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Turns 2419.1 to 2420.0

Xiati Empire Report

Over the last 5 years, the Xiati Empire has managed to hold its own against its rivals in the face of increasing diplomatic isolation and a limited resource base. Although research and technological development has been sacrificed to allow for resource gathering and intelligence defense, Emperor Tax'renath has proven extremely resourceful in finding ways to close the gap. The last few years has seen a remarkable run of Xiati combat victories, which have led to the successful capture of EEE and Cue Cappa colonies. At the same time, the Xiati Empire went through severe internal discord and economic hardship, but somehow managed to keep the empire from collapsing. The outlook is not good as the Xiati Empire remains the primary target of all the major races in the quadrant.

Xiati Empire Summary 2420.0:

Xiati Empire Summary 2420.0

Although the Xiati Empire ranks low by conventional measures, the Xiati have managed to be successful by keying in on specific technologies, self-sufficiency and a highly effective combat fleet. The Xiati's remote resource operations are the quadrant's most extensive, and if counted towards resource totals would make the Xiati's total resource production over 1mT.

Empire Comparison 2420.0:

Empire Score Comparison 2420.0

Xiati Empire Colony Report

The Xiati Empire now consists of 25 planets including thier homeworld Xiati Prime. After Xiati Prime, the next 3 most popolous colonies under Xiati control are the former (and very lucrative) EEE Fwandrei colonies, captured in a series of daring attacks. All Xiati colonies are very mature with highly developed infrastructure, although in the past few years, some colonies have become increasingly specialized.

Xiati Empire Colonies:

Xiati Empire Colonies

Xiati Empire Fleet Report

The Xiati fleet was the largest in the quadrant by number of ships until recently passed by the Ukra-Tal Collective. Performance of the fleet has been excellent, mostly due to careful control of engagements, rather than inherent design supremecy. Ship upgrades have become increasingly common as new technology was acquired, which in turn greatly increased the cost per kT of ship for the empire. With higher maintenance costs, it's been a challenge to continue to support the fleet with the current resource base and recent combat losses haven't been replaced. With the Phong and Ukra-Tal becoming increasing hostile, the currently ship sparse western front looks to become the next crisis zone.

Xiati Empire Ships and Bases:




Design Type

In Service

Xiati Frigate Forager G 250kT Frigate Ship (Scout) 5
Xiati Destroyer Raptor I 400kT Destroyer Ship (Attack S) 14
Xiati Destroyer Phantom G 400kT Destroyer Ship (Seeker S) 24
Xiati Destroyer Protector E 400kT Destroyer Ship (Point-Defense) 15
Xiati Light Cruiser Dauntless G 570kT Light Cruiser Ship (Defense S) 23
Xiati Light Cruiser Striker F 570kT Light Cruiser Ship (Seeker M) 8
Xiati Cruiser Defiant E 870kT Cruiser Ship (Defense M) 16
Xiati Battleship Ravager 1,040kT Battleship Ship (Attack L) 5
Xiati Destroyer Charger F 400kT Destroyer Ship (Boarding) 6
Xiati Freighter Fixer C 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Repair) 11
Xiati Freighter Prickler A 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Mine Layer) 4
Xiati Freighter Sweeper A 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Mine Sweeper) 11
Xiati Freighter Palantir B 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Satellite Layer) 7
Xiati Freighter Invader C 500kT Small Freighter Transport (Troop) 2
Xiati Freighter Transporter 500kT Small Freighter Transport (Cargo) 3
Xiati Freighter Aggregator 1,000kT Medium Freighter Ship (Remote Mining) 18
Xiati Freighter Extractor 1,000kT Medium Freighter Ship (Remote Refining) 12
Xiati Spacestation Space Yard D 700kT Small Base Base (Space Yard) 9
Xiati Spacestation Neutralizer 700kT Small Base Base (Defense S) 1

Ravager Class Battleship:

Ravager Class Battleship


The stunning capture of the EEE's homeworld and moon was quickly followed up with the capture of the EEE colony on Fwandrei II in 2419.2. The orbital phase of the battle went quickly and over 225 Pillager troops were dropped on the surface. The ground battle was fierce and the EEE troops, even though they were outnumbered 5 to 1, cut through the Xiati troops with their superior firepower. In the end, only 13 Xiati troops remained after the last EEE troop vehicle was destroyed. With the capture, the Xiati had another 2.5B EEE under their control and a host of mostly intact Research and Intelligence facilities.

Most of the Xiati effort since then has been to quickly build up the defenses of the Fwandrei colonies (in case the Ukra-Tal attack) and continue to drop additional troops on the planets to ensure compliance of the former EEE citizens. The EEE still have their colony on Fwandrei IIIa, their last outpost in their former home system, but Emperor Tax'renath has been reluctant to attack the tiny moon as it is heavily armed with multiple weapon platforms and a defense base in orbit and has little resource value.

The former Utekra Defense Fleet, now the Fwandrei Defense Fleet, continues to hold the Fwandrei-Lylat warp point. So far, no attempts have been made by the EEE to breach the warp point. With the loss of half their population and over 100 ships in the last three years, the EEE may settle for a period of re-building. The Ukra-Tal on the other hand have continued to send fighter sorties to harrass the fleet and with their 3 Fwandrei colonies cut off, it can be expected they will try and liberate them with a push through the warp point in the near future.

