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Turns 2435.1 to 2436.0

Sustaining Momentum

Over the last year, Emperor Tax'renath has continued an aggressive approach, pushing Xiati ships into star systems along the borders in an effort to prevent the buildup of enemy ships and resources. Whenever possible, Xiati fleet commanders have been ordered to engage concentrations of enemy ships - especially in the increasingly isolated systems of the northeast (between the Sirius and Sergetti branch systems), around Drax and connecting systems to Reticulum and Lylat. Resources as always are difficult to manage and chronically short, so a more ruthless scrapping policy has been initiated removing older and obsolete units and ships to control costs. Any remaining targets, including non-colinizable planets, for remote mining have been taken up.

Conquest of the Drax System

In late 2435.0, it was decided that the Drax Fleet would complete its upgrades and immediately bombard the Drax V (EEE) and Drax Va (Phong) colonies despite the presence of a 30+ strong Jraenar fleet holding at the Drax-Praxis WP. In 2435.3, Drax V's weapon platform defenses were destroyed, at the cost of only 1 Avenger class battleship, and troops dropped. The planet was captured in 2435.4 by Xiati ground forces and weapon platforms transferred from the nearby stronghold of Drax IV.

After a surface bombardment and elimination of its Starbase defense, the Phong colony on Drax Va was invaded by Xiati ground forces and captured in early 2435.8. Transports from Drax IV dropped weapon platforms in case nearby Jraenar forces were looking for sort targets.

Capture of Drax Va from the Phong in 2435.8:

Capture of Drax Va from the Phong in 2435.8

In 2435.7, a second large Jraenar fleet (1xFG,11xDEs,10xLCs,15xCRs,7xBBs,1xDN,1xLCX,8xLF,5xMF) entered the Drax system and took position at the Drax-Eskirk WP. With the Drax colonies sufficiently protected from their surfaces, the Drax Fleet (11xLCs,2xCRs,9xBBs,1xDN,4xSFs) was ordered to engage. Despite being outnumbered two-to-one, the Xiati ships were able to manage the torpedo barrage with their defense point-defense coverage and picked away at the Jraenar fleet until it was completely destroyed. The only Xiati losses were 4 Dauntless class LCs.

The Xiati Drax Fleet decimates the Jraenar in the Battle of Drax-Eskirk WP in 2435.8:

The Xiati Drax Fleet decimates the Jraenar in the Battle of Drax-Eskirk WP in 2435.8

Following the stunning defeat of the larger Jraenar Fleet, the Drax Fleet was immediately ordered to engage the second Jraenar Fleet (1xFG,2xDEs,4xLCs,11xCRs,1xBB,6xDNs,3xMFs,3xLFs) in orbit of Jraenar colony Drax I. The planet had about a dozen weapon platforms and almost 200 medium and large fighters plus drones. The plan was to draw out the Jraenar Fleet and maintain distance from the planet but as the conflict started, it was noted the majority of the Jraenar ships were not moving. Most of the ships were immobile, in various stages of repair. By chance, the Drax Fleet had caught the Jraenar fleet in a major retrofit. The Drax Fleet instead engaged the fighters and a few mobile Jraenar warships with assistance from Stinger fighters from Drax IV. Once the first wave of Jraenar attackers were dispatched, the Drax Fleet moved carefully around Drax I and hammered the Jraenar ships at distance. Without shields, the Jraenar ships quickly exploded one after another. Total losses for the Xiati were 2 LCs and the entire Drax IV fighter squadron. The Jraenar lost 31 ships and over 200 fighters and a dozen drones.

Jraenar Fleet caught mid-retrofit at Drax I:

Jraenar Fleet caught mid-retrofit at Drax I

Once the second Jraenar fleet was destroyed, the Xiati fleet carefully bombarded the surface of Drax I to eliminate its defenses and disable its planetary shields. Invader class troop transports were moved in the troops dropped to the surface. By 2436.0, Drax I was captured (the first Jraenar colony taken by the Xiati) completing the conquest of the Drax system just under 10 years from the date of first captured enemy colony, Drax IV.

