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Turns 2400.0 to 2402.0

Xiria star system

The Xiati home system is Xiria - a binary star system with only 4 planets. Xiati Prime (Xiria IV) is a large rock oxygen planet with a hazy orange atmosphere and a few small continents. Recently coming to power, Emperor Tax'renath has pledged to expand the Xiati beyond the Xiria system with the recent discovery of warp points leading to other nearby star systems.

The Xiria System

Xiria system - Home of the Xiati Empire

Interstellar Ambitions

To facilitate the creation of an interstellar empire, top Xiati engineers have developed new star ship designs. The key designs are the Forager class scout ship, large colonizer ships that can found new colonies on either rock or ice planets, and a large orbital space yard complex to supplement planetary construction facilities on Xiati Prime. Space Yards on Xiati Prime begin building the first of 4 Forager class scouts. Their mission is to explore the 4 warp points leading to the nearby star systems of Lacerta (N WP); Orion (S WP); Dvoongar (W WP); Eskirk (E WP).

Forager class Scout Ship

Forager class Scout Ship

Ships exploring north, east and west of Xiria have little success. Planetary systems Lacerta, Eskirk and Drax have no colonizable planets. Dvoongar is a nebula and two more connected systems are black holes: Praxis and Veridian. Forager 0002 exploring south in the Orion system uncovers the first three colonization targets (a significant bounty!) for the Xiati Empire: Orion II (Rock O2 H); Orion IV (Rock O2 M); Orion IX (Ice 02 M)

The construction of the first orbital SY Xiati Prime SY in 2400.7 provides increased construction capacity. As the first colonizers are constructed with orders to colonize the Orion system, an additional 4 Forager class scouts are ordered. By 2402.0, additional colonization targets have been found south of Xiria in the Obotron (Obotron I) and Talara (Talara V) systems. The three breathable Orion planets have been colonized (Orion II > Research Compound, Orion IV > Mining Colony, Orion IX > Research Compound) and new facilities are under constructed. A total of 8 Forager class scouts have been constructed. Ships exploring north/west/east of Xiria continue to few useful systems as Quesstris (neutron star) is empty and Yullado and Yoshri offer no colonizable targets.

The Xiati are not Alone

During 2402.0, Forager 0002 warps into the Fwandrei system (the W WP of Obotron) where it views a high populated colony of the EEE Consortium - possibly a homeworld. Forager 0002 is ordered to fall back to the Obotron WP to hold the system for Xiati Empire. Although no combat has occured, Xiati engineers propose a new ship design, the Raptor class destroyer, more heavily armed to potentially deal with the EEE and whoever else might be out there. Fear mongering reaches fever pitch on Xiati Prime.

Raptor class Attack Ship

Raptor class Attack Ship

Quadrant Map 2402.0

Map of Known Space 2402.0

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