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Turns 2429.1 to 2430.0

Xiati Empire Report

The Xiati Empire continues to expand slowly through the capture of enemy colonies in the Drax, Sirius and Lylat systems and the recent opportunity provided by the surrender of the Sergetti Empire. Despite only adding 7 new colonies in the last 5 years, the population under Emperor Tax'renath's control has doubled in that timespan.

Xiati Empire Summary 2430.0:

Xiati Empire Summary 2430.0

The Xiati make up for signficant shortcomings in technological development with the quadrant's most robust resource infrastructure and fleet strength. However when it comes to gross production capacity, the Xiati continue to trial the other quadrant powers by significant margins.

Empire Comparison 2430.0:

Empire Score Comparison 2430.0

*Reported scores jumped when I switched the game to my new PC. Not sure why unless I changed the score weighting?*

The Ukra-Tal and Phong both continue to excel with their trade first demeanors which has allow them to spread their colonies across the majority of the quadrant. The surrender of the Terran Confederation to the Ukra-Tal have pushed them well ahead of the other powers for the time-being.

Xiati Empire Colony Report

The Xiati are now in control of 38 planets with a total population just under 40B of which 8B are Xiati. Happiness and loyalty remain problems through the empire among the foregin population.

Xiati Empire Colonies:

Xiati Empire Colonies

Xiati Empire Fleet Report

Over the last 5 years, the fleet has remained relatively static in terms of numbers, but has significantly increase in tonnage as the smaller destroyers and light cruisers are no longer effective. Ship construction remains robust as the attrition rates continue to climb. Slowly, fleet engineers are upgrading all the designs to utilize Quantum Engines, while terribly expensive, will restore the Xiati's speed and range advantage. The Xiati also inherited a dozen or so Crystalline-hulled ships from the Sergetti, but they are rather outdated and will be phased out since the Xiati are unable to manipulate those materials.

Xiati Empire Ships and Bases:




Design Type

In Service

Xiati Frigate Forager I 250kT Frigate Ship (Scout) 4
Xiati Destroyer Raptor M 400kT Destroyer Ship (Attack S) 17
Xiati Destroyer Phantom J 400kT Destroyer Ship (Seeker S) 24
Xiati Destroyer Protector G 400kT Destroyer Ship (Point-Defense) 15
Xiati Light Cruiser Dauntless K 600kT Light Cruiser Ship (Defense S) 29
Xiati Light Cruiser Striker I 600kT Light Cruiser Ship (Seeker M) 21
Xiati Light Cruiser Razor A 600kT Light Cruiser Ship (Attack M) 28
Xiati Cruiser Defiant I 900kT Cruiser Ship (Defense M) 35
Xiati Battleship Ravager 1,160kT Battleship Ship (Attack L) 30
Xiati Dreadnought Vengeance 1,620kT Dreadnought Ship (Defense L) 7
Xiati Destroyer Charger G 400kT Destroyer Ship (Boarding) 3
Xiati Freighter Fixer E 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Repair) 7
Xiati Freighter Caretaker 1,000kT Medium Freighter Ship (Space Yard) 1
Xiati Freighter Prickler B 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Mine Layer) 2
Xiati Freighter Sweeper D 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Mine Sweeper) 10
Xiati Freighter Palantir C 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Satellite Layer) 6
Xiati Freighter Invader E 500kT Small Freighter Transport (Troop) 6
Xiati Freighter Transporter A 500kT Small Freighter Transport (Cargo) 3
Xiati Freighter Aggregator B 1,000kT Medium Freighter Ship (Remote Mining) 21
Xiati Freighter Extractor B 1,000kT Medium Freighter Ship (Remote Refining) 15
Xiati Freighter Harvester 1,000kT Medium Freighter Ship (Remote Farming) 4
Xiati Spacestation Space Yard E 700kT Small Base Base (Space Yard) 7
Xiati Spacestation Neutralizer C 1,000kT Small Base Base (Defense S) 17

Sergetti Surrender

In 2429.5, the Sergetti Empire under Queen Triana surrended to the Xiati Empire, in an apparent last act of defiance against Cue Cappa and EEE aggression that had destroyed all but one planet of their empire. The last remaining planet of the Sergetti, Nova Sergetti in the Equandul system was at the end of a long chain of 3 systems isolated from the quadrant. The Sergetti left the Xiati a few ships, bases and some colonizers. In their long war with the EEE and Cue Cappa, many of the former Sergetti worlds were outright destroyed and remained available for re-colonization. The Phong had managed to colonize some of the CO2 planets in the nearby Arakang system and still had active colonizers in Spirador. Seizing an opportunity, Emperor Tax'renath ordered a colony ship to be loaded with troops and escorted by a small frigate to capture one of the Phong's recently founded colonies, Spirador VII.

A Sergetti Colony Ship becomes a Troop Transport:

A Sergetti Colony Ship becomes a Troop Transport

Several other colonizers were populated and sent to the Arakang system where several valuable and resource rich planets were still available to be colonized. Arakang VII, the most valuable, was colonized in 2429.8 and all remaining Sergetti ships were sent to protect the planet from potential Phong attackers. At the same time, a Cue Cappa fleet arrived in the system increasing the threat level. A few months earlier, Emperor Tax'renath dispatched the Bebblebrox Defense Fleet to Arakang, a journey of about 4 months, to secure the system. Additonal ships were moved from the Drax system to protect the Quesstris-Bebblebrox warp point with the departure of the Bebblebrox fleet.

