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Turns 2413.1 to 2414.0

Stabilizing the Economy

It is often stated "Minerals are the best" and indeed, the stockpiling of minerals is essential to maintaining an empire. Immediately after the radioactives crisis of 24120s, Emperor Tax'renath was already moving quickly to stave off another economic crisis with minerals. Keeping pace with the large Jraenar, Cue Cappa and EEE fleets had streched the Xiati resource base beyond its capacity. Upgrades to mineral mining technology were finally achieved in 2413.6 and the first deployment of Aggregator class remote mining ships occured in 2414.0. With a new robust resource economy happily exploiting asteroids for minerals and radioactives, Xiati economists are projecting significant capacity to expand the Xiati fleet and perhaps pay for the expensive upgrades in shield, armor and engine technologies that are needed to keep pace with Xiati enemies.

The Defiant led Fornax Defense Fleet:

Fornax Defense Fleet


The EEE remain the primary enemy of the Xiati Empire. The war has now lasted almost 10 years and little has been accomplished by either side. Emperor Tax'renath has been unable to launch an offensive campaign to damage the EEE's capacity to wage war and the EEE have continued to throw ships away attacking Xiati strongholds. However, recent observations have reported changes to the EEE's approach. More activity is being observed north of Xiati space and larger fleets have been spotted in EEE space. Recent attacks against the Obotron-Fwandrei warp point have featured new heavily armed cruiser and even 1,000kT battleship designs. The Obotron defense fleet in combination with the newly restored Obotron-Fwandrei WP satellite grid have held so far, but ship losses are increasing and confidence waning.

EEE Battleship:

EEE Battleship

Cue Cappa Front

The Cue Cappa have resume their attacks in the Lezzari system. After clearing the Xiati minefield at the Lezzari-Fezzran warp point, Cue Cappa ships have destroyed much of the Watcher satellite monitoring grid and have managed to destroy some of the unit deploying Prickler and Palantir class ships. Their most recent attack against Lezzari I happened in 2413.7 with a fleet of 7 destoryers and a light cruiser. Xiati losses were minor, only the Phantom 00013 was lost, but considering how many Xiati assets were present, the Cue Cappa attack displayed increasing effectiveness.

Another failed Cue Cappa Attack against Lezzari I in 2413.7:

Battle of Lezzari I 2413.7

Other Diplomacy...

The Xiati continue to drop in the ranks against the other empires. Much of this is due to the Xiati refusal to co-habitate with other races or even open their borders to increased trade and mutual colonization. Recent non-intercourse agreements with the Norak and Jraenar empires has provided some breathing room for Emperor Tax'renath. During this time, he has worked hard to try to foster a technology trade with either the Sergetti, Terran or Phong empires but negotiations continue to fail as the Xiati are just unwilling to give other races what they want - which is usually tariffs or to open Xiati space to colonization.

A Pirate's Life Part IV

The Charger class ships have continued to hunt in the south and north for lone colonizers and support ships of the EEE and Cue Cappa. Both rival empires have become increasingly more sophisticated compared to the Xiati, so capturing the ships has proven a reliable way of securing improved technology. Recent captures have provided advances in armor, shield and engine technologies.

Quadrant Map 2414.0:

Map of Known Space 2414.0

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