small Combat To Hit bonus/penalty
    7.  Removed  - Ordnance generation from Ordnance Storage containers
    8.  Changed  - Supply/Ordnance Storage components can be placed on Weapon Platforms
    9.  Added    - Supply storage for Weapons Platform Computer Core
    10. Changed  - Re-worked main Empires weapon selection
    11. Added    - AI fixes/improvements from SE:V v1.08 to v1.13
    12. Updated  - AI Empire Scripts

Version 0.94 released on 04-November-2006

    1.  Changed  - Increased structure for Emissive Armor
    2.  Fixed    - Engine movement bonuses will now only apply when all engines are of the same type
    3.  Fixed    - Error in AI research scripts
    4.  Changed  - Made some changes to AI Empires racial traits and weapon choices
    5.  Updated  - AI Empire Scripts

Version 0.93 released on 27-October-2006

    1.  Fixed    - Plague Bombs were not following their tech requirements
    2.  Fixed    - Point-Defense Weapons accuracy at range values were accidently reversed
    3.  Changed  - Drones can now be recovered
    4.  Changed  - Added back Recover - Unit abilities for launch components
    5.  Added    - Satellite Layer design type
    6.  Changed  - Reduced Recreation Services cultural achievement to 5 levels
    7.  Changed  - Cargo Facilities now include additional supply and ordnance storage
    8.  Changed  - Increase remote cargo distribution for Resupply Depots
    9.  Changed  - Point-Defense Weapons now do ground damage
    10. Changed  - Tweaked AI ship designs
    11. Updated  - AI research pathing
    12. Updated  - AI Empire Scripts

Version 0.92 released on 24-October-2006

    1.  Changed  - Made adjustments to supply and ordnance amounts for weapons
    2.  Changed  - Removed or reduced to-hit modifiers for Point-Defense weapons
    3.  Fixed    - Restored accuracy at range modifier for Phased-Polaron Beam
    4.  Changed  - Bonuses from GovernmentTypes.txt to reduce riots and rebellions
    5.  Changed  - Reduced size of happiness bonuses in SocietyTypes.txt
    6.  Changed  - Reduced Recreational Services cultural achievement to 5 levels
    7.  Fixed    - Error in damage at accuracy decrease for Ionic Disperser
    8.  Changed  - Only the most recent type of Plague Bomb will appear now
    9.  Changed  - Increase Resupply Depot amounts for supply and ordnance
    10. Fixed    - Error in Wave-Motion Gun tech requirement
    11. Fixed    - Error in movement amount for Large Organic Freighter
    12. Changed  - Added "Ordnance Generation" ability to Ordnance Storage to counter Ordnance 
                   bug in 1.08 (Temporary Fix)
    13. Changed  - Reduced Ship Maint to 20%, Unit and Facility Maint to 5%
    14. Changed  - Starting reproduction rate to 5% from 10%
    15. Changed  - Increased starting storage amount to 100000
    16. Changed  - Minor tweaks to AI research and politics
    17. Updated  - AI Empire Scripts

Version 0.91 released on 20-October-2006

    1.  Fixed   - Typo in Planetary Shield Generator facility
    2.  Fixed   - Accuracy at Range modifier for Phased-Polaron beam was not correct
    3.  Fixed   - Error in number of abilities for Seeking Parasite
    4.  Changed - Increased damage amount for Ripper Beam
    5.  Changed - Slightly modified PD weapons damage amounts
    6.  Fixed   - AI Frigates were not adding any Point-Defense
    7.  Added   - Point-Defense design type
    8.  Changed - Made some minor changes to how AI proposes treaties
    9.  Fixed   - Typo in ability Shield Regeneration rate
    10. Fixed   - Error in number of tech levels for Mine Layer
    11. Updated - AI Empire Scripts

Version 0.90 released on 16-October-2006

    1. Note     - Initial public release!

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