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Space Empires VBalance Mod Game Story - Rise of the Xiati Empire

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Turns 2409.1 to 2410.0

Ten years later...

After 10 years of expansion into interstellar space, the Xiati Empire occupies most of the quadrant's central region with a significant presence in 12 star systems and exert their presence in a half-dozen more. Support for Emperor Tax'renath has grown and the Xiati populace is generally content as their borders are relatively secure and the economy is robust. With little space left to expand into, the Xiati are looking to strengthen within their borders while keeping other empires out of their space. In the last year, significant effort has been spent closing off all border warp points with mines, while refusing to agree to any free passage proposals from even non-hostile empires.

Xiati Summary 2410.0:

Xiati Empire Summmary

Colony Summary

The Xiati Empire currently has 21 colonies, of which are equally divided amongst Rock, Ice and Gas Giant planet types. Most of the colonies have been fully developed in terms of facility and unit infrastructure, with a few of the newer Gas Giant worlds still under heavy development. Population growth has been generally slow and migration from Xiati Prime has been the primary factor in colony population growth. Outside the Xiria system, the original colony systems of Orion, Talara, Utekra and Obotron are the leading production centers.

Colonies of the Xiati Empire:

Xiati Colonies 2410.0

Ship Summary

The Xiati Empire currently has 66 ships in service, of which 45 are dedicated combat ships. Armed with primarily unique Temporal weapons, they have performed moderately well when tested in combat by warships of the EEE, Norak, and Cue Cappa empires. Many of the ships currently serve within Defense Fleets stationed in the Lezzari, Reticulum, Obotron and Fornax systems. Based on combat performance, the Phantom class twin ABM destroyers have been the most valuable combat ships. With a large surplus of resources, plans are in place to construct many new ships in the next few years, expanding the Xiati fleet to rival the other major powers in the quadrant.

Ships and Bases of the Xiati Empire:




Design Type

In Service

Xiati Frigate Forager 250kT Frigate Ship (Scout) 6
Xiati Destroyer Raptor 400kT Destroyer Ship (Attack S) 14
Xiati Destroyer Phantom 400kT Destroyer Ship (Seeker S) 20
Xiati Light Cruiser Dauntless 450kT Light Cruiser Ship (Defense S) 8
Xiati Destroyer Charger 400kT Destroyer Ship (Boarding) 3
Xiati Freighter Fixer 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Repair) 3
Xiati Freighter Prickler 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Mine Layer) 8
Xiati Freighter Palantir 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Satellite Layer) 2
Xiati Freighter Transporter 500kT Small Freighter Transport (Cargo) 2
Xiati Spacestation Space Yard 500kT Small Base Base (Space Yard) 5

Waning War

The last few months have been relatively quiet in terms of EEE and Cue Cappa activity. The deployment of large minefields at all the major border warp points with these empires has dramatically reduced the number of incursions into Xiati space. The last year was the first since the Xiati encountered other races where no significant conflicts occurred. Even the Norak Continuum, at war with both the Xiati and Sergetti, had a sudden change in direction and recently offered cease fire agreements with both empires, including offering a portion of their resources to secure peace.

Emperor Tax'renath has continued to pursue token relations with both the Ukra-Tal and Sergetti empires. Both races are somewhat similar in their demeanor and xenophobic tendencies to the Xiati. More importantly, they have generally been positioned against the Xiati's main enemies - the EEE and Cue Cappa.

Empire Rankings...

Looking at all metrics, the Xiati Empire currently falls in the middle of the quadrant powers in overall performance. Although they are the leading resource and intelligence producer. Emperor Tax'renath's focus on self-sufficiency, secure borders and diplomatic isolation has certainly played in a role in how the Xiati Empire has developed. The Xiati lack most in technological development. Many of the other powers have entered technological sharing agreements at some point and have developed strong research infrastructure. Emperor Tax'renath is working with intelligence leaders how best to use the Xiati's cunning nature to close this technological gap.

The Cue Cappa Commonwealth's growth in the last few years has been phenomenal and they have overtaken the Jraenar Imperium as the leading empire in the quadrant. Controlling a large chain of isolated systems in the southeast has provided an ample colony base from which their empire is built.

Empire Comparison 2410.0:

Quadrant Score Comparison

Quadrant Map 2410.0:

Map of Known Space 2410.0

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