Xiati's newest warship Ravager 0001 destroys a lone wolf EEE Light Cruiser in the Xiria System:

Ravager 0001 destroys EEE Light Cruiser in the Xiria System

Norak War

The Norak appear to have identified the Xiati as the biggest threat to their safety as they've quickly become the most aggressive combatant with the Xiati after the EEE's fall in Fwandrei. Operating primarily out of the Drax system, the Norak have taken advantage of the undefended Eskirk-Drax warp point to send several fleets into the Eskirk system. A fleet of 18 ships (4xDEs,5xLCs,1xCR,4xBB,1xCXF,65xFighters,1xMF,2xLF) entered the system in 2419.4 and appeared to approach Eskirk III at first, but instead were heading for the Xiati home system of Xiria. The Xiati's Lacerta Defense Fleet had been in transit to Eskrik and held at the Xiria-Eskirk warp point. With a month to spare, the Eskirk Defense Fleet was sent ahead of the Norak fleet into Xiria along with a pair of Palantir satellite layers, which dropped 20 Dart and Ray satellites. The Xiati's combined forces at the warp point were 15xDEs, 6xLCs, 1xCR, 2xBB and 20xSats. Even at a tactical disadvantage, the Norak ships were powerful, and while their fleet was destroyed they managed to inflict significant losses on the Xiati, who lost all satellites along with 6 destroyers and 6 light cruisers in the battle.

Battle of Xiria-Eskirk warp point in 2419.6:

Battle of Xiria-Eskirk Warp Point

A second Norak fleet of 14 ships (6xDEs,7xLCs,1xCXF,41xFighters) moved into the Eskirk system on a direct course for Eskirk III in 2419.6. The remaining ships of the combined Lacerta/Eskirk fleets were sent to Eskirk III for repair and resupply. In addition to the 12 Xiati ships (9xDEs,1xCR,2xBBs), Eskirk had 30 satellites a squadron of 105 Stinger fighters. During the battle, the Xiati fleet was held in orbit of Eskirk III while the fighters engaged the Norak fleet at a distance. A number of the smaller Norak ships were heavily damaged at this time. However, the Norak fighters were formidable and dispatched most of the smaller Xiati fighters easily. As the fleet approached Eskirk III, the Xiati fired multiple waves of ABMs which took out most of the Norak ships before they could get into weapons range. The Norak were using primarily short and medium range high-energy discharge weapons, Ripper Beams (RBs) and Incinerator Beams (IBs). In close quarters, the weapons were devastating (as they were in the battle of Xiria-Eskirk WP) but when held at long range, the Xiati had the tactical advantage. The Xiati managed not to lose a ship or satellite in the battle, but did lose 89 Stinger fighters.

Battle of Eskirk III in 2419.8:

Battle of Eskirk III

Jraenar War

The Jraenar continue to remain passive and have not attempted a direct attack against the Xiati for almost 2 years. However, they continue to maintain control of the Eskirk-Drax warp point, which in turn has provided their more aggressive Norak allies to continue to raid the Eskirk and Xiria systems. At this point in time, the Xiati lack the available ships in the north to tackle the Jraenar in an offensive engagement.

Ukra-Tal War Starts

Although the Ukra-Tal maintained modest relations with the Xiati Empire for a long time, the rapid destruction of the EEE's fleets and colonies in Fwandrei quickly changed their demeanor towards the Xiati and led to Imperator Weshra-Tal dissolving the non-aggression treaty. With 3 colonies in the Fwandrei system and a colony in Reticulum, the Ukra-Tal have responded by launching multiple fighter sorties against soft Xiati targets, such as the Watcher satellite network in reticulum. In response, the Xiati attacked Fwandrei I, a key resource producing colony, and landed troops there in 2419.9. The initial ground attack stalled when the remaining Xiati troops could not destroy the intact weapon platforms on the surface. Their formidable organic armor regenerates too quickly for the small Xiati troops to damage. Further bombardment of the surface will be required before the Xiati can take the planet.

Cue Cappa War

The Cue Cappa continue to avoid Xiati territory, preferring instead to push their way further into Sergetti territory. Intelligence to date suggests they have been rather successful in their attacks, either wiping out or capturing Sergetti colonies in the Sirius and Deneb systems. Emperor Tax'renath has considered dispatching the Fezzran Defense Fleet eastward to aid the Sergetti, or more precisely to prevent Cue Cappa expansion, but the new Norak threat from the north has probably put those plans on hold.

Fear the Phong?

The Phong Confederation dissolved their treaty with the Xiati in the late 2418s and have been moving ships into the Bespin and Firaxis systems, which are adjacent to the Xiati systems of Ventrux and Fornax. A small fleet of 11 Phong ships recently swept the minefield at Ventrux-Bespin warp point in 2419.9 and is holding that position. Emperor Tax'renath is displeased but also concerned as the Xiati only have a small fleet stationed at Ventrux II (12 ships) and the even smaller Fornax Defense Fleet (down to 7 ships) is still enroute from the Obotron system after its role in the Fwandrei invasion was completed. The Phong have a massive industrial base and if they bring the majority of their fleet to bear, the Xiati will not have the ability to stop them at this time.

State of the Quadrant

The Xiati Empire occupies, almost exclusively, most of the quadrant's central systems. To the southeast, the Cue Cappa and EEE have co-inhabit many of the systems with the Ukra-Tal holding a few colonies within that area. The Ukra-Tal's main base is southwest, where they continue to squeeze the Terran Confederation back into their home system in one of the quadrant's only wars that doesn't involve the Xiati. The Phong have a strong presence in the west, but their friendly demeanor and keen mercantile ways have allowed them to colonize many planets in the north amongst Jraenar and Norak territory. The Jraenar are mostly in the northwest but now share most of their systems with other races. The Norak are concentrated across the north from east to west and are looking to move southward. Lastly, the quickly fading Sergetti Empire only occupies a small area in the extreme northeast.

Quadrant Map 2420.0:

Map of Known Space 2420.0

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