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Space Empires news from 2017.

Rise of the Xiati Empire26 Nov 2017:

There's a big summary chapter for the Rise of the Xiati Empire game story. You can read it HERE which will bring you up to date until turn 2435.0!

Obviously we're in for another period of Space Empires activity which should finally see the finalization of v1.20!

Rise of the Xiati Empire04 May 2017:

I have completed another two chapters for game story Rise of the Xiati Empire. Find the chapter for turns 2432.1 to 2433.0 HERE and turns 2431.1 to 2434.0 HERE. The last one hundred turns has seen significant growth of the Xiati Empire through conquest and may have reached a point where it is inevitable they will take over the quadrant.

Rise of the Xiati Empire02 April 2017:

Another two chapters have been posted for Rise of the Xiati Empire. Read the chapter for turns 2430.1 to 2431.0 is HERE and turns 2431.1 to 2432.0 is HERE.

Rise of the Xiati Empire24 January 2017:

Two more chapters have been added for Rise of the Xiati Empire. The chapter for turns 2428.1 to 2429.0 is HERE and the big summary chapter for turns 2429.1 to 2430.0 is HERE.

Having played about 30 or so turns in the last few days, a small laundry list of fixes/adjustments to make are pending so it will be a couple of weeks before the next chapters are out. I've also been working on some new artwork for the mod to spice up the stellar backgrounds. Might be ready to go around the same time.

Rise of the Xiati Empire22 January 2017:

Two new chapters are up for Rise of the Xiati Empire. Now up to turn 280! The chapter for turns 2426.1 to 2427.0 is HERE and the chapter for turns 2427.1 to 2428.0 is HERE. The overall story index is HERE for new readers. Look for a couple of new chapters soon to take the game to turn 300.

Balance Mod02 January 2017:

Happy New Year! I've re-started work on the mod after a another long hiatus prompted by the passing of my old SE5 computer. I finally broke down and purchased a replacement. Look for updates shortly for the mod and new chapters for Xiati story.

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