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Turns 2440.1 to 2441.0

A New Decade

Entering his fifth decade of power, Emperor Tax'renath looked to continue the rapid gains of the Xiati that had started in his fourth. Having seemingly hit some sort of artifical limit on ships, overall spending had started to stabilize but the Xiati budget was still in severe deficit in minerals and depended heavily on remote mining and inefficient resource conversion. A new priority was put in place to emphasis the capture of mineral-rich enemy planets first. Xiati expansion efforts are now focused in Drepana, Corneria, Gemma and Prot.

The Drepana Initiative

Drepana is a key system linking both the Xiati controlled Ventrux and Ootoola systems together. For many years, the Xiati had been content on holding the two warp points but it wasn't until the last couple of years where they actively moved fleets into the system. With 8 planets controlled by the Ukra-Tal, Jraenar and Phong, the system was a major economic center for the enemy alliance. Finally in early 2400, it was decided that the Phong held planets on the eastern side of the system, known as the "Phong Drepana Triangle", where going to be targeted: Drepana III, IV and VI. Drepana III and VI were major mining colonies and Drepana IV a research hub.

The battle for Drepana VI in 2440.6:

The battle for Drepana VI in 2440.6

After the capture of Drepana VI in 2440.6, Drepana IV and III were targeted in 2440.8 and 2441.0 respectively. Each battle was difficult due to the armor skipping weapons of the Phong and required excessive amounts of Xiati troops to take. Supply lines from Ventrux and Ootoola dumped almost 500 troop vehicles into the system during the attacks. The Phong, who excel at mining, had made significant improvements to the resoure values of the planets and once the planets were repaired, they contributed vast amounts of minerals to the Xiati.

Capture of Drepana III in 2441.0, last of the Phong Drepana Triangle:

Capture of Drepana III in 2441.0, last of the Phong Drepana Triangle

With no enemy reinforcements able to reach Drepana, the Xiati plan is to slowly wear down the other enemy held planets in the system. Looking beyond Drepana, the Haphik system to the south remains isolated as well and Haphik VI has been identified as the homeworld of the Ukra-Tal.

Western Systems

After combined Norak and Ukra-Tal attacks broke through the Bespin-Ventrux WP exposing the Ventrux system, Ukra-Tal efforts have been stepped up to breach the parallel Firaxis-Fornax WP. The most signficiant raid was in 2440.3 where 30 ships (18xDEs,7xCRs,2xDNs,3xLFs) attacked and were destroyed by the Fornax Defense Fleet. Although the Xiati lost only 1 ship, most of their defensive satellite network was destroyed and will have to be replaced.

Battle of Fornax-Firaxis WP in 2440.3:

Battle of Fornax-Firaxis WP in 2440.3

Southern Systems

The Xiati Gweebik fleet continues to be targeted by EEE and Cue Cappa forces looking to breakthrough to Lylat and eventually to Cydonia, where they still have isolated colonies held hostage by Xiati forces. In consecutive battles in 2440.0, the Cue Cappa lost 36 ships (13xDEs,12xLCs,4xCRs,5xBBs,1xDN,1xLF) to the Xiati legendary fleet, which lost only 1 Defiant cruiser. Not too far away, the EEE have concentrated almost half of their remaining ships (about 40) in orbit of Gweebik I.

Battle of Gweebik-Lylat WP in 2440.0:

Battle of Gweebik-Lylat WP in 2440.0

Beyond Gweebik, remote mining ships have finally started plundering the rich asteroid fields of the Arrakkis system. Protective fleets are staged in the adjacent Prot and Rinax systems, while a small patrol fleet protects the Cydonia-Arrakis WP from any rogue Cydonia enemies that might seek to enter the system.

Quadrant Map 2441.0:

Map of Known Space 2441.0

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