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Space Empires VBalance Mod Game Story - Rise of the Xiati Empire

Rise of the Xiati Empire Main | Previous Chapter 2400.0-2402.0 | Next Chapter 2404.1-2405.0

Turns 2402.1 to 2404.0

Exploration continues...

With increased urgency after encountering the EEE Consortium, additional colonization targets are uncovered in the Ootoola system (Ootoola I, O2 Ice M); Utekra system (Utekra I O2 Rock H, Utekra IV 02 Ice M); Lezzari system (Lezzari I, 02 Rock M); Fezzran system (Fezzran II, 02 Rock M); and Sirius system (Sirius II, O2 Rock H).

New Colonies:

  • Talara V > Research + Intel Compound
  • Ootoola I > Mining + Refining Colony
  • Utekra I > Mining + Refining Colony
  • Utekra IV > Refining Colony
  • Lezzari I > Mining Colony
  • Fezzran II > Research Colony
  • Orion IX > Re-classified as Research + Intel Compound

The Quadrant is full of life:

It turns out the quadrant is teeming with intelligent life, much to the chagrin the xenophobic Xiati Empire.

  • Forager 0007 surveying in the far north, spots a ship and minor colony of the Jraenar Imperium in the Rhendor system in 2402.4
  • Forager 0001 surveying in the west, Fezzran system, uncovers a ship of the Cue Cappa Commonwealth ini 2402.5
  • Forager 0007 still in the Rhendor system spies a small ship of the Phong Confederation in 2402.6
  • Forager 0008 in the far south, surveying the Reticulum system, spots a ship of the Ukra-Tal Collective in 2402.6
  • Forager 0001 exploring the Sirius system, spots a ship of the Sergetti Empire in 2403.5

The shear number of nearby alien empires sends shockwaves through the Xiati Empire. Construction begins earnestly on defensive units at a number of colonies to provide at least some form of protection against alien attacks... which to this point have not occurred.

Early Diplomacy

Wanting nothing to do with the various aliens encountered - the Xiati Empire quickly completes Non-Interference Agreements with the Jraenar, Phong and Sergetti. Deals with the EEE and Cue Cappa remain elusive.

EEE Cold War

Noting the Fwandrei system as the home system of the EEE, Emperor Tax'Renath orders a combination of Forager and Raptor class ships blockade warp points Obotron-Fwandrei and Utekra-Fwandrei to prevent EEE ships from moving north into Xiati territory.

Cue Cappa Conflict

In 2403.6, Forager 0001 is holding colonization target Sirius II awaiting the arrival of a colonizer. A colony ship of the Cue Cappa arrives first and Forager 0001 attacks the unarmed ship. Unfortunately Forager 0001 moves in too close and is struck by the colony ship which was apparently on a collision course. Both ships are consumed in the explosion. The loss of the Forager 0001 sends shockwaves through the empire and support for Emperor Tax'renath tumbles.

In 2403.9, the recently founded colony of Fezzran II is attacked by 4 ships of the Cue Cappa Commonwealth, including what appears to be a light cruiser. The colony, which has yet to construct any defenses, is caught off guard by the attack and is completely destroyed. 67M Xiati are killed.

Economic Crisis

With the rapid expansion of the Xiati Empire, Emperor Tax'Renath pushes the treasury to its limits. Organics run low, but Radioactives are almost completely exhausted (just 3kTs left!) before several Radioactive Refining Facilities are constructed in the late 24030s. The general indifference of the Xiati population and low growth rates don't help to say the least. At least Minerals are plentiful.

Xiati abandon Northern ambitions...

Due to the extreme lack of colonizable planets and extremely long supply lines, all efforts to hold systems directly north of Xiria are abandoned. A few Forager class ships remain to monitor potential Jraenar or Sergetti activity of which nothing has yet been seen.

Phantom class Seeker ship

Xiati Phantom Class Seeker ship

Tough times ahead...

Estimates indicate many of the known empires hold at least a similar amount of territory as the Xiati, if not more. Rumours have the Jraenar claiming much of the north with many ships and the Cue Cappa holding many systems to the southeast. Even the EEE, seemingly contained in the Fwandrei system, probably have significantly resources further south.

Quadrant Map 2404.0:

Map of Known Space 2404.0

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