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This is Space Empires news reported in 2012. Even less happened this year!

Balance Mod26 November 2012:

I've finally put out the long overdue official v1.19i of the Balance Mod. I apologize for the more than 1 year long delay - but lots of changes and fixes in this one. See the changelog posted on the Balance Mod History page for all the details. Download Balance Mod v1.19i HERE. The new patch is savegame compatible with existing v1.19 games. All the Balance Mod Extras and Small Systems have also been updated. Find them HERE.

Balance Mod17 November 2012:

I'm looking to revive the Balance mod after a year long break. First up is to actually finish the v1.19i beta and then follow-up with a final version (v1.20). Check the Balance Mod Forums hosted at for the latest discussions on the mod.

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