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Turns 2417.1 to 2418.0

Diplomacy Struggles

With the Jraenar, EEE and Cue Cappa actively pressuring Xiati border systems, Emperor Tax'renath has not had much success trying to rally some of the more neutral races against them or even secure additional resources through trade. In fact, the Norak and Terran empires both dropped existing trade deals with the Xiati in 2416.8 and 2417.0, likely due to pressure applied by the EEE/Cue Cappa alliance. Although the Sergetti Empire remains the most staunch Xiati ally, their empire is crumbling as Cue Cappa forces continue to invade their territory. Without the available ships to help the Sergetti cause, it looks like the Xiati will soon be alone in their stand.

Jraenar War

Having lost fleet battles in the Lacerta and Eskirk systems, the Jraenar appeared to halt their combat offensive against the Xiati. Observing in the Drax system, the Forager 0009 noted little Jraenar activity in the system except for several patrol destroyers making the rounds. However, within a few months, the Forager 0009 found itself under constant attack from EEE, Norak and Jraenar ships in the system. With no suitable places to hide in the system, the Forager 0009 was forced to flee Drax in 2417.5. During this time, no active observations were possible. In late 2417.9, a massive fleet of 32 Jraenar ships broke through the Eskirk-Drax warp point defenses and now threatens Eskirk III directly. With the Eskirk Defense Fleet south in the Talara system a couple of months away, the threat to Eskirk III is high.


With the Utekra-Fwandrei warp point breached, the EEE flooded the Utekra system with 3 fleets in 2417.1. A large defensive fleet of 29 ships held the warp point, while two attack fleets of 18 and 37 ships made their way north in the system. The Utekra Defense Fleet consisted of 23 total ships, but remained in orbit of Utekra I as Emperor Tax'renath did not want to risk a direct battle with the EEE's more advanced ships. Utekra I and IV were both heavily fortified and new Blaster C weapon platforms were under construction. However, based on the EEE fleets' trajectories, it was felt that both fleets were moving towards the Talara system, which was much less protected. Immediately, the Eskirk Defense Fleet was moved south towards the Talara V, the most likely EEE target. Tax'renath also decided if both fleets pushed through the Talara warp point, then elements of the Utekra Defense Fleet would be moved north as well - although this left the Utekra system more vulnerable to the defending EEE fleet should it decide to attack.

EEE incursion into the Utekra System:

EEE incursion into Utekra 2417.1

The most significant problem Emperor Tax'renath faced against the EEE was that their ships were generally superior to the Xiati. Without the advantage of numbers or planetary defenses, the Xiati ships would be massacred as the Obotron Defense Fleet was. On average, EEE ships were larger and armed with a host of Plasma Missiles, Meson Blasters, and on battleships, Repulser Beams. To overcome the EEE's advantages, Tax'renath needed to feature a mix of fighters (to soften EEE targets and overwhelm their PD) and lots of Protector class point-defense ships to neutralize the EEE's long range missile attack. In addition, the Xiati needed to maintain numerical supremacy and make use of their Event Predictor facilities whenever possible.

By 2417.2, the destinations of the EEE attack fleets were deduced. The smaller fleet of 18 ships was on a direct course to attack Talara V. The larger fleet was heading towards the Eskirk warp point. All Prickler class mine layers, conveniently stationed at Talara III (a mine producing colony), went to work to heavily mine the Talara-Eskirk warp point with just over 400 mines. The Utekra Defense Fleet was dispatched to Talara V were it would arrive just before the EEE fleet. The Eskirk Defense Fleet was held up on the Eskirk side of the Eskirk-Talara warp point, where it could directly attack any surviving elements of the EEE attack fleet if it made through the minefield. In 2417.3, the first major battle occured in orbit of Talara V.

EEE Fleet approaches Talara V in 2417.3:

Battle of Talara V in 2417.3

Utekra Defense Fleet over Talara V:

Utekra Defense Fleet protects Talara V

The EEE attack fleet (10xDEs,4xLCs,1xCR,1xBB,1xDrone CX,11xDrones,1xMF) was first met by a wave of 75 Stinger B fighters which helped to break up the EEE fleet formation and reduce their overall shield strength. The Utekra Defense Fleet (11xDEs,8xLCs,2xCRs) remained in orbit over the north pole of Talara V provided the best point-defense coverage against the pending EEE Plasma Missile barrage. The battle was intense but ultimately the Xiati prevailed and destroyed the invading EEE fleet entirely. The Xiati lost 2 Dauntless class LCs, the entire Talara V fighter squadron and the planet itself suffered moderate damage to its facilities and weapon platforms.

