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Turns 2430.1 to 2431.0

The Rescue

In 2429.5, the Sergetti Empire surrendered its remnants to the Xiati as a final act of defiance against the Cue Cappa and EEE, the alliance that had nearly wiped them out. At the time of the surrender, Emperor Tax'renath immediately dispatched a fleet of 25 ships from the Bebblebrox system towards the Arakang system. Over a travel time of 4 months, the Xiati fleet traveled through hostile systems but managed to arrive in Arakang without significant damage. The Arakang system was a key target for the Xiati, it was the connecting system of the Sergetti Branch (Arakang, Spirador, Equandul systems) to the rest of the quadrant. It also had 4 colonizable planets with only a minor Phong colony presence and a roving Cue Cappa attack fleet.

Using the Sergetti-designed colony ships, each of the Arakang targets were colonized quickly and elements of the Arakang fleet dispersed to provide protection for the fledgling colonies. The remainder of the fleet sat on the Arakang-Rizzil warp point, the main entry point for Cue Cappa forces. In 2430.2, the Xiati Arakang Defense Fleet (9xDEs,8xLCs,5xCRs,2xBBs,1xDN; -1xCR,-1xLC,-1xBB) took out a Cue Cappa fleet (2xDEs,2xLCs,5xCRs,2xBBs; All) attempting to enter the system. Next month, the Phong (5xDEs,2xLCs,4xCRs,1xBB,1xLCX,2xCX,2xMF,3xLF,59xLFtr,12xMDr; All) struck Arakang VII but was destroyed with only the loss of a light cruiser. A month later, a Cue Cappa fleet (3xDEs,3xLCs,3xCRs,2xMFs; All) attempted to attack Arakang VII directly but was destroyed. And then again, in 2430.6, another Cue Cappa task force (2xDEs,1xLC,6xCRs,1xMF; All) attacked but was destroyed. Although emerging victorious in each of the engagements, the Xiati Arakang Fleet had taken somes losses but was fortunately replenished with new ships constructed at Nova Sergetti, the former capital of the Sergetti empire. After the flurry of attacks, the enemies of the Xiati ran out of ships to lose and there was an opportunity to build up new infrastructure.

Phong attack against Arakang VII in 2430.3:

Phong attack against Arakang VII in 2430.3

The Lylat System

With two increasingly significant colonies in the Lylat system, captured from the EEE and Cue Cappa, the Xiati were looking to cut the system off from the adjacent Cydonia (West) and Gweebik (East) systems - both a source of enemy ships. With the blockades almost iin place, preparations in the Fwandrei system were underway to build up invasion forces to take the remaining Lylat colonies (1 Ukra-Tal, 3 EEE) but each were heavily protected with deadly weapon platforms. In 2430.1, a Cue Cappa fleet had entered the Lylat system but instead made a break for the Fwandrei system. In 2430.3, the Xiati's Lylat Defense Fleet (4xDEs,8xLCs,3xCRs,8xBBs,1xDN;-3xDEs) destroyed the Cue Cappa Fleet (1xDE,3xLCs,2xBBs,3xDNs,1xMF,3xLF; All) while mostly avoiding the dangerous Allegiance Subverter weapons fire. Over the next couple of months, several engagements were fought against EEE fleets without signficant losses and finally both warp points were blockaded by 2431.0. At that time, the first of the new Bombardment Ships, Avenger class, began construction. Heavily shielded with lots of point defense, these ships used high damage Planetary Napalm bombs to soften a planet's defenses.

Avenger Class Bombardment Ship design 2431.0:

Avenger Class Bombardment Ship Design

The Northern Systems Come Under Attack

With the dispatching of a major Xiati fleet to the Arakang system, the norther systems under Xiati control: Drax and Quesstriss no longer had a significant mobile defensive presence. A large EEE fleet (8xDEs,2xLCs,3xCRs,1xDN,1xDCX,2xLFs,7xMDrs) attempted to enter Drax but was destroyed by the Drax Defense Fleet (8xDEs,2xLCs,3xCRs,9xBBs,1xDN; -1xDE) in 2430.4. At the same time, the Phong broke through the defensive unit groups at the Lacerta-Dussullet warp point and were moving south to the Xiati's home system of Xiria. The Drax Defense Fleet was immediately dispatched to traverse the two systems (Drax, Eskirk) to Xiria, which had no significant fleet assets. In 2430.7, the Drax Defense Fleet (7xDEs,2xLCs,3xCRs,8xBBs,1xDN,2xSF; -4xDEs,-1xLC,-3xCRs,-2xBBs) clashed with the Phong Fleet (1xDE,2xLCs,3xCRs,4xDNs,1xMF; All) at the Xiria-Lacerta warp point.

Phong target the Xiria System in 2430.7:

Phong target the Xiria System in 2430.7

Immediately a flurry of new ship constructions began in the northern systems to repalce the losses and to bolster the defenses against this new wave of enemy attacks.

Norak and Ukra-Tal Attacks

The Norak and Ukra-Tal continued to launch attacks across the Xiati's southwestern frontier, including the Ventrux, Fornax and Reticulum systems. While the Ukra-Tal attacks were easily repelled, the Norak's focus on large capital ships with powerful direct-fire beam weapons was a tough matchup for the Xaiti in general. In 2430.2, a Norak Fleet (1xDE,1xLC,2xCRs,5xBBs,4xDNs,1xMF,1xLF; -1xBB,-1xCR) wiped out the entire Ventrux Defense Fleet (9xDEs,4xLCs,3xCRs,1xDN; All) and the 20 Scorcher satellites guarding the Ventrux-Bespin warp point. The formidable defenses of the two Xiati colonies in Ventrux prevented disuaded additional attacks, but Ukra-Tal and Norak ships could now operate in the system with impunity.

Norak defeat the Ventrux Defense Fleet in 2430.2:

Norak defeat the Ventrux Defense Fleet in 2430.2

The Norak also launched a significant attack out of the Reticulum system into the Obotron system in 2430.6, with a exploratory fleet (3xDEs,4xCRs,1xBB,2xDNs,1xCX,1xMF,1xLF,11xLFtr; All) attacking the Obotron-Reticulum WP defenses (4xDEs,4xLCs,4xCRs,2xDNs,52xMSat; -41xMSat) which was their first raid in the far south. This is a concerning development for Emperor Tax'Renath, at the Xiati fleet forces in this region are typically undersized and not well-suited to fight the Norak directly.

Quadrant Map 2431.0:

Map of Known Space 2431.0

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