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Turns 2418.1 to 2419.0

Xiati have Anger Issues

Despite the incredible success the Xiati have had defended their space from the advances of the EEE, Cue Cappa and Jraenar, the Xiati populace has become increasingly unstable and angry. The constant threat of attack, frequent sabotage and longstanding wars continue to sap support from Emperor Tax'renath. With riots recently breaking out on Ootoola VI and Orion II, a concerted effort is being made by Tax'renath's subordinates to fortify the colonies with additional troops and a host of diversions from temporal vacation services to environmental improvements. Although it is thought the worst is over, the significant losses in productivity will be felt for years to come.

Xiati Isolation

After dealing several blows to the EEE, Jraenar and Cue Cappa in the past couple of years, the Xiati have felt their wrath in the diplomatic arena. The Phong, Norak and Terran empires had all become increasingly hostile and dissolved diplomatic relations. Although direct interactions with these empires have been sporadic and not worthy of their "murderous" demeanor, they all maintained very lucrative trade with the EEE-Cue Cappa-Jraenar triumvirate. The Xiati's combat successes were not appreciated. The Sergetti Empire remains loyal, if only for the resources they draw through trade with the Xiati, as they attempt to desperately stave off the Cue Cappa.


After major fleet losses in the Orion and Talara systems, the EEE pulled their remaining ships from Utekra back into the Fwandrei system in 2418.1. In response, the Xiati quickly deployed new warp point defenses and stationed the Utekra Defense Fleet (approximately 30 ships) there in case the EEE fleet re-emerged. In 2418.0 and 2418.4, the EEE had launched several small attacks through the Obotron-Fwandrei warp point, which was only defended by a group of Dart ABM satellites. Although the EEE incursions failed, they did wittle down the number of protective units the Xiati had placed there. After one such attack in 2418.4, the retrofit of the Obotron Defense Fleet was finally complete and the fleet was deployed to hold the Obotron-Fwandrei warp point along with Dart ABM satellite replacements pulled from the Orion system.

In 2418.6, the EEE fleet (10xDEs,6xLCs,5xCRs,6xBBs,2xMF,5xLF,1xCXD,11xDrones) that had previously broken through the Utekra-Fwandrei warp point, attempted to breach the Obotron-Fwandrei warp point. The Xiati had 45 Dart B/C ABM satellites along with the Ootoola Defense Fleet (9xDEs,12xLCs,2xCRs) stationed in orbit. As the EEE ships emerged from the warp point, volleys of ABMs slammed into their hulls and many of the smaller EEE ships were destroyed before the glow of the warp point transit had faded. The larger EEE cruisers and battleships survived the initial onslaught and fought valiantly, but the overwhelming firepower of the Xiati could not be matched. At the ended of the battle, the Xiati had lost 40 satellites, 2 destroyers and a light cruiser. The EEE had lost everything except for a cruiser, two battleships and a supply freighter that escaped past the Xiati blockade.

EEE Assault at Obotron-Fwandrei Warp Point in 2418.6:

Battle of Obotron-Fwandrei Warp Point in 2418.6

EEE survivors (1xCR,2xBBs,1xLF) from the Obotron-Fwandrei warp point battle continued to push towards Obotron I, but were intercepted by the Fornax Defense Fleet (5xDEs,8xLCs,1xCR) which had just arrived at Obotron I. The largest battle to date in the quadrant had cost the EEE another 35 ships, putting their total losses at almost 100 ships in the last year and a half.

In 2418.7, Emperor Tax'renath decided on a new strategy for the EEE war. Rather than defend the Obotron and Utekra warp points against the EEE's home system, he would move the Obotron and Utekra Defense Fleets into the Fwandrei system in an attempt to blockade the southern warp point to Lylat, cutting off the EEE's home system from the remainder of the EEE empire. This way, the combined power of the two fleets could likely hold out against any EEE warp point assault and the smaller Fornax Defense Fleet could pick off any individual efforts by the EEE's Fwandrei colonies to attack the Xiati blockade. Once cut off, the 3 EEE colonies including their homeworld would be isolated and more vulnerable to attack.

Much to Emperor Tax'renath's surprise, the Obotron and Utekra Defense Fleets met little resistance when they warped into the Fwandrei system. When reviewing sensor data on the EEE colonies in Fwandrei, to Xiati astonishment, the EEE homeworld (Fwandrei IV) had only a few weapon platforms present. Immediately two Invader class transports on Obotron I were fully loaded with troops and fighters and sent to join the Obotron Defense Fleet. A fleet of 12 EEE ships was stationed in orbit of Fwandrei II, but they would not be able to intercept the invasion fleet before they hit the EEE homeworld. In 2418.8, the Obotron Defense Fleet launched a surgical strike against Fwandrei IV taking out its orbital defenses first and then bombarding the surface to destroy the planet's surface defenses. The attack was successful with only a couple of ships lost and over 200 Pillager troops and Stinger fighters landed.

