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Turns 2427.1 to 2428.0

Resource Crisis Averted

After struggling on the resource front during the 2426s, upgrades and new capacity came online just in time to balance resource expenditures. The new Harvester class remote farming ships were particularly effective in conjunction with the Resource Converter Facility in the Fwandrei system.

End of the Terran Conferation

In late 2427.7, communications were received that indicated the Terran Confederation had surrended to the Ukra-Tal Collective. The two empires had been at war for many years and although the Xiati Empire never maintained formal relations with the Terrans, the news regarding the end of their empire was poorly received. With their forces freed up in the southern systems, the Ukra-Tal would surely turn their focus towards Xiati colonies in the Ventrux, Fornax and Reticulum systems. To make matters worse, intelligence suggested the Ukra-Tal inherited significant Terran infrastructure and estimates now put them well ahead of the other empires in ship numbers, resource generation and population.

Within a month of the Terran surrender, a Ukra-Tal fleet (10xDEs,2xCRs,2xDNs,1xLCX,2xMFs,1xLF,18xFtr) was destroyed attempting to breach the Fornax-Firaxis warp point by the combined forces of the Fornax Reserve Fleet (1xDE,4xLCs,2xCR,1xBB) and the warp point satellite defenses (40xMSat).

Ukra-Tal Assault on the Fornax-Firaxis WP in 2427.9:

Ukra-Tal Assault on the Fornax-Firaxis WP in 2427.9

A Problem with Allegiance Subverters

With their increased deployment of the dreaded Allegiance Subverter weapon, the Cue Cappa continue to increase their battle efficiency against Xiati warships. In 2472.2, a Cue Cappa Fleet (5xDEs,4xLCs,4xCRs,2xBBs,4xDNs,1xMF,3xLFs) attacked the Lylat Attack Fleet (13xCRs,6xBBs,1xDN,7xSFs) at the Lylat-Fwandrei warp point. Although the Cue Cappa Fleet was destroyed, they managed to destory 2xCRs and 2xBBs while heavily damaging the fleet in general, which only a few years ago would have suffered no damage in a similar conflict.

Cue Cappa hit the Lylat Attack Fleet in 2427.2 at the Lyalt-Fwandrei WP:

Cue Cappa hit the Lylat Attack Fleet in 2427.2 at the Lyalt-Fwandrei WP

In the hotly contested Sirius system, the Cue Cappa continue to strike against their former colony of Sirius V, with increasing effectiveness each time. In 2427.3, a small Cue Cappa Fleet (1xDE,1xBB,3xDN,1xMF,1xLF) did moderate damage to the colony's facilities despite the presence of 5 heavily armed Incinerator weapon platforms. The attack forced the Sirius Defense Fleet back to Sirius V which left open the north warp point to Corneria, a system full of waiting EEE and Cue Cappa warships.

A few months later in 2427.8, the Cue Cappa were again on the attack in the Lylat system targeting Lylat V with a large fleet of heavily armed ships (5xDEs,2xLCs,11xCRs,5xBBs,3xDNs,1xMF). Defending the colony was the smaller Lylat Defense Fleet (14xLCs,9xDEs) and a host of weapon platforms. The Cue Cappa attack shreaded most of the orbiting ships, destroying 5xLCs and 8xDEs, but fortunately were stopped by the planetary defenses that were unharmed by the Allegiance Subverter weapons. The Lylat Defense Fleet though was heavily damaged and will require reinforcements from small reserve forces in the Fwandrei and Utekra systems.

Cue Cappa attack Lylat V 2427.8:

Cue Cappa attack Lylat V 2427.8

Quadrant Map 2428.0:

Map of Known Space 2428.0

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