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Turns 2415.1 to 2416.0

Xiati Offensive goes Defensive...

The last year has been full of highs and lows for Emperor Tax'renath and the Xiati Empire. Starting with a stunning row of victories against the EEE and Cue Cappa, it was looking like fortunes were turning for the Xiati. The victories were their first major offensive attacks in the long drawn out war against the EEE-Cue Cappa alliance and it looked like the Xiati would be able to get some breathing room. However, as the calendar approached 2416, the push back from both powers was fierce and the unexpected surge by the Jraenar southwards has Emperor Tax'renath scrambling to re-secure Xiati border defenses.

Jraenar War

For most of the last year, the Jraenar were content to strike the Xiati through a campaign of sabotage and chase down rogue Xiati Charger class boarding ships operating in the Drax and Quesstris systems. In 2415.4, the Jraenar sent the message "You say peace, but doings say war. We make it for real and rid the Xiati Empire from us." formally declaring war. With a series of dead systems (black holes, nebulae) between the Jraenar and Xiati, it was not believed that the Jraenar would operate significant military assets so far from their territory. This proved to be false. In 2415.8, Jraenar fleets simultaneously cleared two major border warp points of protective minefields, opening up the Lacerta and Eskirk systems to attack. A fleet of 10 Jraenar ships stationed intself at the Eskirk-Drax warp point while a large fleet of 18 Jraenar warships bore down on Lacerta IV.

Jraenar Battle Fleet approaches Lacerta IV:

Jraenar Battle Fleet

The Battle of Lacerta IV was difficult for the Xiati. The Lacerta Defense Fleet had been retrofitting and several of their ships were only partially repair, lacking some of their sensor and armor upgrades. Of the 15 Xiati ships (8xDEs, 5xLCs, 2xSF) present, only 9 were fully operational. The Jraenar fleet had 7 DEs, 5 LCs, 2 CRs and 4 support ships. Holding close to Lacerta IV, the Xiati fleet in combination with Lacerta IV's 4 Blaster weapon platforms were able to destroy the Jraenar fleet, but lost 3 DEs and a LC. Most of the other Xiati ships took significant damage as well. A partial minefield was restored at the Veridian-Lacerta warp point the following month to help provide some protection against another immediate incursion. Efforts are planned to place some sort of monitoring capability in the Veridian black hole system to watch for further Jraenar activity. At this point in time, the Jraenar fleet in Eskirk continues to blockade the warp point to Drax.

Battle of Lacerta IV:

Battle of Lacerta IV

EEE War Intensifies

The Obotron Defense Fleet incursion into the Fwandrei system had led to a series of successful battles against smaller EEE fleets and Charger class boarding ships raided the EEE home system, capturing several unescorted freighters and support ships. The EEE did launch some minor counter attacks, including several drone group attacks against the Obotron Defense Fleet and a minor fleet skirmish in 2415.4.

Obotron Defense Group takes out EEE Counter Attack at Fwandrei-Obotron Warp Point in 2415.4:

EEE Counter Attack 2415.4

Further south, an EEE fleet had to tried to clear the massive Reticulum-Cydonia minefield in 2415.4 but severely underestimated its size. At least 8 EEE ships were destroyed, but 2 battleships, a destroyer and large freighter were left crippled. A task force of Phantom, Striker and Charger class ships were dispatched from Reticulum IV in the adjoining sector. After disarming the two partially active EEE Battleships, the Charger class ships spent the next two months capturing the 4 EEE assets. Although damaged, they provided signficant technological bounty.

EEE Battleship Captured by Charger 0005 in 2415.4:

EEE Battleship Captured

With a string of successful attacks, Xiati confidence was extremely high. In 2415.5, the EEE, operating beyond the Obotron Defense Fleet's sensor ranage, had successfully breached the Fwandrei-Utekra minefield with a small fleet, clearing over 285 mines in the process. The Utekra system had been left mostly unprotected when the Utekra Defense Fleet was sent to the Lezzari system to the Cue Cappa front. This was the first EEE move against the Utekra system in almost 10 years. The EEE fleet was small, 3xCRs and 3 Minesweepers. Sensing an opportunity to capture some EEE Cruisers, Emperor Tax'renath split the Obotron Defense group and sent 2 Phantoms, 2 Protectors, a Dauntless and Striker class ships along with the Charger 0007. In 2415.6, the Xiati task force clashed with the EEE Cruisers. The battle was difficult and although an EEE cruiser was captured, most of the task force was destroyed - 2 Phantoms, a Protector and Striker. The analysis of the EEE Cruiser did yield an important level of Medium Ship Construction technology allowing the Xiati to potentially upsize their existing light cruisers to 600kT.

