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Over the last 3 years I've designed a lot of different test ships and models that were never released in a ship set - some lost in my hard-drive crash and others never completed. This page is heavy on quality images so it might take a few moments to load.

The Evolution of Captain Kwok

Original KwokKwok IIKwok IIIKwok IVKwok VPresent Day

The appearance of Captain Kwok has changed numerous times since I first created him in 1995. He started out as the main character in a high school programming project called 'Space Wars', where you'd control a Geezoid spaceship under his command. Since then, Kwok has gone from being a Geezoid to a Rukbat and finally to a Juprup. As you can see by the graphics above, Kwok's details have steadily improved. Unfortunately the first 4 versions were lost in a hard drive crash.

Ship Graveyard

Geezoid frigate Geezoid Escort

These two images on the right are the only remaining image of a set I began to design for Captain Kwok's original race, the Geezoids. These images was intended to be a 150kT Escort and 200kt Frigate. Many of my ship design trademarks are clearly visible including the Star Trek type nacelles. Other details you might be able to spot our the Phased Polaron Beam cannons, the shield generators, and escape pods.

Juprup Escort Juprup Destroyer

The two orange ships above were the first ships designed for a Juprup set for Captain Kwok's newest race. These models (escort and destroyer) were partially completed along with several other ones that were made including a frigate, light cruiser, and two troops (with visible pilots!). The remainder of the images were lost in the hard drive crash.

Juprup 'Enoki' class Escort - front Juprup 'Enoki' class Escort - aft Juprup 'Nomak' class Frigate Juprup 'Goopak' class Destroyer

These were the latest Juprup ships I began to create just before the fatal hard drive crash. I used the knowledge I gained from making various Trek ships to improve the quality of the textures. The top two images are the 'Enoki' class escort, fore and aft. The lower left ship was to be the 'Nomak' frigate, and the bottom right the 'Goopak' class destroyer. Out of the 4 images - the Goopak one was the most up to date as revealed by its glowing nacelles. The images here are not to relative scale.

The Lost Star Trek Mod Artwork

The loss of my Star Trek mod graphics work was a tough learning experience for me. Many of the models I had been working on for many months. Below are a number of ships I had made for the mod.

'Defiant' class 'Akira' class 'Nebula' class 'Galaxy' class 'Sovereign' class

From left to right: Defiant Class; Akira Class; Nebula Class; Galaxy Class; Sovereign Class. The first completed model I started was the Galaxy class and provided lots of practice at making texture. Out of all the Federation ships I made, it remains my favourite.

'K'vort' class 'K'tinga' class 'Kodos' class 'Voodieh' class 'Negh'var' class

From left to right: Bird of Prey; K'tinga Class; Kodos Class; Voodieh Class; Negh'var Class. My favourite of the Klingon ships was the Negh'var. I thought it turned out very well and didn't take much time to do. The Kodos class ship was a nod to community member Lord Kodos.

'Kestral' Warbird 'Tomalak' Warbird 'Khazara' Warbird 'D'deridex' Warbird

From left to right: Kestral Class; Tomalak Class; Khazara Class; D'deridex Class. I don't think any of my models underwent more re-working than my one for the Romulan D'deridex warbird. The remainder of the ships are all custom designs I came up with as inspired by various sources. The Khazara class warbird is my favourite of this bunch.

'Bodak' class 'Latek' class 'Kreechta' class 'D'kora' Marauder

From left to right: Bodak Class; Latek Class; Kreechta Class; D'kora Class. When I designed the Ferengi ships, I started with the largest and worked my way down to the smaller sizes - which is the opposite of how I normally work. Aside from the D'kora class, all the ships were custom designs. The windows for this set were actually added on afterwards with photoshop. My favourite Ferengi ship is the Kreechta class maurader.

Borg Sphere Borg Scout Cube Borg Tactical Cube

The Lost Planets

Unfortunately, all the portrait images of these planets I had made were lost. How many times I've kicked myself for not backing them up on CD or something I'll never know!

Oxygen planets

Carbon Dioxide planets

Hydrogen planets

Methane planets

No Atmosphere planets

Solar System

From top to bottom: Oxygen planets; Carbon Dioxide planets; Hydrogen planets; Methane planets; None Atmosphere planets; Solar System planets


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