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This is Space Empires news reported in 2004 by the Space Empires Depot. I've tried to go through each item and update links that might have been broken or pointed to defunct sites.

22 December 2004:
Aaron Hall's chat session has concluded. Lots of new information about Space Empires V was revealed, which you can find in my Space Empires V section, HERE. You can get a full transcript of the chat here: #SpaceEmpires IRC.

06 December 2004:
Aaron Hall of Malfador Machinations is participating in a chat session on Wednesday December 22 between 5-6pm PST in the #SpaceEmpires IRC channel. Visit the #SpaceEmpires site to learn how to connect: #SpaceEmpires IRC.

03 December 2004:
One of the most active threads in the Shrapnel Forum, the the KOTH thread will change from being maintained by the most illustrious Asmala to the upstart (yet proven) Alneyan. Thanks to both for keeping this gaming opportunity alive!

30 November 2004:
Not much to report in this update other than the usual housekeeping duties, but I'm looking to expand the site further in the new year, including new pages with summaries of Space Empires mods and some modding tutorial-type documents. Also on the horizon is a new domain for the Space Empires Depot, which should also debut in January.

24 November 2004:
I've added a number of new images to my Ship Graveyard, mostly from the days of the old Star Trek Mod. You can view them here: Ship Graveyard. I've also fixed up some broken links and updated some of the descriptions for my current PBW games.

21 November 2004:
As my first PBW King of the Hill and rated game come to a close, I thought I'd plug both organizations on my site since a lot of work goes into keeping both of them running and updated. The King of the Hill league website updated by Asmala can be found here: K.O.T.H. League. The SE:IV rating system website operated by Slynky can be viewed here: SE:IV Rating System. Keep up the good work guys!

03 November 2004:
A minor website update including additions to my PBW games section. I've also fixed up a few minor errors that were unnoticed until now. Next up is to set up a new home for my website since my ISP will be discontinuing their own web hosting at the end of December while referring those customers to use Yahoo Geocities - their new partner. Ugh!

13 September 2004:
I've added a new section to the Races section called the Ship Graveyard. It contains ships and other work that I've done for Space Empires in the last 3 years but for some reason or another was never finished or lost. View it here: Ship Graveyard.

09 September 2004:
The Space Empires: Galaxies Roleplay system has been re-started and the first game, Ashadra, is accepting players. You can find out more at the official galaxies forums: SE: Galaxies Forums.

03 September 2004:
I've completely rebuilt the site from the bottom up using style sheets and have considerably cleaned up my html code. Thanks to Fyron for his help in getting me to re-evaluate my site. Overall maintenance should be much easier now!

21 August 2004:
I've just done some housekeeping fixing some broken links in the SE:IV resource section and updating my PBW games. I also added a few new links to other Space Empires sites. It's worth your time to check them out.

15 August 2004:
I've added a new section detailing the upcoming Space Empires V. The information provided is a mix of items gathered from the community and chat sessions with Aaron Hall. The game is set to be released in late 2005.

14 August 2004:
Chat transcripts from Aaron Hall's excellent Q&A session about Space Empires V can be found here: #SE4 IRC Website. The Space Food Empires Mod technology section has been updated again with the latest items. Find out more here: Space Food Empires.

10 August 2004:
Aaron Hall (Malfador Machinations) will be stopping by #SE4 IRC for two chats on Friday August 13. They'll be at 11am-11.30am PST and later between 6pm-7pm PST. Find out how to connect to IRC here: #SE4 IRC Guide.

12 July 2004:
The Space Food Empires Mod technology section has been updated. A list of the current facilities has been added and weapons updated. Check it out here: Space Food Empires Website.

Captain Kwok's Space Empires Depot celebrates its 1st anniversary today!

20 June 2004:
The PBW Race To SE:V has been announced. It's a fund raising event for PBW and many prizes are available to be won. Check it out: PBW Race To SE:V.

PBW Race to SE:V

23 April 2004:
I wasn't so thrilled with how the new planets were turning out so I made a few adjustments to make the minis look better. You can see the updated graphics on the planets page.

03 April 2004:
Previews for another 40 planets have been added on the planets page. That brings the current crop to 60 oxygen rock worlds with many planets of different types on the horizon.

31 March 2004:
Aaron Hall (aka Malfador Machinations) has officially announced that Space Empires V is underway and should be ready by the end of 2005. Check out the official news here: Malfador Machinations.

30 March 2004:
Captain Kwok's planet factory is back in operation! Check out the planets section to see some of the early results!

28 March 2004:
A nice website update with a few new graphics to spice things up.

19 March 2004:
This is the first submitted news item at the Space Empires Depot! Atrocities informs us that version 1.66 of the Star Trek Mod is now available! You can get the full mod or just the update here: Star Trek Mod Website.

Keep those items coming!

29 February 2004:
Just a minor website update with a few small additions. In unrelated manners, I've been working on the latest incarnation of the Space Food Empires website, so expect that in the next couple of months!

25 February 2004:
Patch #4 is available for Space Empires IV Gold. This will patch your copy of Space Empires IV Gold to 1.91 with many bug fixes, modding additions, and more! Grab the patch here: Space Empires Gold Patch #4.

07 February 2004:
A new version of the Star Trek Mod is available. You can get the update or full mod here: Star Trek Mod Website.

29 January 2004:
Patch #2 is available for Space Empires: Star Fury. This will patch your copy of Star Fury to 1.15 with lots of new features such as commodities, waypoints, and a host of other fixes. Grab the patch here: Star Fury Patch #2.

17 January 2004:
Happy New Year! I've updated the site after two months of neglect, including a few cosmetic changes. I've also updated content throughout the site, so be sure to browse around. The Planet Tutorial is temporarily offline as I update it and add the final chapter, so expect it in a few months. Remember you can also submit your own news items as well.

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