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Space Empires VBalance Mod Game Story - Rise of the Xiati Empire

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Turns 2420.1 to 2421.0

Xiati Push Ahead...

Although the Xiati have become the primary target of the allied powers, they have continue to hold strong along their borders while simultaneously exploiting opportunities to capture key enemy colonies to provide much needed resources and population. With a run of successful engagements and enhanced security of the Xiati's core colonies, the general population has become increasingly supportive. Boosted by this support, research and production efficiences continue to improve.


At the turn of 2420.1, the Xiati launched their final assualt on the EEE in the Fwandrei system, successfully capturing the heavily defended Fwandrei IIIa. The first phase of the attack targeted the orbital defense station and surface weapon platforms with a brute-force assault by the Ootoola Defense Fleet. Although several ships were lost, the planet's defenses were destroyed and troops landed easily on the surface. With the capture of Fwandrei IIIa, the Xiati had eliminated the EEE from their home system within a year and a half and acquired several highly populated colonies with heavily developed infrastructure.

Battle of Fwandrei IIIa in 2420.1:

Battle of Fwandrei IIIa in 2420.1

With the EEE eliminated from Fwandrei, the only EEE colony remaining in close proximity to Xiati holdings was Fezzran IIIa. Xiati leader Tax'renath ordered plans to be drawn up for its capture.

Ukra-Tal War

With the EEE eliminated in the Fwandrei system, the Xiati quickly re-focused their activities to target the Ukra-Tal's 3 remaining colonies. Troops were pulled from garrison duties on the former EEE homeworld and the Ukra-Tal colony on Fwandrei I, site of a failed invasion 3 months earlier, was targeted. The overwhelming number of Xiati troops quickly captured the colony.

Ground Battle of Fwandrei I in 2420.2:

Battle of Fwandrei I in 2420.2

Following the capture of Fwandrei I, Xiati forces were quickly re-distributed and troops were landed on the nearby Fwandrei III colony after a brief orbital assault to soften the planet's defenses. The ground battle was easily won.

Ground Battle of Fwandrei III in 2420.2:

Battle of Fwandrei III in 2420.2

In 2420.6, the Xiati merged elements of the Obotron and Utekra defense fleets into the Fwandrei defense fleet. Numbering over 30 ships, the heavily armed fleet was ordered to bombard the surface of the last Ukra-Tal colony on Fwandrei VIII, which was well protected with orbital defense bases and multiple weapon platforms. The firepower of the Xiati fleet was intense and the planet's defenses were quickly dispatched and surface heavily damaged.

Orbital Bombardment of Fwandrei VIII in 2420.6:

Orbital Bombardment of Fwandrei VIII in 2420.6

Xiati Ground Forces overun Fwandrei VIII in 2420.6:

Ground Forces overrun Fwandrei VIII in 2420.6

With the capture of Fwandrei VIII, the Xiati secured the entire Fwandrei system. In less than two years, the Xiati captured all 7 colonies split between the EEE and Ukra-Tal, including over 130 facilities and 6.4B in population. The massive influx of population and resources have solidified the Xiati economy and the sole ownership of the Fwandrei system has eliminated several attack corridors providing increase security for the core Xiati colonies in the central region.

Norak War

The Norak's rapid expansion in the northern systems has been a major area of concern for the Xiati as the Norak colonies remain out of strike range for Xiati forces in the north, limiting the Xiati's ability to hasten the Norak's growth. On the other hand, the natural buffer systems between the core Norak and Xiati core colonies have limited Norak engagements to one-off assaults that to date have been repelled. After a flurry of such attacks in the 2419s, only a single Norak attack was launched against the Xiria system in 2402.5, but Xiati defenses routed the invasion fleet.

Battle of Xiria-Eskirk warp point in 2420.5:

Battle of Xiria-Eskirk warp point in 2420.5

Jraenar Vulnerable?

The Jranear continue to engage in primarily sabotage activities. As the Norak and Phong empires have expanded in the north, Jraenar influence is waning. Although the Jraenar are viewed as key members of the Anti-Xiati block, some in the Xiati Empire feel that the Jraenar might be persuaded to switch sides as their allies continue to encroach their territory.

Cue Cappa Lull

The Cue Cappa continue to evade direct engagements with the Xiati aside from the occassional minefield encounter. Cue Cappa forces continue eliminating Sergetti resistance in the far east systems and the Sergetti Empire itself is nearing complete destruction. Emperor Tax'renath has considered pushing Xiati fleet assests into those arenas to assist but the distances involve would leave the Fezzran system extremely vulnerable.

Phong War

The Phong have slowly pushed into the top position in the quadrant by becoming key trading partners and establishing colonies throughout the entire western portion of the quadrant. Allies with all the major powers except the Xiati, the Phong have started to actively push combat fleets into Xiati border systems. Their target of choice has been the isolated colony of Reticulum IV, which was attacked in both 2420.3 and 2420.8. Both attacks were repelled but more significant Phong fleets have been sighted in the nearby Prot and Haphik systems.

Battle of Reticulum IV in 2420.8:

Battle of Reticulum IV in 2402.8

Quadrant Map 2421.0:

Map of Known Space 2421.0

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