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Turns 2432.1 to 2433.0

Xiati Assertiveness Paying Off

The recent push by the Xiati to secure a number of mixed colony star systems is starting to pay off. Efforts in Arakang, Sirius, Lylat and Drax are freeing up additional ships from planetary protection duties to serve at warp point chokepoints instead, where they have been able to reduce enemy ship concentrations by breaking up the larger but more diffuse enemy empires up into smaller isolated chunks. The more concentrated defensive fleets are also losing fewer ships overall as they tend to outnumber the attacking ships, further enhancing the Xiati's combat effectiveness.

The Sergetti Branch

With the destruction of the Phong colony on Arakang IIIa and the capture of the Phong mining colony on Arakang IX in the early 2432s, the Xiati completed the conquest of the Arakang system. The capture of Arakang IX with most of its mining infrastucture intact was a significant boost to Xiati resource production, with a planetary value of 162% it yielded over 100,000 kT in net minerals per month immediately. In less than 2 years, the Xiati had turned the Arakang system into one of the most significant resource producing systems in the empire. Only single Phong colonies remain in the Spirador and Equandul systems.

The Conquest of the Lylat System

Shortly after the capture of Lylat IX, the Lylat Attack Fleet quickly regrouped and targeted the remaining EEE colonies on Lylat III and Lylat IV in 2432.2 and 2432.4. Despite the formidable planetary defenses of the EEE, the overwhelming number of large Xiati battleships and dreadnoughts were able to make short work of weapon platforms with minimal losses allowing for the safe landing of troops. By 2432.5, the Lylat system had been wiped clean of enemies and the Lylat Fleet broken up into two smaller fleets (20-25 ships) which were ordered to occupy the destination sides of the Lylat-Cydonia (West) and Lylat-Gweebik (East) warp points with no more threats within the Lylat system. EEE, Ukra-Tal and Cue Cappa combat ships in these systems are just not numerous enough to constitute a threat to the Xiati fleets. New invasion forces are being prepared in the Lylat system with the aim of hitting the Cydonia system within the next two years. The ultimate goal is to take control of the of Arakkis system, which is a resource rich asteroid system and represents the last remaining east-west route for enemy ships in the southern systems.

Ukra-Tal Surge

After the capture of the final Ukra-Tal colony in the Lylat system, the Ukra-Tal responded with several attacks over a short period, including strikes against warp point defenses in Fornax-Firaxis, Ventrux-Drepana, Lylat-Gweebik and a bit of a surprise attack in far north at the Arakang-Butukret WP. As usual, the Ukra-Tal ships were easily destroyed with minimal losses. Intelligence indicates Ukra-Tal ships numbers are increasing rapidly and technological process has appeared to have picked up again, so it is expected by most Xiati military officials that the Ukra-Tal will continue to attack aggressively while attacks from the EEE and Cue Cappa have fallen off.

This Ukra-Tal Strike comes a month too late to save Lylat IX:

This Ukra-Tal Strike comes a month too late to save Lylat IX

Drax System

In 2432.2 and continuing into 2432.3, the Drax Defense Fleet (3xDEs,5xLCs,2xCRs,11xBBs,1xDN,4xSFs) engaged the EEE Fleet (2xDEs,2xLCs,9xCRs,3xBBs,6xDNs,1xCX,1xLF,9xMDr) that had broken into Drax system from the northern black hole system of Praxis 5 months earlier. The majority of the EEE combat ships were armed with long range Plasma Missiles and Repulser Beams, which made the battle a very protracted affair. After several engagements, the EEE fleet had finally been destroyed at the cost of only 1 battleship and destroyer.

Drax Defense Fleet engages the EEE Fleet in 2432.2:

Drax Defense Fleet engages the EEE Fleet in 2432.2

Shortly after the battle, a smaller Jraenar Fleet attempted to breach the system from Praxis, but was easily dispatched by the elements of Drax Defense Fleet which were still in place at the Drax-Praxis WP. Efforts to restore the defenses at the Drax-Praxis WP are being hurried so that invasion plans to gain complete control of the system can be fulfilled.

Sirius Blockade Holds

For the last two years, the Xiati have managed to hold the Sirius-Andross warp point crossing, which has prevented the EEE and Cue Cappa from moving ships from their core territory in the southeast corner of the quadrant to the northern systems and up into the Sergetti Arm. In 2432.5, a Cue Cappa fleet (3xDEs,1xLC,1xCR,5xBBs,3xDNs,2xLFs) from the north via Corneria was on approach but intercepted by the Sirius Attack Fleet (2xDEs,9xLCs,8xBBs) in an open-space battle. The Cue Cappa fleet was destroyed, but the Sirius Attack Fleet lost two battleships and was heavily damaged in general by the encounter. Next month, the EEE (5xDEs,2xLCs,1xBB,2xDNs,3xMFs,4xLFs) struck from the south against the Sirius Defense Fleet (10xLCs,6xCRs,5xBBs,36xMsat) at the Sirius-Andross WP itself. While the Xiati won this engagement, significant losses to the satellite group prevented the planned departure of half the fleet to aid in landing raids against the remaining EEE and Cue Cappa colonies in the system.

Sirius Defense Fleet protects the Sirius-Andross WP in 2432.6:

Sirius Defense Fleet protects the Sirius-Andross WP in 2432.6

Quadrant Map 2433.0:

Map of Known Space 2433.0

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