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Turns 2439.1 to 2440.0

Xiati Empire Report

The last 5 years have been productive for Emperor Tax'Renath and the Xiati Empire. The number of colonies under Xiati control has grown 29%, resource production 45% and research by 30%. Xiati fleet commanders have dominated the opposition and the Xiati have just about completely bisected the entire quadrant. Despite these successes, the Xiati Empire remains dangerously unstable with an economy always on the brink of bankruptcy and a population just a few lost battles away from rioting out of control.

Xiati Empire Summary 2440.0:

Xiati Empire Summary 2440.0

Empire Comparison 2440.0:

Empire Score Comparison 2440.0

The Xiati continue to gain on the Ukra-Tal in terms of overall score but are still relatively far behind especially with respect to research capacity and technology. The remainder of the races in the quadrant remain stagnant or slowly receding as Xiati forces continue to chip away at thier outer colonies.

Xiati Empire Colony Report

In the last 5 years, the Xiati have captured 15 colonies including several in 4 new systems: Corneria, Cydonia, Deneb and Rizzil. With the additional colonies, native Xiati population has plunged to just 12% of the Empire's total population.

Xiati Empire Colonies:

Xiati Empire Colonies

Xiati Empire Fleet Report

The Xiati have only a net gain of 24 combat ships since 2435.0, but the average tonnage has increased from 798 kT to 904 KT and there's been an overall increase by 50% in combat ship tonnage of ships Cruiser-size and larger. The Xiati fleet remains the largest in the game by all measures. In an unfortunate oversight, the game settings I used only allow 500 ships/bases of which I've hit along with the Ukra-Tal!

Xiati Empire Ships and Bases:




Design Type

In Service

Xiati Frigate Forager-M 250kT Frigate Ship (Scout) 8
Xiati Destroyer Raptor-Q 400kT Destroyer Ship (Attack S) 16
Xiati Light Cruiser Dauntless-O 600kT Light Cruiser Ship (Defense S) 36
Xiati Light Cruiser Razor-F 600kT Light Cruiser Ship (Attack M) 40
Xiati Cruiser Defiant-N 900kT Cruiser Ship (Defense M) 71
Xiati Battleship Ravager-I 1,200kT Battleship Ship (Attack L) 44
Xiati Battleship Avenger-E 1,200kT Battleship Ship (Bombardment) 20
Xiati Dreadnought Vengeance-D 1,800kT Dreadnought Ship (Defense L) 21
Xiati Destroyer Charger-L 400kT Destroyer Ship (Boarding) 2
Xiati Freighter Fixer-G 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Repair) 24
Xiati Freighter Caretaker-B 1,000kT Medium Freighter Ship (Space Yard) 7
Xiati Freighter Dropper-C 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Mine Layer) 2
Xiati Freighter Sweeper-F 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Mine Sweeper) 20
Xiati Freighter Palantir-E 500kT Small Freighter Ship (Satellite Layer) 8
Xiati Freighter Invader-H 500kT Small Freighter Transport (Troop) 8
Xiati Freighter Transporter-C 500kT Small Freighter Transport (Cargo) 6
Xiati Freighter Aggregator-C 1,000kT Medium Freighter Ship (Remote Mining) 39
Xiati Freighter Extractor-C 1,000kT Medium Freighter Ship (Remote Refining) 37
Xiati Freighter Harvester 1,000kT Medium Freighter Ship (Remote Farming) 17
Xiati Spacestation Neutralizer-F 1,000kT Small Base Base (Defense S) 18
Xiati Starbase Defender-C 2,200kT Starbase Base (Defense L) 23

Northeast and the Sergetti Branch

The Xiati are quickly closing in on securing the Sergetti Branch and adjoining systems. A flurry of planetary landings during 2439 saw the capture of Deneb VII and Deneb VIa followed by the capture of Corneria VIII at the end of the year. Of the attacks, the Phong colony Phong VII was the most difficult requiring additional troops to be dropped on the planet after a heroic effort by the Phong to hold the planet.

The second month of ground combat on Deneb VII:

The second month of ground combat on Deneb VII

With Xiati combat fleets taking up permanent residence in the Corneria and Gemma systems, their eventual capture will eliminate all Cue Cappa and EEE presence in the region and leave them isolated in the far southeast. Significant Ukra-Tal, Norak and Jraenar colonies remain further north, but fleets require travel across several sparsely populated systems to reach Xiati space allowing for ample time to prepare for their attacks.

The West - Ventrux and Fornax

The Ukra-Tal continue to attack the Fornax-Firaxis warp point hoping to break the Xiati's defenses. Recently fortified with additional Ravager and Vengeance class warships, it seems unlikely this will happen. With 4 attacks in the last year, the Ukra-Tal have lost over 100 ships while destroying less than 10 Xiati ships. A large number of Ukra-Tal colonies are trapped in Drepana, Regotha and Haphik by Xiati blockades and any hope of breaking that hold will need to see Xiati forces in Ventrux and Fornax fail.

Fornax-Firaxis WP Battle in 2439.4:

Fornax-Firaxis WP Battle in 2439.4

Southern Happenings

After the capture of Cydonia I and destruction of the Ukra-Tal and EEE's major fleet assets in the area, the Xiati moved quickly into the Arakkis system with its large expansive asteroid fields. After clearing the original inhabitants, the Cydonia Attack Fleet was split into two smaller groups, with each half blocking the Prot and Rinax entrances to the system. Construction of new remote mining ships has started to harvest resources as quickly as possible.

After a Cue Cappa fleet broke through the modest Prot-Reticulum WP defenses in early 2439 during the Prot Patrol Fleet's retrofit, a gap opened temporarily which allowed a following Norak Fleet (1xFG,5xDEs,4xLCs,1xCRs,1xHCX,2xBBs,4xDNs,32xLFtr) to move towards the Obotron system, which was only lightly defended as it had not been threated in almost 10 years. Knowing the probable path of the Norak Fleet, the Prot Patrol Fleet (2xDEs,2xLCs,10xCRs,2xBBs,2xDNs) set up on the Obotron side of the WP along with a Neutralizer defense station and every leftover satellite that could be dropped in the sector. The trap worked well and all Norak ships were destroyed with 46 satellites lost for the Xiati.

The Prot Patrol Fleet trap awaits:

The Prot Patrol Fleet trap awaits

State of the Quadrant

The Xiati Empire continues to expand outward gaining control of the Cydonia and Arrakkis systems in the south and Deneb and Rizzil in the north and now bisect the quadrant so that many of its enemies have been split into two halves. The Xiati safely control 33 of the known 80 systems in the quadrant. The Cue Cappa and EEE have been almost wiped out in the Sergetti branch (north) and are slowly losing colonies in their base territory in the southeast. The Ukra-Tal continue to press from the west and the southeast with spirted attacks but their overall strength is cut by the break in their territory. The Norak are oddly a serious threat in the west, far removed from their original base of strength in the north (Mveloem). The Jraenar remain a transient threat in the north, where they continue to move ships across the northernmost systems to threaten the Xiati in Bebblebrox, while the Phong remain are thinly spread across the non-Xiati controlled systems and are no longer able to accumulate significant ship concentrations.

Quadrant Map 2440.0:

Map of Known Space 2440.0

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