With the potential for another 4 colonies, there is a significant opportunity here for the Xiati to expand in a significant manner and eventually join the Sergetti branch to the Sirius system, effectively cutting off the eastern powers, the EEE and Cue Cappa from the northern systems.

Sirius Trouble and Lylat Setbacks

Although the capture of Sirius II provided the Xiati with much needed radioactives, the cost of protecting the planet from constant attack is significant. In 2429.1, the EEE assaulted the planet with a large fleet (6xDEs,2xLCs,4xCRs,3xBBs,4xDNs,2xMFs,4xLFs) but were defeated by the powerful combination of the Sirius Attack Fleet in orbit and the potent Incinerator weapon platforms and their long range Temporal Tachyon Cannons. Despite the successful defense, several Xiati ships were lost (2xDEs,2xLCs).

EEE attack Sirius II in 2429.1:

EEE attack Sirius II in 2429.1

Without any warp point blockades, EEE and Cue Cappa ships continue to filter into the system without difficulty. The constant attacks have reduced Xiati ship numbers in the region significantly. Renewed efforts are underway to build new ships in nearby systems such as Lezzari and Fezzran to replenish the Xiati's previous numerical supremacy in the system.

In 2429.5, the Lylat Attack Fleet picked up Invader class Troop Transports and launched an assault on the Cue Cappa colony of Lylat VII. With the system blockaded, the planet was only marginally defended. Troops were landed without any ship losses and the Cue Cappa ground forces defeated. Once the planet was captured, some weapon platforms and 4 Ravager class battleships were left behind to protect the newly acquired planet.

The Lylat Attack Fleet disarms Lylat VII:

The Lylat Attack Fleet disarms Lylat VII

The Lylat Attack Fleet was ordered back across the system to take control of the Lylat-Gweebik warp point, which was its previous station. During its invasion mission, a small Cue Cappa Fleet (2xDEs,5xCRs,2xBBs,3xDNs,1xLF) had come into the Lylat system and launched an assault on Lylat VII which was defeated. In 2430.0, a large Cue Cappa fleet (1xDE,4xLCs,3xCRs,2xBBs,4xDNs,1xMF,22xLFs) broke the blockade and without the additional firepower of the Ravager battleships, the Lylat Fleet (7xLCs,8xCRs,1xDN,8xSFs) was destroyed when the Cue Cappa's Allegiance Subverters forced the majority of the Xiati ships to fire on each other. The battle was the first loss of a Vengeance class Dreadnought and marked the loss of the Xiati's only Legendary Fleet. Only two ships survived.

With the loss of the fleet, the Xiati will be forced to detail with constant attacks against their Lylat colonies and likely see enemy efforts to break into the Fwandrei and Utekra systems. Xiati ship designers are considering options to bring back longer ranged seeker ships to help deal with the threat of the Allegiance Subverter.

The Wild West

The last year has seen a lot of action on the western front. The Ukra-Tal seem content to throw ships against warp point defenses across the Ventrux, Fornax and Ootoola systems. Despite their constant attacks, Ukra-Tal ships do not match up well against the Xiati ships who are able to neutralize the long range Seeker Parasite threat while moving in close to tear apart the Ukra-Tal ships with accurate beam weapons. In the last 10 months, approximately 100 Ukra-Tal ships were destroyed for the loss of only 6 Xiati ships.

While the Ukra-Tal ships are easily defeated, the Norak are much more deadly. Similar to Xiati philosphy, the Norak focus on high-energy beam weapons to do significant damage at close range. Battles with the Norak have tended to be slugfests in nature. In 2429.1, a Norak Fleet (1xDE,1xLC,2xBB,3xDN) was destroyed attempting to break through the Ventrux-Bespin warp point blockage against the Ventrux Defense Fleet (13xDEs,6xLCs,3xCRs,1xBB,3xSFs). Despite being greatly outnumbered, the Norak inflicted serious damage to many ships although only destroyed 4xDEs and 1xLC.

Powerful Norak Ships attempt to break Ventrux-Bespin Defense in 2429.1:

Powerful Norak Ships attempt to break Ventrux-Bespin Defense in 2429.1

Jraenar Sighting!

Every once in a while, the Jraenar throw some ships at the Xiati as a reminder they are still at war with the Xiati. In 2429.6, the Jraenar sent a small fleet (1xDE,1xLC,1xCR,5xDNs,1xLF) across the blockhole Praxis to attack the Drax system. The Jraenar fleet was engaged by the Drax Attack Fleet (10xDEs,5xLCs,4xCRs,7xBBs,1xDN,4xSFs) and 60xMsat strong Drax-Praxis WP satellite group. The Jraenar ships were destroyed but did take out 3xLCs and 1xCR.

The Jraenar still hate us:

The Jraenar still hate us

State of the Quadrant

With the Ukra-Tal absorbing the Terran Confederation, they have been able to consolidate the majority of the systems in the southwest region of the quadrant. The Xiati continue to dominate the central systems but face constant opposition on all frontiers. The recent surrender of the Sergetti Empire has opened up the Sergetti branch to the Xiati, of which Emperor Tax'renath aims to finally split the alliance powers apart.

Quadrant Map 2430.0:

Map of Known Space 2430.0

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