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Turns 2405.1 to 2406.0

In 2405.1 War was beginning...

To this point, the Xiati have been engaged in several combats with the EEE Consortium and Cue Cappa Commonwealth. The destruction of Fezzran II had demonstrated the folly of colonizing planets without placing protection beforehand. In 2405.1, the Cue Cappa followed up their campagain against the Xiati with a major attack on Lezzari I. The Cue Cappan fleet consisted of 2xFGs, 2xDEs, 2xLCs and a support freighter. Lessons from the Fezzran II massacre learned, 3 DEs (Raptor 0004; Phantoms 0003/0004) were in orbit and the surface had 4 Blaster WPs (2xTDB, 2xABM, 1xPDC) active. As the Cue Cappa approached, the 3 Xiati DEs remained in orbit of Lezzari I, positioned inside the offensive shell of the WPs. The Cue Cappan ships were struck with a volley of ABMs and a spattering of TDBs from multiple directions and exploded furiously. With only minor damage to the Raptor 0004 the battle was an overwhelming victory for the Xiati Empire. Emperor Tax'renath declared war on the Cue Cappa immediately after.

Battle of Lezzari I, 2405.1

Battle of Lezzari I, 2405.1

The EEE Problem

The proximity of the EEE home system of Fwandrei has forced the Xiati to continuously blockade the two border WPs (Obotron-Fwandrei, Utekra-Fwandrei). The most serious attempt to run the blockade occurred in 2405.2 by an EEE LC. The LC was destroyed but did significant damage to the Forager 0004 and moderate damage to the DEs Raptor 0001 and Phantom 0001.

In 2405.3, Emperor Tax'Renath was desperate to try and colonize the 3 oxygen planets in the Prot system (S of Reticulum IV) before the Ukra-Tal could claim the system. With colonizers several months away, Forager 0007 and Forager 0008 were attempting to hold onto the target planets. When attacking a lone EEE repair freighter in Reticulum (warping through the unprotected Reticulum-Cydonia WP) the Phantom 0003 uncovered a significant EEE fleet (3xFG, DE, LC) moving towards Prot.

By 2405.4, a Ukra-Tal colonizer had appeared in Prot and was going to colonize a planet within a month, which would claim the system for the Collective. Emperor Tax'Renath was trapped by the Ukra-Tal treaty and ordered the two Foragers back to Reticulum IV.

In 2405.5, the EEE fleet clashed with the two Foragers and a Ukra-Tal DE at the Reticulum-Prot WP. Clearly overmatched the two Xiati ships (with a significant speed advantage) fled to the adjacent sector. The Ukra-Tal DE bought additional time and engaged the EEE fleet in a suicidal run. Emperor Tax'renath noted the Ukra-Tal might be useful in deflected the EEE's attention. The two powers shared multiple borders in the far south.

By 2406.0, the EEE had declared war on the Xiati Empire. Closely allied with the Cue Cappa, it was inevitable although the active WP blockade probably pushed them over the edge sooner.

Northern Strategy

The large number of uncolonizable and empty systems to the north of the Xiati Empire was considered a significant area of risk. Without any infrastructure present the area was difficult to defend and few ships could be spared to secure the territory. Emperor Tax'renath knew it was only a matter of time before the Jraenar, Sergetti and Norak would make there way south and threaten the Xiria system.

The first stage of the new northern strategy was to develop the Palantir class satellite layer. The 500kT freighter could load up to 20 satellites, which could then be placed throughout the north to provide warning of alien ship movement. The Watcher class satellite featured basic sensors with some armor and a TDB (Temporal Distortion Burst) for protection. Palantir 0001 was launched in 2405.9.

The second stage of the northern strategy was to develop new technology to allow for colonization of Gas Giant planets. Several of the northern systems did offer potential breathable Oxygen Gas Giants, which would provide the infrastructure needed to hold those systems. Unfortunately Xiati scientists estimate such technology may be 4-5 years off at best if all resources were directed to it. Emperor Tax'renath needed options.

A Pirate's Life

With research into ship capture in 2405.1, the Xiati Empire now possessed means to capture enemy ships. In 2405.6, the Charger class DE was designed. The goal: Capture the EEE's gas giant colonization technology. Charger 0001 and Charger 0002 were launched in 2405.9 and 2406.0. Both have been ordered into EEE space.

Charger class Boarding Ship

Charger Class Boarding Ship

Economic Crisis, Part II:

The push to colonize both the Prot and Vendrux systems (5 colonizable targets) plunged the Xiati economy into its second crisis. The Xiati ineptness to harvest Organics (and the lack of organics in their space) had the stores low already - the draw of organics for colonization modules ran the them empty. Xiati Prime was forced to scrap Radioactives Extraction facilities for additional Organics farms. The successful colonization of Vendrux VII (ahead of the Ukra-Tal) provided a much needed boost. However, by this time a couple months construction had been interrupted.

Quadrant Map 2406.0:

Map of Known Space 2406.0

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