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Space Empires VBalance Mod Game Story - Rise of the Xiati Empire

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Turns 2426.1 to 2427.0

Resource Crunch

With the escalating costs of the Xiati Fleet Modernization program, the Xiati treasury was running significant resource deficits. The loss of Sergetti trade income due to political sabotage pushed the resource economy to the brink. Fortunately, the recent capture of Drax IV from the Phong provided a significant supply of both minerals and radioactives which eased the crunch to some degree. However, several of the refit designs were scaled back and plans for complete engine replacement dropped. Additional remote resource ships are under construction which will now focus on collecting resources from uninhabitable planets. Resource facility upgrades are also in progress and once completed should help cover the additional maintenance costs.

Battle for the Lylat System Continues...

The recently captured Lylat V and Lylat IXa quickly became new targets for EEE and Cue Cappa forces entering the system from the adjacent Cydonia and Gweebik systems. With Xiati forces needed to protect the colonies, no warp point blockades were possible. The EEE struck Lylat V in 2464.4 with a fleet of 20 ships but were destroyed by the planet's newly constructed defences and the Lylat Defense Fleet. The next month, a second EEE fleet of 23 ships attacked and destroyed the Lylat IXa colony with heavy losses. The Lylat Attack Fleet stationed there hastily retreated once it became obvious the planet could not be defended. Fortunately Xiati casulaties were light, but several million captured Ukra-Tal were killed. The next month, Xiati fleet reinforcements struck back against the remainder of the EEE fleet destroying it.

EEE Dreadnoughts glass Lylat IXa:

The Loss of Lylat IXa

The Eastern Front

With insufficient ships to control the warp points into the Sirius system, the Xiati were forced to continuously defend Sirius V from Cue Cappa and EEE warships. In 2426.5, consectutive attacks from both empires (19 and 21 ships) left the planet moderately damaged and destroyed both the orbital Neutralizer defense base and satellite network.

An EEE Fleet attacks Sirius V in 2426.5:

An EEE Fleet attacks Sirius V in 2426.5

Fortunately the planet held fast as nearby Xiati fleet assests had been split in half with one contingent sent back to the Fezzran system to deal with warp point incursions from the Falcor system in the south, while the other half was blocking the Sirius-Andross warp point. In 2426.8, a large EEE fleet (4xDEs,1xLC,2xCRs,5xBBs,2xDNs,3xDCXs,27xMDr) launched a surprise attack against Fezzran II and the Fezzran Defense Fleet (6xDEs,16xLCs,4xCRs,2xSFs). The drone carrier attack was a first from the EEE but was not successful as the Fezzran fleet used the planet as a shield and the EEE fleet was picked off one by one.

EEE Fleet with Drones targets Fezzran II:

EEE Fleet with Drones targets Fezzran II

The Cue Cappa also made their first attack against the Lezzari-Cunaxa warp point in several years. The attack was unexpected and forced a renewed effort to build new satellite reinforcements for the warp point.

Taking a Defensive Posture

After some aggressive risk taking in the 2425s with incursions into enemy territory in the north, east and west, the Xiati were forced back when enemy counterattacks highlighted vulnerabilities in Xiati border defenses leaving colonies exposed. In the east, plans in the Drepana system were dropped and forces moved back into the Ventrux system to deal with frequent probing attacks by the Phong, Norak and Ukra-Tal. Plans to invade additional Drax colonies were put on hold and forces held at Drax IV instead to safeguard the mineral rich colony. In the west, fleets were split up to protect key points in the Lezzari-Fezzran-Sirius system chain - ruling out any additional risky attacks against fortified EEE and Cue Cappa colonies in Sirius. With limited resources available and the Xiati fleet maxed out in size, it seems this defensive posture might hold up for several years.

Quadrant Map 2427.0:

Map of Known Space 2427.0

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