The EEE await the Xiati Attack:

Battle of Fwandrei IV in 2418.8

Orbital Bombardment of Fwandrei IV after EEE Orbital Defense Defeated:

Bombardment of Fwandrei IV in 2418.8

The ground invasion was met with fierce resistance. The EEE troops were larger and more heavily armed, so despite the overwhelming numbers of Xiati troops and fighters, the battle was very close and barely won by the Xiati. The captured homeworld was heavily damaged, but all infrastructure was still intact. Following the ground battle, additional troops and defenses were brought in by Xiati transports to keep the over 2.5B captured EEE under control.

Xiati ground invasion in 2418.9 to capture the EEE's homeworld, Fwandrei IV:

Xiati Ground Invasion of Fwandrei IV in 2418.9

The stunning capture of the EEE homeworld sent shockwaves through the quadrant. Immediately after, the Ukra-Tal, who had 3 colonies in the Fwandrei system, dissolved their treaty with the Xiati and the Norak declared war. Despite the diplomatic setbacks, Emperor Tax'renath pushed his advantage. The Utekra Defense Fleet (35 ships) arrived and blockaded the Fwandrei-Lylat warp point in 2419.0 and two accompanying Palantir satellite layers dropped 20 Dart C satellites. With no signiciant EEE resistance in the system, EEE Charger class boarding ships ran amuck in the system capturing all sorts of EEE freighters and remote resource ships, which ironically were sent to Fwandrei IV for deconstruction and analysis. The EEE's lone combat fleet (6xDEs,1xLC,1xCR,1xLF) remaining in Fwandrei was destroyed attempting to move towards the Utekra system in what appeared to be a desparate act of revenge.

In 2419.0 the Xiati moved against the homeworld's moon, Fwandrei IV A, landing another horde of Pillagertroops which were successful in capturing the EEE colony. Again, the EEE troops easily handled the Xiati Pillagers on a one-to-one basis, but their overwhelming number could not be overcome. Immediately after, Xiati military engineers were busy at work with developing new, more effective troop vehicles for future battles.

Invasion of Fwandrei IV A in 2419.0:

Xiati Ground Invasion to capture Fwandrei IVa in 2419.0

Jraenar War

The Jraenar continued to clear the Drax-Eskirk warp point of its automated defenses periodically using a large fleet they stationed at their colony on Drax I. The fleet with over 40 ships was the largest operating fleet known in the quadrant, but despite its numbers and contingent of cruiser-plus sized ships, the Jraener were reluctant to attack Eskirk III and the Xiati fleet stationed there. In response, Emperor Tax'renath scaled back efforts to blockade the warp point, instead using the resources to bolster defenses on Eskirk III, should the planet come under attack again.

Jraenar Task Force attempts to breach Eskirk-Drax warp point in 2418.5:

Jraenar Task Force attempts to breach Eskirk-Drax warp point in 2418.5

Cue Cappa War

The Cue Cappa have continued to focus their efforts on the Sergetti Empire to the far east of the Xiati Empire. The only skirmish against the Xiati in the past year was a Cue Cappa fleet breaking through the Fezzran-Falcor warp point satellite group in 2418.1. Destroying the Xiati defenses, the fleet simply continued towards the Sirius system, rather than attempt to engage the Xiati forces at Fezzran II. With difficulties on the homefront and a very hot war with the EEE, Emperor Tax'renath attempted to push through a ceasefire with the Cue Cappa sensing they might be agreeable. Unfortunately they rejected the offer - content with the status quo.

A Pirate's Life Part VII

When the Xiati launched their offensive in the Fwandrei system, the Utekra Defense Fleet was equipped with a task force of 3 Charger class boarding ships. The 3 ships were highly successful in capturing a large number of EEE non-combat ships, including population transports, remote resource ships and a space yard ship. Deconstruction and technical analysis yielded multiple levels of resource and construction technologies, which were much welcomed by the ailing Xiati economy. Other Charger class ships operating in the Quesstris and Reticulum systems, also had success raiding non-combat ships of the Cue Cappa and Norak. These captures provide improvements in engine and large ship construction techniques.

Quadrant Map 2419.0:

Map of Known Space 2419.0

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