The splitting of the Obotron Defense Fleet in Fwandrei ended up being a major mistake for the Xiati. The high cost ship capture stunt had cost a number of ships and served as a turning point for the Xiati's activities in Fwandrei. The famed Charger 0007 was lost in 2415.7 to an EEE fighter group that had chased it down while it was enroute to a new target. Continued EEE drone attacks ended up being a distraction and the remainder of the Obotron Defense Fleet was obliterated in a surprise attack by a massive EEE fleet that had struck from the Lylat system. The loss of the Obotron Defense Fleet (with zero losses for the EEE) was a major setback.

EEE Battle Fleet about to engage the remainder of the Obotron Defense Fleet in 2415.8:

EEE Battle Fleet 2415.8

During the Fwandrei incursion, Palantir class satellite layers had restored the Obotron-Fwandrei warp point satellite grid to 45 Dart B seeker sats. At this moment, the grid is the only majordefense against the EEE fleet if it decides to enter the Obotron system. The loss of the Obotron Defense Fleet has left a huge hole in the Xiati's central defenses and it will take at least a year to restore a significant ship presence in the system.

Cue Cappa War

In 2415.0, a reinforced Lezzari Defense Fleet (bolstered with ships borrowed from the Utekra Defense Fleet) left Lezzari I and headed for the Fezzran system. Early in the Xiati Empire's history, they had colonized Fezzran II before the colony was wiped out by the Cue Cappa, one of the precipitating events of the war. The 31 ship strong fleet was equipped with two Invader class transports, both laden with Pillager troops and Stinger fighters. Fezzran II was protected with weapon platforms and a small defense station with some satellites in orbit of the planet. The Lezzari Defense Fleet was broken up into two wedges, one focused to target the planet's surface and disable the weapon platforms and the other to take out the station and the satellites. The attack went well, but at some cost as the Xiati ships were required to pass close to the planet in order to engage the weapon platforms. Of the 31 ships in the fleet, 2 Phantoms, 2 Raptors and 2 Dauntless class light cruisers were lost.

Battle of Fezzran II 2415.1:

Battle of Fezzran II 2415.1

The ground battle to capture Fezzran II was relatively easy. A total of 100 Pillager troops and 20 Stinger fighters were able to easily overwhelm the small garrison of Cue Cappa troops left protecting the colony after the bombardment. Fortunately for the Xiati, the colony was captured mostly intact with a number of much need Research and Intelligence facilities fully operational. The over 215M Cue Cappa residents have so far have been cooperative, perhaps due to the extensive Xiati military presence. Emperor Tax'renath has insisted all acts of brutality be avoided at this time.

Ground Battle to Capture Fezzran II

Ground Battle to Capture Fezzran II

The Cue Cappa were not going to let Fezzran II go easily. Almost immediately after its capture, two Cue Cappa fleets entered the Fezzran system on course for the newly conquered planet. The first fleet attacked in 2415.3 and included a fully loaded troop transport with the aim of taking back the planet. The newly re-named Fezzran Defense Fleet, although partially damaged still from the earlier battle, was superior in numbers and repelled the invasion force.

Cue Cappa Troop Transport attempts to land troops to re-take Fezzran II in 2415.3:

Battle of Fezzran II 2415.3

A second more significant attempt to re-take Fezzran II by the Cue Cappa happened in 2415.9. The second fleet had waited several months before attacking while it gained reinforcements from the southern Cue Cappa systems, which brought it up to 18 ships (9xDEs,6xLCs,1xCR,1xBB,1xLF). Matching the slightly more numerous Fezzran Defense Fleet in tonnage, the Cue Cappa fleet struck hard against Fezzran II. However, the combination of Xiati orbital firepower and the newly constructed Blaster B weapon platforms was too much and the entire Cue Cappa invasion force was destroyed. The Xiati managed to lose only a single DE and LC.

Battle of Fezzran II 2415.9:

Battle of Fezzran II 2415.9

Xiati Outlook...

The capture of Fezzran II and combat victories over the EEE in early 2415 provided a big boost to Emperor Tax'renath's support. The Xiati had waited a long time before taking the offensive, but it had appeared Tax'renath's patience and preparation had paid off. However, the last few months have forced the Xiati to scramble against a major counter attack on three fronts. Tax'renath's rivals have hammered away saying the Xiati should have continued to build their own defenses rather than making bold ambitious strikes against numerical superior enemies. If it wasn't for successful defenses of Lacerta IV and Fezzran II, it is likely Emperor Tax'renath would have been overthrown.

All Xiati energies and resources are being put into efforts to restore the fleet and increase warp point defenses on all border warp points. It is etimated it will take at least 1-2 years to bring the fleet back up to where it was in 2415.0 and perhaps another year to complete a new series of much needed retrofits.

Quadrant Map 2416.0:

Map of Known Space 2416.0

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