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Turns 2414.1 to 2415.0

The Last 5 Years...

Over the last 5 years, the Xiati Empire has seen little in overall growth in its colonies and population, of which the latter has fallen a bit through ongoing conflicts. However, overall resource productivity has been increased through technological upgrades and expanding resource gathering to asteroid fields. Research and intelligence production has flatlined with no space available to expand those activities. Overall population happiness has improved slightly, but mostly due to a heavy military presence. The Xiati's position in the quadrant has continued to fall as the rival empires have banded together and pooled their resources and technological capabilities. Although it can be debated, Emperor Tax'renath still contends that the Xiati are one of the top 3 powers in terms of military strength. This perceived strength, after a long period of defensive action, may be the impetus for the Xiati to finally start pushing back.

Xiati Summary 2415.0:

Xiati Empire Summmary

Quadrant Comparison:

Empire Game Scores

Xiati Fleet Report

Emperor Tax'renath's ambitious ship building plan has doubled the number of Xiati warships in the last 5 years and the overall fleet size is comparable in numbers to the other major powers. Comprised mainly of destroyers and light cruisers, the Xiati fleet on a ship-to-ship basis is technologically inferior versus rivals, but has performed well in combat due to advanced tactics and favourable numbers. Recent enemy ship captures and deconstructions have provided much needed upgrades to shield and sensor systems which are currently being retrofitted in across the fleet. Significant upgrades for armor and engine systems are pending, but their high costs and active conflicts might delay their widescale deployment.

Ships and Bases of the Xiati Empire:




Design Type

In Service

Xiati Frigate Forager D 250kT Frigate Ship (Scout) 6
Xiati Destroyer Raptor F 400kT Destroyer Ship (Attack S) 24
Xiati Destroyer Phantom D 400kT Destroyer Ship (Seeker S) 29
Xiati Destroyer Protector B 400kT Destroyer Ship (Point-Defense) 13
Xiati Light Cruiser Dauntless D 570kT Light Cruiser Ship (Defense S) 15
Xiati Light Cruiser Striker B 570kT Light Cruiser Ship (Seeker M) 15
Xiati Cruiser Defiant A 780kT Cruiser Ship (Defense M) 5
Xiati Destroyer Charger C 400kT Destroyer Ship (Boarding) 5
Xiati Freighter Fixer A 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Repair) 7
Xiati Freighter Prickler 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Mine Layer) 6
Xiati Freighter Sweeper 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Mine Sweeper) 10
Xiati Freighter Palantir 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Satellite Layer) 3
Xiati Freighter Invader 500kT Small Freighter Transport (Troop) 2
Xiati Freighter Transporter 500kT Small Freighter Transport (Cargo) 3
Xiati Freighter Aggregator 1,000kT Medium Freighter Ship (Remote Mining) 9
Xiati Freighter Extractor 1,000kT Medium Freighter Ship (Remote Refining) 4
Xiati Spacestation Space Yard 500kT Small Base Base (Space Yard) 5

Jraenar Conflict

The Jraenar broke their ceasefire agreement in 2414.4, just a year and a half after it was established and immediately started up a powerful intelligence campaign across the Xiati Empire, resulting in numerous bombings and other acts of sabotage, most notable setting back Xiati research activities several months. Jraenar patrol ships have attempted to pick off individual Xiati Forager and Charger class ships operating in the north without much success. However, they have begun employing small Drone groups in the region, culiminating to date with a raid on Eskirk III. While the raid wasn't overly successful, it did deplete the colony of its fighter squadron and forced Emperor Tax'renath to move additional ships to the system. The Jraenar do have several larger fleets stationed in the Yullado and Yoshri systems, but haven't tried advancing them yet to Xiati territory.

Stinger Fighters engage Jraenar Drone Group at Eskirk III:

Jraenar Drone Group


The EEE continued to attack the Xiati on multiple fronts. In 2414.2, an EEE fleet (3xFGs,5xDEs,1xLC,1xCR,2xMF) was moving towards Eskirk III when it was intercepted by the numerical superior Utekra Defense Fleet, which had moved up from the Talara system. The invading EEE fleet was destroyed with only moderate damage to the Xiati ships.

Utekra Defense Fleet intercepts EEE fleet in Eskirk:

Battle of Eskirk 2414.2

At the same time, a smaller EEE fleet was destroyed attempting to breech the Obotron-Fwandrei warp point satellite group. The satellite defense grid managed to destroy the fleet, but only a single Dart satellite survived. Within the month, the remainder of the Obotron-Fwandrei warp point defenses were eliminated and a small EEE raiding fleet struck at Obotron I but was repelled by active combat components of the retrofitting Obotron Defense Fleet. A few months later, the satellite defense grid had been restored, but another EEE task force broke through, with 2 battlehips, and held the warp point for several months before the newly retrofit Obotron Defense Fleet was ordered to engage.

EEE Battleship Group:

EEE Battleship Group

After dismantling the EEE battleship group at the Obotron-Fwandrei warp point, Emperor Tax'renath ordered the Obotron Defense Fleet to move into the Fwandrei system along with several Charger class boarding ships in 2415.0. A quick sensor scan of the system indicated all the EEE colonies were heavily defended with many defensive units and immediately ruled out any planetary raids. However, a number of freighters and support ships were in close range and the Charger class ships went into action capturing an EEE Space Yard Ship and empty Population Transport. Both ships were relatively advanced and should provided some technology upgrades when they are deconstructed at Obotron I. As long as the EEE forces remain dispersed, Emperor Tax'renath intends to hold the warp point and continue to use hit and run attacks against light targets.

Cue Cappa War

With the re-establishment of minefields on the Lezzari-Cunaxa and Lezzari-Fezzran warp points, Cue Cappa incursions have slowed. Aside from some token intelligence operations, the Cue Cappa appeptite for war may be waning - at least with the Xiati. Observations show the Cue Cappa are actively expanded both in the far east against the Sergetti, but also in the southeast within the Terran Confederation.

The arrival of the Utekra Defense Fleet to Lezzari I indicates long awaiting plans to attack the Cue Cappa in the lowly populated Fezzran system may finally be in action. Between the Lezzari and Utekra fleets, the Xiati now have amassed over 40 ships in orbit. It is likely that Emperor Tax'renath will partially merge the fleets to increase firepower and support ships and two Invader class troop transports are available if capturing Fezzran II looks feasible.

Quadrant Map 2415.0:

Map of Known Space 2415.0

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