In the Praxis blackhole system, Xiati patrol elements eliminated several inbound Jraenar freighters to the Drax system. The freighters were carrying both weapon platforms and fighters, so the timing of the attack was even luckier than imagined. The Jraenar have suffered huge losses, including approximately 40% of their total fleet. With the Drax system secured, ongoing riots on Drax III and its moon Drax IIIa, should finally be subdued.

Southern Systems

Outside all the action in the Drax system, the southern systems have continued to host a number of significant battles. Having recently secured the Reticulum system, the Xiati have pushed into the neighboring systems of Haphik (west WP) and Prot (south WP) to deter any buildup of mobile enemy forces in these systems. The Prot-Reticulum WP has protected by a massive Phong starbase, but it was taken out with heavy damage (but no losses) to the Xiati task force.

Taking out a Phong Starbase on the Prot-Reticulum WP:

Taking out a Phong Starbase on the Prot-Reticulum WP

The Ukra-Tal had a large fleet operating in the Cydonia system which is wedged between the Xiati Lylat and Reticulum systems. It was the only concentrated group of ships in the immediate area. One half of the former Xiati Lylat fleet was ordered to engage the 28 strong Ukra-Tal fleet (11xDEs,3xLCXs,5xCRs,3xDNs,6xLFs,17xMFtr,74xLFtr) in an open space battle. The large missile/fighter force of the Ukra-Tal was not effective versus the Xiati's heavy point-defense cover and the Xiati destroyed most of the Ukra-Tal fleet without any losses. Unfortunately a subsequent raid of Ukra-Tal fighters from one of their colonies took out the fleet's support ships on the far side of the sector immediately after the main battle leaving the Xiati fleet without repair and mine sweeping capabilities. Futhermore, a Ukra-Tal dreadnought and 4 destroyers that escaped the battle, turned up a month later destroying the defense base at the Reticulum-Cydonia WP before succumbing to the satellite defenses.

Open space battle versus the Ukra-Tal in the Cydonia System, 2435.2:

Open space battle versus the Ukra-Tal in the Cydonia System. 2435.2

On the opposite side of Lyalt, the Gweebik system was were the other half of the former Lylat Fleet was holding the enemy side of the Gweebik-Lylat WP. A large Cue Cappa fleet (7xDEs,4xLCs,9xCRs,10xBBs,4xDNs; -1xCR,1xBB) attacked the Xiati (2xLCs,4xCRs,9xBBs,3xDNs,4xSFs). To avoid the devastating Allegiance Subverter weapons of the Cue Cappa BBs and DNs, the Xiati fought a protracted battle at range, which backfired and allow the bulk of the Cue Cappa fleet to warp into the Lylat system. Destroying the defense station and satellite defenses on the other side, the Cue Cappa proceeded to raid the system's remote mining ships. Catching up to the Cue Cappa fleet at the Lylat Asteroid Belt III, the Xiati Fleet destroyed the invading Cue Cappa losing only 1 Ravager class BB.

Cue Cappa Fleet in the Lylat Asteroid Belt III:

Cue Cappa Fleet in the Lylat Asteroid Belt III

Xiati Fleet Modernization

As the Xiati continue updating their warships to latest engine and shield systems, maintenance costs have soared. Now far beyond what can be realistically maintained, tough decisions were made to eliminate and scrap all the ships of the longstanding Protector, Phantom and Striker classes. These speciailist point-defense and long range seeker ships were becoming less effective in recent combats. Most of the Xiati designs are focused on direct fire weapons with excellent point-defense were they can close in on the mostly seeker employing fleets of the Ukra-Tal, EEE and Jraenar at a signficant advantage. However, direct confrontations with Norak and Cue Cappa fleets are more troublesome and Xiati fleet commanders most be at their most diligent and crafty to secure victories.

Quadrant Map 2436.0:

Map of Known Space 2436.0

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