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Turns 2408.1 to 2409.0

Closing Off Xiati Space

Mines were quickly constructed and distributed by the new Prickler class mine layers. The first drop points were border warp points with the EEE and Cue Cappa empires. Both enemies employed mine sweepers, but it was hoped that if enough mines could be placed, it would prevent all but the most significant efforts to breach the warp points. Additional mine fields are planned at the remainder of border warp point systems, but it will take some time to deploy.

Colony Infrastructure

The relatively new Gas Giant colonies are all plugging away at building new resource and point production facilties. The new colonies have helped propel the Xiati Empire into the top producer of resources in the quadrant and one of the top point producers. The overall Xiati economy is extremely strong and wholly self-sufficient.

Diplomacy and Quadrant Politics

It is becoming clear now that the quadrant is dividing up into two factions. The EEE, Cue Cappa, Terran and Norak empires have continued to form an increasinly close partnership, as seen in the recent declaration of war on the Xiati by the Norak. On the other side, the Ukra-Tal and Sergetti have maintained decent relations with the Xiati. The Phong (friends with most) and Jraenar (trending towards the Xiati side) have remained on the periphery of the quadrant politics. Known wars are between the Norak-Sergetti, Ukra-Tal-Terran, and EEE-Jraenar empires.

Cue Cappa War

Prior to the construction of mine fields at the Lezzari-Cunaxa and Lezzari-Fezzran warp points, the Cue Cappa managed to send two more attack fleets (5xFGs,3xDEs; 2xFGs,1xDE,2xLCs) in an effort to wipe out Lezzari I in 2408.1 and 2408.2. Both fleets were destroyed, but several Xiati ships of the Lezzari Defense Fleet were moderately damaged. Since the attacks, little Cue Cappa activity has been observed as the minefields are of sufficient size to discourage their fleets from passing through.

Battle of Lezzari I, Part VI (2408.1)

Battle of Lezzari I, Part VI


The EEE have continued to breach the Obotron-Fwandrei in spite of the defensive minefield in place. They have been successfully multiple times in clearing it of mines and Xiati efforts to replenish the mines haven't been good enough. One of the breaching fleets (3xDE,3xLC,2xMF) passed through and headed towards Reticulum IV. In 2408.9, the fleet attack but was mostly destroyed by a combination of WP defenses along with Stinger fighters. 4 ships of the Reticulum Defense Fleet joined the battle in 2409.0 to finish off the surviving EEE ships that had been using long range plasma missile attacks against the colony. Reticulum IV itself took minor damage.

Also in 2408.9, a surprise EEE fleet (4xFGs,1xDE,2xLC,1xMF) attacked the Fornax VI colony. No sensors had picked up their presence prior to the attack and it is not known which direction they approached from. Fornax VI was only defended by a handful of Blaster A weapon platforms and a resupplying Forager class ship. Most of the EEE fleet was destroyed in the first attack, but as with the Reticulum IV battle, EEE missile ships had survived the initial assault. In 2409.0, Raptors 0012/0013 and the Phantom 0018 arrived to finish off the EEE attackers.

With the less dangerous Cue Cappa seemingly contained, Emperor Tax'renath is considering moving additional forces south to engage the more dangerous EEE.

Quadrant Map 2409.0:

Map of Known Space 2409.0

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