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Turns 2404.1 to 2405.0

Xiati Colony Report

Between 2404.0 and 2405.0, much of the Xiati effort has been to secure and build up their existing colonies. As of 2405.0, the Xiati Empire consists of 12 colonies and has a total population of 5,396M.

Orion system:

Directly south of Xiria, this system has become a significant production center with 3 major colonies.

  • Orion II (Reserach), Orion IV (Mining), Orion IX (Research + Intel)

Obotron system:

South of Orion, the Obotron system has only one large colony, but is a major crossroads system, including a contested link to the EEE's home system of Fwandrei. Multiple combats with EEE ships have now occurred at the Obotron-Fwandrei WP.

  • Obotron I (Mining)

Ootoola system:

NW of Orion, the Ootoola system is a key economic contributor for minerals and radioactives. It's western WP to Drepana is currently unsecured although the colony has recently completed key defensive units that should provide protection against most assaults.

  • Ootoola VI (Mining + Refining)

Fornax system:

This recently colonized system (2404.2) is one system removed from Ootoola and is considered a frontier system. Multiple Forager class ships have stationed themselves at the planet. Fornax is at the doorstep of the Phong Confederation and Ukra-Tal Collective.

  • Fornax Va (Resupply Base)

Reticiulum system:

The Reticulum system is the southernmost system of the Xiati Empire and only under partial control. Reticulum IV (colonized 2404.3) to date has only constructed defensive units and a pair of Forager class scouts remain in orbit. A Ukra-Tal colony was discovered on the opposite side of the system. With the adjacent Haphik system discovered as the home system of the Ukra-Tal, this system will be hard to hold on to if war breaks out.

  • Reticulum IV (Mining Colony)

Utekra system:

With two major colonies, Utekra is the second most significant colony system after Orion and is directly northeast of the EEE's Fwandrei system. A group of Forager, Raptor and Phantom class ships currently secures this warp point from incursions.

  • Utekra I (Mining + Refining); Utekra IV (Refining)

Talara system:

The Talara system is one system removed to the east of both Xiria and Orion. Talara V is a major research center.

  • Talara V (Research + Intel)

Lezzari system:

The Lezzari is the furthest eastern system held by the Xiati empire. Lezzari I remains under heavy development with extensive defensive systems just completed. Heavy Cue Cappa activity in the former colony system of Fezzran to the east has led to Emperor Tax'Renath deploying additional Raptor and Phantom class ships to Lezzari to protect against future attacks.

  • Lezzari I (Mining)

Secure Holdings

The last year has seen limited interactions with the other known races as exploration and scouting activities have slowed in favour of securing existing holdings. Surrounded by hostile alien powers, Emperor Tax'renath has pledged to build up Xiati naval assets to forcefully close off Xiati space to other races. As the economy recovers and construction queues become available at some of the colony worlds, Xiati ship counts are expected to double in the next year. Almost all colony worlds now feature potent Blaster type weapon platforms along with a complement of Pillager troops and Stinger fighters. Some have wondered if this build up is to protect against external threats or if the Emperor is just securing his position.

Cue Cappa Commonwealth

Since Emperor Tax'Renath has abandoned efforts to re-colonize Fezzran, no encounters with the Cue Cappa have occurred. Efforts in the Lezzari system are being made to close off the west to Cue Cappa expansion and protect the core systems of Xiria, Talara and Utekra.

EEE Consortium

Two EEE incursions have been repelled at the Obotron-Fwandrei WP by the 3 ship force of [i]Forager 0004[/i], [i]Raptor 0001[/i] and [i]Phantom 0001[/i]. An EEE colony ship and EEE destroyer were destroyed without loss.

Ukra-Tal Collective

The mysterious Ukra-Tal appear to use primarily organic technologies.They control several systems to the southwest of the Xiati Empire. To this point they have not been hostile.

Phong Confederation

The Phong have appeared friendly but the Emperor Tax'renath does not trust them at all. Despite this, he recently exchange system maps with the Phong in an effort to gain a better understanding of the western region of the quadrant. The Phong Confederation is thought to hold 4 or 5 systems directly in the west.

Jraenar Imperium

The Jraenar appear to occupy almost exclusively the upper northwest of the quadrant. Not much has been seen of them since Emperor Tax'renath withdrew Xiati assests from the region.

Sergetti Empire

Little has been seen or heard from the reclusive Sergetti. They appear to hold territory in the northeast part of the quadrant.

Norak Continuum

Forager 0003 on route to complete the survey of Quesstris encountered an unarmed explorer of the Norak Continuum in 2405.0, which it destroyed without damage to itself.

Quadrant Map 2405.0:

Map of Known Space 2405.0

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