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Space Empires VBalance Mod Game Story - Rise of the Xiati Empire

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Turns 2412.1 to 2413.0

Unhappy Times

With growth of the Xiati Empire stagnating, multiple war fronts and a barrage of intelligence attacks plaguing their colonies, Xiati citizens were becoming increasingly unhappy. With widespread unhappiness, productivity started to fall and overall Xiati generation of resources, research and intelligence dropped 10-15%. Losing control over the Empire, Tax'renath worked quickly to dispense additional Pillager troops throughout the colonies. Upgrades to exist Temporal Vacation Service facilities were completed quickly and a series of combat victories changed the diplomatic outlook. By the end of the year, most Xiati had returned to their typical indifference.

Radioactives Shortfall

Emperor Tax'renath's extensive ship building campaign coupled with general unhappiness resulted in a significant radioactives deficit. Xiati scientists worked quickly to improve radioactives extraction technology and had presented a breakthrough in 2411.5, but it took almost a full year before the deficit trend was reversed. Although upgrades across the empire to existing radioactives extraction facilities eased the shortage, it was the deployment of the Extractor class remote refining ships to nearby asteroid fields that made the biggest difference. The 1,000kT ships managed to extract an average of 15,000kT radioactives per month. With a pending shortage in minerals, the Xiati are already working on developing similar mining technologies.

Xiati Extractor Class Remote Refining Ship

Extractor Class Remote Refining Ship

Jraenar Imperium Conflict

After the Jraenar broke their treaty with the Xiati, they quickly attacked and destroyed most of the Xiati monitoring satellites in the northern systems of Yoshri, Yullado and Dvoongar. In 2402.1, the Jraenar declared a formal war and moved a fleet (2xFGs,2xDEs,3xLCs,1xLCX,3xMFs) into the Lezzari system from the northern Quesstris system. The fleet avoided Lezzari I and was heading towards the Talara warp point. The Lezzari Defense Fleet, comprised mainly of Dauntless and Phantom class ships, was sent to engage. The Jraenar carrier launched a preemptive sortie of fighters but the Xiati ships were able to cut through them and fire a long range volley of ABMs to soften up the Jraenar combat ships. When the two fleets clashed at close range, the partially damaged Jraenar ships were destroyed easily and the Raptor D 0015 was the only Xiati loss in the attack. With the pasting of the Jraenar fleet, Master General Jar'Nolath must have lost his appetite, as he agreed to a ceasefire only a few months later.

Battle of Lezzari 2412.2:

Battle of Lezzari against the Jraenar Empire

The EEE War

The EEE had been generally invisible for much of the year, until in 2412.7, a fleet broke through the Obotron-Fwandrei warp point, clearing the minefield, and destroying the entire Dart ABM satellite defense grid. However, the EEE fleet (1xFG,5xDEs,2xCR,1xMF) took moderate damage during the breach and in 2412.8, the Obotron Defense Fleet arrived in the sector. Outnumbering the EEE ships, the Xiati routed them without losing a ship. Although the satellite defense grid had been destroyed, the damage it inflicted was critical for the Xiati victory.

Cue Cappa Conflict

The Cue Cappa Commonwealth has generally avoided the Lezzari system after a devasting loss of 9 warships to the Lezzari-Quesstris minefield. The warp point had been recently cleared of mines, but a recent tandem effort of the Prickler 0002 and Prickler 0004 had re-populating the field. Observing from the Quesstris system, Forager 0009 had spotted the Cue Cappa fleet and noted it was without any minesweeper support as it approached the warp point. Reports from the Sergetti suggest the Cue Cappa have been primarily tied up in the North engaging their forces.

Xiati Fleet Upgrades

Towards the end of the year, the Xiati began upgraded their combat ships with improved Temporal weapons. The Dauntless and Striker class light cruisers were also extended from 540kT to 570kT, which allowed for additional shield regeneration capacity. In 2413.0, the Xiati ship designers completed the plans for the largest Xiati combat ship to date, the 780kT Defiant class defense ship. Featuring the recently developed Temporal Tachyon Cannon (TTC), the large cruisers were to be constructed throughout the 24130s and deployed as flagships in the major conflict zones of Lezzari, Obotron and Fornax.

Defiant class Cruiser:

Defiant Class Cruiser

Quadrant Map 2413.0:

Map of Known Space 2413.0

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