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Space Empires news from 2016.

Balance Mod26 August 2016:

A bit of bad news as my old SE5 computer looks to be finished. No data was lost but it might be a few months before I get a replacement computer that I can set up SE5 on. Don't think my work laptop or Mrs. Kwok's PC is going to cut it :). Maybe I'll work on some of speech files etc. to add some personality to the mod...?

Balance Mod20 April 2016:

Thanks to the feedback of several players I was able to track down a source of "Range Check" errors that were effecting games since the Gamma was posted. It was related to ship/unit group sight memory, which I had changed in Settings.txt to TRUE from FALSE. Anyhow I changed it back. You can get the corrected file HERE and extract to your Balance Mod v120 data folder. I've also updated the Gamma downloads with the updated file.

Working away now on some revised AI diplomacy scripts!

Balance Mod03 April 2016:

The next version of the Balance Mod is available. Version 1.20 gamma (y) is the last "testing" release of the Balance Mod v120. Besides a number of fixes on both the data file and AI script side, a new empire performance analysis scheme was added for AI players to evaluate their progress and make changes to their overall empire strategy when they are performing poorly. You can continue your previous v1.20 games, but existing AI empires will take some time to convert themselves over to the new scheme. Download the Gamma HERE.

Rise of the Xiati Empire25 March 2016:

The next chapter is up for Rise of the Xiati Empire. Now up to turn 250! The chapter for turns 2424.1 to 2425.0 is HERE and the story index is HERE for new readers. Work is coming along on the next mod update with efforts focused on the new empire strategy scheme.

I've completed another chapter for Rise of Xiati. The chapter for turns 2425.1 to 2426.0 is HERE. Suffered setbacks in some regions, while moving forward in others. Overall it was a busy 10 turns.

SE.net15 March 2016:

Efforts are underway to fully restore, which is good news for all Space Empires enthusiasts. It's definitely the reason why SE has persisted over 10 years since its last incarnation. I've had a lot of inquiries about the site, so hopefully it's return re-invigorates the community. The archival site is HERE.

PS Back to work on the Balance Mod and should have some Rise of the Xiati game story updates soon as well.

Rise of the Xiati Empire03 January 2016:

Happy New Year! To celebrate, there's another 20 turns of Xiati story up. Lots of action as the Xiati fight hot wars in the west and east of the quadrant. The chapter for turns 2422.1 to 2423.0 is HERE and for turns 2423.1 to 2424.0 is HERE.

Work continues on the v1.20 "Gamma" release. Adding in the new scripting support for the AI's new overall empire strategies. Lots of new AI modifiers going into that scheme.

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