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Space Empires news from 2018.

Balance Mod03 November 2018:

Balance Mod version 1.20 in its final form is finally posted! Versus the last testing release, there have been lots of tweaks and fixes, new formations along with AI improvements to fleet and empire management. You can grab v1.20 HERE. It is save game compatible with all other v1.20 series games - but you might want to start a new one to get the full benefits of the AI changes. The changelog for the release can be viewed HERE. Source scripts and extensions - with exception of BM Small Systems (now the default) - have been updated as well. Grab the Balance Mod v1.20 Random Research and Pollution events extensions HERE. The next update will focus almost entirely on AI diplomacy!

Rise of the Xiati Empire08 Oct 2018:

Two new chapters have been posted for the Rise of the Xiati Empire game story. You can find them HERE and HERE and cover up to turn 420.

More importantly, an update for BM v1.20 is almost ready. It features a number of fixes for items introduced in v1.20 and a number of AI improvements to fleet management and hopefully target selection. Also included will be updates to fleet and task force formations. I should be posting the update next weekend if I can confirm at least most of the fixes are working as intended. The following update (as v1.21) will focus on AI diplomacy and some image updates (such as new skyboxes) plus the usual fixes.

Rise of the Xiati Empire24 Aug 2018:

After another break, some good news! There are four new chapters up for the Rise of the Xiati Empire game story. You can read them starting HERE. The game is now up to turn 400 (featuring a big summary) and the Xiati have finally split the quadrant into two. On the bad news side, it looks like I set the ship limit to 500, so there will be some interesting decisions ahead!

Rise of the Xiati Empire06 Jan 2018:

Happy new year! There's a new chapter up for the Rise of the Xiati Empire game story. You can read it HERE and learn about the conquest of the Drax System.

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