Battle of Talara V in 2417.3:

Battle of Talara V in 2417.3

After the victory at Talara V, Xiati hopes to repel the EEE invasion were somewhat dashed. The large 37 ship EEE attack fleet encountered the 422 strong minefield at the Talara- Eskirk warp point, but managed to sweep 362 mines and the remaining 60 only did minor damage to the EEE's shields. More surprising though, was that the EEE fleet changed course and was now heading to the Talara-Arcturus warp point. This suggested to Emperor Tax'renath, that the EEE's fleet destination was probably the Xiati home system of Xiria, since that was the only common system on the fleet's projected route. Moving at a speed of about 6 sectors per month, the EEE fleet would breach the Orion-Arturus warp point within 4 months. A plan was quickly formulated to consolidate all satellite producing operations in the Xiria and Orion systems (originally planned for the Eskirk, Lacerta and Obotron warp points) to form a last stand defense at the Orion-Arcturus warp point. The Utekra Defense Fleet and the fastest elements of the Eskirk Defense Fleet were merged and dispatched slightly ahead of the EEE fleet towards the warp point. By 2417.7, a total of 100 Stinger fighters, 85 Dart satellites and 30 ships of the Utekra Defense Fleet were at the warp point.

Xiati Defenses in Wait at Orion-Arcturus Warp Point in 2417.7:

Xiati Defenses in Wait at Orion-Arcturus WP in 2417.7

The EEE Fleet (13xDEs,12xLCs,2xCRs,4xBBs,1xDrone CX,11xDrones,3xMF,2xLF) breached the warp point in 2417.8 and the resulting battle was the largest to date for both empires. The overwhelming Xiati firepower around the warp point shredded the EEE ships as they emerged. A single EEE LC survived the initial combat but was cut down fleeing the sector. No Xiati ships were lost, although many of the unit defenses were destroyed. The overwhelming victory for the Xiati was celebrated across the empire.

Battle of Orion-Arcturus WP in 2417.8:

Battle of Orion-Arcturus WP in 2417.8

Results of the Battle of Orion-Arcturus WP:

Results of the Battle of Orion-Arcturus WP

During the Utekra-Talara-Orion incursion, the Xiati were also busy in the Obotron system. An EEE battle group had been occupying the Obotron-Fwandrei warp point since the destruction of the original Obotron Defense Fleet in 2415.8. Finally, almost 1.5 years later, the newly re-formed Obotron Defense Group (9xDEs,13xLCs,2xCRs) was dispatched to to finish off the EEE fleet (5xDEs,5xLCs,1xCR,2xBB,1xMF). At the small cost of only 1 LC, the Obotron Defense Fleet finally exacted revenge on the EEE fleet that destroyed its predecessor. With the Obotron-Fwandrei warp point re-taken, Palantir class satellite layers moved in quickly to drop new Dart satellites.

Battle of Obotron-Fwandrei in 2417.4:

Battle of Obotron-Fwandrei 2417.4

Despite losing over 100 ships in the last year, the EEE have been undeterred. Even worse for the Xiati, despite these victories, their position is not much better than it was a few years ago. The EEE's industrial base is untouched and they can quickly rebuild their fleets and the Utekra-Fwandrei warp point is still open and guarded by yet another large EEE fleet. Some defenses have been restored but until the Xiati can do significant damage to the EEE's colony base, this war will continue indefinately.

Cue Cappa War

For more than a year, the Cue Cappa held the Lezzari-Cunaxa warp point. Although the Xiati had stashed a stockpile of defense units on Lezzari I for placement at the warp point, the persistent Cue Cappa presence blocked any placement options available. Finally in 2417.8, with additional ships arriving from the Fezzran Defense Fleet, the Lezzari Defense Fleet finally took action against the Cue Cappa. In combination with 75 Stinger fighters, the Lezzari Defense Fleet attacked in 2417.8. The Stinger fighters hit first, breaking the Cue Cappa formation and damaging several of the ships heavily. Using their range advantage, the Lezzari Defense Fleet launched several waves of ABMs before moving in closer to finished off the remaining Cue Cappa ships. Although one Raptor DE was lost plus the entire Lezzari fighter squadron, the battle was a rout for the Xiati. Once the Cue Cappa were removed, new defenses were immediately established and the Lezzari Defense Fleet remains in place.

Fighters Engage the Cue Cappa at the Battle of Lezzari-Cunaxa Warp Point:

Battle of Lezzari-Cunaxa Warp Point 2417.8

Fleet-to-Fleet Combat at the Battle of Lezzari-Cunaxa Warp Pointin 2417.8:

Battle of Lezzari-Cunaxa Warp Point 2417.8

A Pirate's Life Part VI

Charger class ships operating in the Utekra system made several important captures of EEE combat ships attempting to join EEE fleets that had moved onto the Talara system. The resulting improvements to shields and point-defense weapons are already being implemented into upgraded Xiati designs. Thanks to the efforts of the Charger class crews, the technological gap between the Xiati ships and their counterparts is almost nil.

Quadrant Map 2418.0:

Map of Known Space 2418.0

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