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Turns 2407.1 to 2408.0

Return to the North

The first Gas Giant colonizers constructed where immediately dispatched to several targets north of the Xiria system. Xiati observational satellites and scout ships were still observing little alien activity, so Emperor Tax'renath wanted to claim them as soon as possible. Xiria II, Eskirk III, Lacerta IV and Lacerta IIIa were colonized by 2407.4. Forager 0003 and Raptor 0005 were dispatched to hold two large colonization targets in the Yullado system while colonizers were constructed. Unfortunately as they arrived, colonizers of the Jraenar Imperium had arrived and colonized several of the planets. The Yullado system was now claimed and Emepror Tax'renath knew he had no options but to let the system go or risk war with the Jraenar - which wasn't an option with forces already engaged against the EEE and Cue Cappa. During this time, another prime target just in the Drax system was colonized by the Norak - who themseles were becoming increasingly aggressive. Although not all the systems could be claimed, at least the Xiati had managed to extend their influence north and add a buffer around Xiria.

New colonies in the South

In addition to provided new territory, the acquisition of Gas Giant colonization technology also allowed the Xiati to fortify their holdings in the Talara (east) and Fornax (west) systems. The two Fornax Gas Giants would go a long way to bulking up the Xiati presence and free up Xiati naval assests to move further west and protect the recent colonies of Ventrux II and Ventrux VII, which were surrounded by Ukra-Tal and Phong held systems.

More Data Needed

Not willing to share Xiati sensor information with other races, Emperor Tax'renath ordered multiple Forager class scouts to enter, in some cases, hostile territory to provide much needed data on the other empire's holdings. Forager 0002 and Forager 0004 gathered data in the west (Phong and Ukra-Tal territory mostly), while Forager 0001 moved through EEE territory in the south and Forager 0009 in Cue Cappa space to the east.

Intelligence Overload

With war against the EEE and Cue Cappa, the Xiati intelligence operation was on the defensive. Although the Xiati are cunning and excel at intelligence, they can also be disloyal - especially when their Emperor is struggling to hold onto power. Bombings, false orders and disrupted communications were commonplace. A host of new Intelligence Centers were planned, but it was going to be at least a year or more before they were online and could help.

Cue Cappa War

Holding the Cunaxa and Fezzran systems to the south and east of Lezzari, the Cue Cappa continued to push combat fleets through the undefended warp points towards the Xiati colony on Lezzari I. The heavily defended colony with a host of Blaster WPs and Stinger fighters, also had the Lezzari Defense Fleet stationed in orbit. In 2407.4, a Cue Cappa fleet (5xDEs,3xLCs) attacked and was destroyed, but managed to destroy the Raptor 0004 and do minor damage to the colony itself. A few months later, another Cue Cappa fleet (4xDEs,1xFG,2xMFs) struck Lezzari I again from the Cunaxa system. Again, the fleet was destroyed and one of the support ships captured. If the Cue Cappa leadership ever learned anything, it was that it should be combine its forces.

Battle of Lezzari I, Part V (2407.7)

Battle of Lezzari I, Part V


During a period of ship upgrades in the Obotron system, the Obotron-Fwandrei WP defenses were left open. The immediate colonies around the warp point were heavily defended and direct ship-ship battles with the EEE hadn't gone so well, so Emperor Tax'renath took the risk. In 2407.4, an EEE fleet had passed through and reached the Orion system. The fleet (2xFG,3xDE,MF) attacked Orion II. A squadron of Stinger fighters engaged first to soften the EEE fleet. Partially damaged, the EEE ships were relatively easy to pick off for the WPs of Orion II.

Battle of Orion II

Battle of Orion II

Ship Upgrades

The acquisition of new shield technology from the famous EEE colonizer raid and research into new levels of Temporal weapons provided incentive to upgrade the Xiati fleet. Phantom, Raptor,Forager class ships were all upgraded. In addition, Xiati engineers designed the first Xiati light cruiser, the Dauntless class defense ship. It wasn't the most efficient space frame, but it did allow for the first regenerative shield system in the fleet. Dauntless 0001, the first ship of its class, was launched from Ootoola VI in 2407.8.

Dauntless class Defense Ship

Dauntless class Defense Ship

Mines, the Xiati need them...

With so many border systems, Emperor Tax'renath had a serious incursion problem. The Xiati are xenophobic by nature and did not like all these foregin ships entering their claimed territory. They had been forced to make treaties of convenience with some of the quadrant powers so direct military action could not be taken. With Xiati forces tied up in two wars, static "accidental" defenses were needed. Xiati scientists worked feverishly to develop mines and by 2408.0, their research had paid off. Emperor Tax'renath planned to use mines to close off border warp points to first, EEE and Cue Cappa forces, but also all other races. It was a risky plan as "allies" might become angry over a ship lost, but it was the only solution to the problem at hand.

Quadrant Map 2408.0:

Map of Known Space 2408.0

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