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Space Empires VBalance Mod Game Story - Rise of the Xiati Empire

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Turns 2431.1 to 2432.0

Resources... again!

It seems every couple years, the Xiati Empire runs into a significant resource shortage. As the Xiati have expanded, more and more ships have been required to secure the borders and the number of colonies has not increased quickly enough to supply. Add to this Emperor Tax'Renath's fleet modernization program, replacing mostly cheap Ion Engines with Quantum Engines, and maintenance costs have skyrocketed. A large excess of organics has helped with the captured resource converter in the Fwandrei system and new colonies in the Arakang system are building rapidly, but minerals and radioactives are still in very short supply. Enemy colonies in the Lylat, Arakang and Drax systems are now actively under scrutiny for immediate capture - even at the risk of losing signifcant fleet assets in the process.

The Sergetti Branch Colonies

The Arakang colonies are developing rapidly in relative security. In 2431.1, the last significant Cue Cappa Fleet in the region was destroyed in an assault against Arakang VII. Xiati Forager scout ships have revealed few enemy ships operating in the immediately connecting systems for either the Phong or Cue Cappa. The blockade in the Sirius system, further south, has prevented the Cue Cappa from moving any ships to its holdings in the Sergetti Branch. New remote mining ships are under construction to take advantage of the plentiful asteroid fields in the region, although they will require some protection against roving Phong fighter groups that are still common. The Phong colonies of Arakang VIa and IX (major source of minerals) are now isolated and are priority targets for capture.

Lylat System

With the Fwandrei system churning out new Avenger class Bombardment Ships and invasion forces, the Xiati have continue to hold off EEE and Cue Cappa forces attempting to enter the system, primarily from the eastern Gweebik system. Significant attacks from the EEE in 2431.1 and 2431.7 were experience, but the Lylat Defense Fleet held up very well - compliments to the recently constructed Events Predictor on Lylat VII.

Another EEE attempt to break the Lylat-Gweebik WP Blockade in 2431.7:

Another EEE attempt to break the Lylat-Gweebik WP Blockade in 2431.7:

In 2431.6, the Xiati managed to land troops on the EEE's easternmost colony in the system, Lylat VI, and conquered the planet with minimal ship and troop losses. Lylat VI provided an immediate boost of organics and radioactives. A few months later, the same forces reconviened in orbit of Lylat IX and took the Ukra-Tal's last remaining colony in the system in 2432.0. Although resource poor, Lylat IX had significant intelligence and research infrastructure in place. Both planets were conquered with primarily Cue Cappa troops assets from captured transports.

Ground Combat on Lylat IX in 2432.0:

Ground Combat on Lylat IX in 2432.0:

Drax Invasion Plans Dropped

After the Phong attack against the Xiria system in 2430.7 and resulting damage taken by the Drax Defense Fleet, which was on an emergency assignment to the home system, the remaining static warp point defenses in the Drax system were not able to hold up against a strong EEE Fleet (2xDEs,1xLC,9xCRs,3xBBs,6xDNs) that broke through the Drax-Praxis warp point in 2431.7. All pending invasion plans in the system were put on hold until the re-arming Drax Defense Fleet could re-establish complete control of the system.

Norak Attack against the Obotron-Reticulum WP in 2431.5:

Norak Attack against the Obotron-Reticulum WP in 2431.5

During this battle, a large Ukra-Tal fleet (16xDEs,6xCRs,2xDNs,2xLCXs,1xMF,2xLF,58xLFtr; All) took advantage of the Reticulum Defense Fleets absence and attacked the Xiati colony on Reticulum IV. Simultaneously, the Ukra-Tal (11xDEs,8xCRs,1xLCX,1xDN,1xMF,1xLF,12xLFtr; All) launched a strike further west at the Fornax-Bespin WP, which took out a significant proportion of defensive satellites before the Fornax Defense Fleet finished off the Ukra-Tal attackers. Despite having lost almost 50 ships in the two attacks, a third Ukra-Tal Fleet (7xDEs,4xCRs,1xDN,1xLF) took out the long established Fezzran-Falcor WP defense group (Neutralizer Defense Base,40xMSat; All destroyed) and breached the Fezzran system for the first time in more than 5 years.

Quadrant Map 2432.0:

Map of Known Space 2432.0

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